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Total War

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The only thing disabled is #enemy_combatant (in 2013), after some were lured into using it (not knowing/remembering their guild

was in total war with the guild of the lurer) (*). See  https://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?/topic/58228-server-update/

So for those not fighting in total war, that's the command to re-enable. But that would require a server restart. And ideally a prior announcement,

so those fighters that do not want to fight (read "get killed") in total war anymore, can use #enemy_pacifist (needs 50k gc).


(*: For those who were already fighters, total war should still be possible. #enemies_list allows you to check for guild enemies, for total war

both guilds must have declared the other as enemy).

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Part of the problem was as usual - it was not used for the intended purpose.  This along with the scamming / luring caused the removal.

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