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Track your Secrets, and your Quests... EL-DB.com is Live

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EL-DB, the unofficial Eternal Lands Database is open for beta.


Do you really know your game secrets? Create an account and track them!

  • As you enter map secrets, they'll appear (to you) on map pages, and you can access map pages for secret areas.
  • The system tracks all your secrets and will tell you how far you have to go to find them all
  • On your account page, you'll get 3 random hints for secrets to help you find more (or remember to enter ones you know)
  • The hints can be really easy or incredibly vague depending on how well known the secret is.
  • (Guild maps are not considered secrets so aren't included, and no information is ever given to find those)


Game Mods - Once you've created an account, send this as a PM ingame: /EL_DB moderator

Once confirmed to actually be a mod, you'll get access to more info (currently just tp/invasion coordinate+map numbers for every location)



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I must say this looks amazing! Really well done! I like the look of the site and the information (especially the creature coords) is very helpful.


189 secrets is a lot. Can't wait to go and explore.

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Getting 189 secrets set up so people could enter them as simple as possible isn't without its issues... I'm monitoring reports sent to /EL_DB of any difficulties entering a secret and made a few easier. One player has already entered over 130 secrets so for the most part it seems to be working. ;-)




Alt accounts


Coming features will include things like keeping track of quests: which ones you've done, notes on where you left off if in the middle of one...


That and other things may be desired to be done for different alt accounts.


I'll soon set up a system where you can add your alt character names (verified like the main account so you must be able to log in). Before the quest tracking and other stuff is added.


You'll be able to switch between your alt char names to track their quests or other things specific to that alt. While things like secrets that are actual-player knowledge will still show no matter which alt you're switched into.


So do not create accounts on EL-DB.com for your alts, just what you consider your main. You'll soon be able to add your alt char names in a different way.



(If you've already done something like this, I can fix it later, just leave your alt accounts alone for the time being, no reason to be using them right now anyway.)



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What is considered a secret on the el-db site?


Little confusion there... some paths are combined and treated as one secret. If you enter the primary way to enter it, it'll open up information for the other paths as well, and all are counted as 1.

The green message you get when a secret input is accepted tells you how many paths are included with that secret, and all will show on the site on their appropriate map pages.


Generally speaking, if any other secret information is obvious if you've entered the correct entrance, the site will go ahead and show the obvious stuff.


Example of obvious: Idaloran's "Wytter's Room" secret. If you enter the correct entrance to it, all the exits from it require no knowledge to figure out, so that info is considered obvious.


Example of NOT obvious: Whitestone Unolas Temple has multiple secrets in the path to get to the priest. Each requires its own item and a riddle hinting at the item. Those all are separate secrets.


If you're uncertain if something would be considered obvious once you've actually entered the area, just view the map page to see if the secret is listed.



What are the "freebie" secrets when you first create an account?


When you first create an account, 6 secrets are opened to get you started, some of the most commonly known ones of course.


1- Isla Prima - spider cave entrances

2- Desert Pines - Fast Read room

3- Tarsengaard - Orc (daily) cave

4- EVTR - emerald mine entrance

5- Tahraji - paths to the floating summon arena

6- Tahraji - ways to leave the floating summon arena


(I'll admit, I added the last two because adding so many so-close secrets was just not easily doable with the system I have. They're on me, heh.)




Another one...


One secret was missing. I added it. There's now 190. ;-)




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New: Alt Accounts and Quest Tracking


- When logged in, you can add the names of your alts via your member page (confirmation must be done for each)


- Quest tracking: Check off all completed quests, and keep notes for those you haven't.

   This tracking can be done for all of your alts individually (the first of coming reasons to add your alt accounts).

   This is done via the new Quests page, found in the menu under Info > Quests. There's a direct link to the quest tracker on your member page as well.



(Information about your alts, which quests you've done, and even what secrets you've found are never shown to others.)




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The story so far, with 191 possible secrets:


Most Secrets Entered by one player: 188


Players who have entered 150+ secrets: 6

Players who have entered 100+ secrets: 9

Players who have entered 50+ secrets: 12






And btw, an update today better organizes the NPC list, and gives more details for every NPC. For example...





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Updated today...


More Clues and How Many Have Entered Them


Your member page now has 5 random secret clues instead of 3. As well, a number at the end of each secret indicates how many others have already successfully submitted that secret.








If you see incorrect, missing, or whatever content, as a logged in user you can report it using the Content Report button at the bottom of every page.


Your report will be listed on your user page to keep track of it.



This includes if you're having problems submitting your secret data! Go to the specific map page you're trying to enter the secret in, click the Content Report button, then enter the problem you're having, including the specific coordinates and items you're using.



Other minor updates done as well, listed on the front of the site, including being more able to distinguish between complete and incomplete quests on your quest tracker.





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EL-DB is temporarily down, seems they did a server update that shut off a necessary function. Working on it.

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After a long delay, EL-DB has gotten a huge update...


- All skill pages added and include info

- Info pages for gods, nexus, attributes, special days

- Pagefinder at the top now shows results for:

  • the most used or relevant internal maps (pretty much all primary internal maps, not individual generic houses and such)
  • alternate or incorrect names/spellings (racoon/raccoon, turqoise/turquoise, dung/s**t :rolleyes:, etc.)
  • common short names (EWE, Milf, R2, WVF, Lenny, Ivan, EVTR, BSF, etc.)
  • every god, nexus, attribute, special days...

It's much, much more functional.


- And a "go to top" button for all those long-scroller pages.


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It appears I made a boo-boo with the Content Report system where you could report any incorrect information or add missing info using the "Content Report" button that shows at the bottom of every page on EL-DB when logged in.


A minor SQL query glitch led to me thinking no one was using it as I had no reports.



If you reported something, I'm only seeing it now. I'm in the process of checking them and so you'll now be getting a response for stuff that's months or even over a year old.

Sorry, my bad.

Bad, coder, bad! I'll try and find someone to spank me later for it... giggity.





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