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Revised October 26, 2021


  1. Invances are team events. The entire point is to clear the map within a time limit. If you enter, you *must* help the team win.
  2. No sabotaging other players.
  3. Gatekeeper must never go AFK and must allow people through the gate.
  4. No AFKing for *any* reason, anywhere.  No leaving the map (with the exception of a quick restock) for any reason and then come back near the end just for the experience.  If you must AFK, you must exit the invance and not return.
  5. This is not an event to farm bosses, serp other players, train a/d, stand around at the gate while others do the work, or go AFK.
  6. If you bring more than one character, all characters need to be actively fighting at all times.
  7. Do not show up just for the bosses or run over to the boss spawns to wait for them before it even starts.
  8. If you do not get experience (undercappers or maxed 178ers), you cannot go and cherry pick what mobs you want then leave.
  9. You must go in good gear - "good" will depend on the range and will be more flexible for the lower ranges. You are not helping the team if you show up in leathers/augs, iron swords, and training arrows, no matter how high your stats are.
  10. If you go *only* as an archer and will not do melee, you must have reasonably high AP,  must not use training arrows, and must come down from the walls and continue to range  in the field when those mobs are gone. Plan to shoot approximately 300 arrows (or 200 with Ethereal Ranger perk/bow).
  11. Observers are allowed but you must not clutter the channel with chat, are not allowed to cherry pick mobs to kill, and are not allowed to pick up bags. You must not get in the way or inconvenience those who fight. This also applies to alts of team members who are not in range.
  12. If you see someone breaking these rules, report them via the #abuse command immediately while the invance is still going on. It's difficult to check it out if you report it two days later.


**Lower ranges (40-60 and 60-80) do not have the archery and gear requirements.

**Breaking these rules can result in you being banned from invances.



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