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Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

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What I mean is that if astro itself doesn't do the opposite effect.

I've been watching my efe's rate and when I am in green, I made less efe's than when at 0.

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Its impossible to "watch" a rate of 1/10000. Variance can be 1 in every 100000 or 2 in 1000. Variance will be huge. Only way to know is if the developer says he checked the code and says it looks fine, which he did. 

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without seeing the astro codes, to which i think its better if we don't because there has to be some mystery involved, even if it is el logic, there could be individual high points in the astrology based on when a player is created, there seems to be several bands a player falls into and stays there like two of mine always have opposite astro.

there may be day and month high points that alter the predictable point of the astro bar itself

or maybe its just alot simpler than that and i'm over thinking it.




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"Real life" astrologists claim the moment of birth determines the effects of astrology,

seems to be the same for EL...


Otoh, I'd expect the moment of character creation to determine where in the different

cycles the character is placed at that moment. And I would expect the same curves to be used

for all players, so you basically have a phase difference between players. This both keeps the

coding simple, and the players on the same level (no "super characters" that have an advantage

due to moment of "birth").

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On 5/19/2020 at 5:14 AM, Kaddy said:

I've made +50 halberds without HoA, with arti cape.


Then made 2 HoA's in 4 halberds without arti cape. :P


Tbh, I think most of the astro affected perks are broken. Such as lucky defender and lucky attacker. Also think arti cape is broken aswell.



Bu radu just asks for more input then never checks them either. And we have found that Armorer was broken, Eva perk was broken aswell...

is Eva still broken?

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