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Are the Break quests too hard?

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For me the break quests have been a constant frustration. I am on the steel set and have only broken the greaves. With the weapons I still have the halberd and dragon blade to break of the first set. I understand some quests should take awhile, but it's been 2 years since I broke anything for the quests. The point of this is to see if there is a need and to ask if the % on more grief could be raised. The day is random, so its not like it will show up all the time.



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Ahoy! :hiya:


While it is a fact that I have not spent 'years' trying to break things I have had a couple of periods where I have concentrated intently on breaking things. Literally a week+ at a time!

Not much success so far... :bangwall:

I have even spent an entire #day of more grief pvp'ing & killing pw's / mcw's / yeti's etc and nothing more than my iron helm broke. Seriously, pretty much 6 straight hours & I managed to break an iron helm...

While it is a 'negative' or 'bad' #day, no grief doesn't really seem to be what it says it is.

Ok, yes it is true that it is often removed with a stone but my point would be this: it is a 'bad' day so why should it not be really 'bad'?
If the % of breaking was hiked up a lot - good! It would actually be a 'bad' #day at last!


If it got removed by someone using a stone, the % it went up by / to would be pretty much a moot point! If, however, it wasn't removed - it would work 'as advertised'. Is that really such a bad thing? I do not honestly think it would be so bad if it 'worked well'.


People who fight a lot & want to do the quests - even those who don't fight a lot but still want to get them done - would be happy at a % rise (a % 'hike' probably better though...). Additionally, if there was an invasion or something happening when It kicked in at 00:00 it would either be fantastic timing for breaking things OR removed really quickly by those in the invasion so I guess my last question would be this: why is it not a really high % of probability to break your stuff already?

Ok, that's my opinion / viewpoint & no doubt there will be people wanting a big rise in % and others who do not so - for what it's worth - that's what I think.


Which is enough thinking for one day thank you very much! Back to being ridiculously reckless!!!


145 cap pls :icon13::hehe::mace:*



Have fun, be groovy & enjoy yourselves,







* For the next couple of weeks anyway. If you're reading this in mid-late Feb, then 150 cap pls ty kk np ilu \o/

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Uhm, FairyTail, the Day of More Grief is non-removable by Bad Day Removal Stone.


As to the posed question:

Sure, why not? Players who are looking to train, instance, farm, or otherwise not break equipment are already unlikely to fight on more grief #day. Changing the percentage to let questers more efficiently finish the quest is not much different than players utilizing peace #day for harvesting quests, sun tzu #day for a/d quest, or Nobel #day for engineering quests, and et cetera.


I don't so much care about the quests, but do know a handful of people who have spent years attempting to break things. Giving a more significant boost on a random, non-stone day isn't going to break EL (just hopefully some items).

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I am a geek, so I have actually tracked most of this:since 2012-08-28 when I started the quest:

2012-08-29: iron helm
<None>: Excellent, you broke the iron shield!
2013-02-01: Excellent, you broke the iron greaves!
2013-09-04: Excellent, you broke the iron cuisses!
<None>: Excellent, you broke the iron plate!
Vixen: Wow, finally someone who can actually get the job done! Now, if you don't mind, can you do the same for a full set of steel armor? You gain 20000 attack and defense.
<None>: Excellent, you broke the steel cuisses!
2015-03-26: Excellent, you broke the steel shield!
2016-02-28: Excellent, you broke the steel plate!
2017-01-29: Excellent, you broke the steel helm!
Vixen: Impressive work, again! Now, I only need a set of titanium armor to be broken, and I should be done with my research. You gain 25000 attack and defense.
I usually wear all the unbroken part and a weapon from the breakquest while fighting pretty much anything I encounter (except dragons). No NMT perk or cloak.
When I started the quest in 2012 I was about a/d 136/137, now I am 160/161
Wish me luck on the Titanium set, extrapolating from past experience it is going to take me another 10 years :P

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