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The Art of the Signature

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I've been dabbling in the art of signatures for quite sometime.


Let me explain my view on a signature.

Signatures are works of art created by a graphic artist. These are more than just little pixelated works designs that some person just creates out of the sky blue to make some money or whatever. They should be and mine are always meant to be designed as a window in the a persons persona. Mine have always been done and I have always tried to create a signature that really represents a person. A person isn't made to fit the signature. The signature is made to fit the person.



Ok so here's the deal. I've improved a good bit over time and through loads of practice and the thanks of a lot of tutorials. Most of my signatures are self taught experience.



First I'll show you some of my work. My favorites etc. Some of these do not follow restrictions of the EL forum as they were made for others.



Ena's work of art.



Rico's work of art.






3 of my personal signatures used. Note the 2 that say Shadow are for one of my other forum acc's on a different game.



Now that wasn't very many works of art. I have plenty more. If you want to see any of my other signatures, just shop around the forums. Asgnny's, Annatiras, zenials, and so many other signatures were done by me. A lot of people have liked them quite a bit and payed me a pretty penny.



So I'll start with the price of my works of art.


25k and up for a Signature. 30k for a signature with a matching Avatar. This might seem like a lot, but considering how hard I work to make the signature fit your desires I think it's more than reasonable.



Now here is the application that you MUST fill out to the BEST of your ability.



Image: Post any image you absolutely want. Or at least give me a general idea of what you like. Mind you, if the image you give me is of horrible quality 9/10 I will not use it.

Favorite color: This is important. This helps me get a guide line of the color you want. Do NOT say Black or White. This is unacceptable and will always make your signatures look like shit crap.

Favorite Game or other interest: If it interests you post it. This will help me decide what image to use if the one you provide doesn't work well. If you do not have an image in mind, this is probably a good idea to post in. Because this will help me dearly.

Text: What do you want it to say? I have a maximum for EL forums of 6 words. (Not including your name/guild) I fyou want your name in it, post what you want it to say. This is vital ^^.

Specifics: Do you have a specific type in mind or do you have a font that you want me to use? I can work with it, but this is where you need to post it. If you don't care, just leave this blank.

Forum: THIS IS VITAL. Post me where you want the signature to be. The forum you want it on is important so I can make sure to follow the guidelines for sizing.




I can also for 10k a piece, design custom capes. I do NOT do clothing. But Capes I can deal with.


Just post:

Image: An image you want on the cape

Color: What color you want the cape to be

Idea: any general idea you have for the cape.

And that's all there is to it! So post away and I hope you enjoy...

The Art of the Signature.

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Awesome, I am teaching myself as I go to.


Love your work some of the best ive seen anywhere.

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