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  1. Vallath - Fate

    I love how serious this all got, lol @ bad scammers :>
  2. tehfreshhkid is scammer

    Always about Pkg with you isnt it munt?
  3. The Art of the Signature

  4. Vegetal removal stone

    Bid from MufossA: 750k
  5. Smurf for Mod!

    For sure!! Smurf on mod!
  6. Beware Terrance PKG

    Kavvie come back to EL wif me i miss you
  7. Know Your Enemy

    Emo much?
  8. EL Urban Legends

    Using FR cape + removal = Very smart we are.. from the server XD
  9. Morath

    Oh how the tables have turned :>
  10. help pls

    My friend seems to be having trouble :s, the Frost account has some sort of bug that doesn't allow him to post. "Your posting permissions have been removed" Is the msg he is getting anyway to help this? :/
  11. Branch of Destruction

    Brod is good kkthx
  12. Sounds like a good idea tbh gving more reason to even own more then one med
  13. NMT idea

    I think it could be a good idea, not thrilled about breakable but ok rates and the other cape my be nice.

    Agreed with boe tbh :s