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Zargon the Mad Invasion

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The early hours of yesterday morning we received ransom demands from one Zargon (the mad).


The ransom demand from Zargon

Nobles of Draia

I Zargon greatest of all summoners, wizards and warriors,

Demand that you pay me 1 billion gold coins with in 4 days or I will unleash my army of monsters upon Portland and Egratia point. If the first of my creatures don’t force you to pay my demands I will start sending progressively more powerful servants to destroy you all....


Pay or you will feel the wrath of Zargon!


Our most beneficiant leaders responded with this to all citizens of Draia


Naturally we are refusing to pay the exorbitant demands of some one who is obviously mentally unstable.

We have however taken precautions by placing numerous guards around the said locations in case he can make good on his threat and to prevent as much disruption to our citizens lives. But we do need brave warriors to enter and destroy the threats if they should arise. Any information you can provide on this Zargon would be greatly appreciated.


This will be a 2 map invasion only Portland and Egratia point will be invaded.... ALL OTHER MAPS ARE SAFE!


We are expecting him to send his weakest creatures into Portland (under 40's) & ogres into Egratia (under 80's)

As things progress the level of monsters and the level restrictions will increase appropriately.


Disclaimer: INVASION 7pm GMT Monday 15th March (about 9 hours from this post), ONLY PORTLAND & EGRATIA POINT will be invaded...all other maps will remain safe. it will run for a few hours. As an invasion we suggest you avoid those maps at the appropriate time.


Current time in London (GMT)

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Well Zargon made good on his threat, but you all did a great job in defeating his pets. Unfortunatly he went into hiding again.


As always i hope you all had fun. I know i did. If you have any constructive comments please post here.

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I said it in game, I'll say it again...thank you for a great time :~) I liked the rotation of the capped areas, scenery change and all.

You had the caps going from lower to higher a/d, any reason you couldn't do an opposite high to low? That way both ends of the a/d lvls can play. Since you let the maps clear before you start a new wave anyhow. Might be something to consider if it's doable :~)


Look forward to the next one :bow_arrow:


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