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  1. Steel Greave of Ubber Defense 1,5 millgc
  2. TURK

    Hello everyone i think we got banned for the same reason with alperen i play with TURK char and we know eachother with families so we're friends from real as well.we went to visit them at home and i logged with my char TURK there
  3. Selling some items

    parasızmı kaldın
  4. Trust is everything and NOT gold coins

    No problems here, everyone had the same gc and im use ubber def,thermal serp,rdholam too risky u only use pk arrow no risk
  5. Sell: Steel Cuisses of Mana Drain 850kgc or trade 80 Hydrobar
  6. Auction

  7. start bid 800kgc now 1mill
  8. Cutlass of the Mage Auction <3

    50k + 1 red rose
  9. Zargon the Mad Invasion

    bad invasion 6 hour wait 5 min clear
  10. Auction

    Steel Cuisses of Mana Drain 4% chance to Mana Drain your opponent when you get hit. Start price 750kgc Min Bid 10kgc Now 1 mill gc