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Different way of building char

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This is a char build for laughs and good time. The aim is to make attack higher than your defence. This will not make you über epic figter due to getting hit by weaker, but ofc if you manage to hit harder than them you have a chance. In plain PvE it can be interesting for lower levels too.


The whole idea of getting more att than def is to get hit, and hit back. Now getting hit hurts, especially on lower levels. Remedy for this is toughness, which also reduces damage from critical to damage hits (those that bypass armour)


For starts you need to get basics right. Exc cape, basic essence and harvestable knowledge and inorganic nexus of 2. You will spend all pps on only phys to get emu. Mix FEs for base gc, then start harvesting silver and mixing HEs. For added leveling speed you will want to buy silver to make more in less time. Spend a month with alchemy, you will be late 60's alch and overall. The farther you make it this way, the easier it will be for you.


Spend all pps to max physique + vitality. Get attack and magic god. For perks you can take scotty, PH, anti (stock some FPS to mix HE for training) and ICD (you aren't blocking with this build). Train your magic to be able to restore.

Get a rapier and a BP cape. Check good critical hits astro day and go beat ogres. The toughness will absorb most hits and you'll level fast. If ogre is too much heat for you, downgrade to lower lvl mobs. Or if you're hardcore, go kill those fluffies. Doable with 18/7 ad, get some healing potions to secure healing.


On bad astro days go harvest silver to get gc, it's np to harvest 10k silver a day if you play active and that's 25k gc a day. Tou won't need much armour, an aug set will do fine, but getting a CoL will help you with failing restore. A gatherer med or a MoL are fun to have too.


Some tips:

Get a damaged red dragon set and train in it, it is affordable and will annoy most ogre trainers away from spawns with several mobs.

If you know someone pvping, go hit them with rapier+bp. The pvpers keep hitting each other, no risk for you.


This is the Bellatrix build, quite entertaining tbh. (But if you want to be serious PKer/trainer/whatnot, this isn't for you)

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Trying this now, but what if i just made money for bp, and rapier, and started training would i get owned?


The earlier you start (smaller oa, lower toughness), the more damage you will be getting and needing to heal more. Bigger monster - more likely dead. Gobs can be taken with relative ease having smaller toughness letting only those crit to damage hits pass.

If you have bp and rapier you can find 2 pvpers and hit one of them while they hit eachother.

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It is random. On excellent astro day you might get 7 hits in a row even. But overall often enough to make ~2k att / minute.

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But roughly how long does it take to kill a fluff, and like how many restores are required to secure a kill?

What kind of dmg can I expect to deal with rapier+bp? What kind of dmg do you suffer, and how frequently?

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You kill fluff with roughly 15 hit rounds. The build gives you low restore, which means you use 1 on critter that has low crits, but another can make you restore 3 times. I speak of crits from fluff, because they are only thing that can damage you (to dmg ones) once good toughness.

I am not saying you will perform like normal fluffy trainer, no way. A full set of HEs you can carry lasts you about 20 minutes iirc, fluffs I do for mag exp.

On the other hand, max toughness and a single ogre spawn is quite economical. With FR perk (cape) you don't need SR's at all, just pack some fruits. Heal once in 10-15 minutes. 48/4 gives you ~full rounds of att exp and no empty rolls at attack level that you hit them easily (50+ good astro, 60+ any astro. rough estimates) Training with pure profit.

Notice your exp gain is lot less than on normal trained char due to losing def exp. But hey, it's only for laffs. You don't get OP char, but one that can give you laughs occasionally.


I do not recommend this build to main char/first char. Tho if someone has good basic knowledge of game, then it might make a nice noob instance hitter (at att:def ratio of 10:1 you can make 100/60 a/d that still gets in 60-80 instance. at those levels your oa is good enough to afford proper coord too)

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And can you make a guide how to reach overall 88 to get Phys/Vit 48/48 >.<

Investing couple of months for such a shhh is not worth it sry!

Your overall experience / hour is much worse than normal training.

When you have a/d 40/20 with this build and full phys and full vit,

you have a combat level of 114 ... killing together with a normal

fighter some mobs for profit (eg Yeti's) will suck, because YOU

get attacked, although you are far away from being a good tank.


But nevermind. Happy killing :)


Edit: Just one thought: The perk "Fatal man" should work probably

good on this build. And if you think about raising def lvl too,

try "Evanescence". You will get very nice def exp through those

high lvl creatures :)

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Using a similar build on the PK-server. No armor breakages because I absorb most of the damage with my toughness...

However, did break a cutlass rather fast (2k orcs) while I am not hitting them all that easily. Didn't break any other (noob) weapons that I used except bones.


I thought when it is hard to hit weapons don't break so easily.


When using the rapier, would it break like 'normal' or would it, gaining mostly critical to hits, not break that often?

Also, when using a staff of protection/mage on monsters that you do not hit so often, will it break often or hardly ever (as ratio of breaks/hits of course)?

Ideas anyone? (answer: doesn't break)


Got 14% def, 86% attack exp (L35 attack) and doing fem/male orcs with quarterstaff, afk and serpent stones are ;) .

(update: got 60 att, up to fluffs can be done with just SOP)

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