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  1. After client update 1.9.3

    0 info in log seems its program crash from windows side.Its something similar like when i tried go to our guildmap when radu change something in past.and after it he meake update el.exe(www.eternal-lands.com/el.exe) and when instal it i can go to gmap.it was similar error el crash that same but when i log than i get again crash and again.....Here i get crash but i can log on. Trying poor man and other options but nothing help:/ Drivers i think i have the best for this card later drivers meakes many problems windows crash and work much slower.i read that they was bad compiled or something like that.Tomorrow i will try reinstal el and we will see whether this help.
  2. After client update 1.9.3

    i download your compilation and have a one small problem.everytime when i change map or go inside outside of house el crash and turn off:/any idea why? Video Card ati hd4800 series 1gb 8gb ram win 7 64
  3. Expiring bots, April of 2014

    Paid for Dzik id. 2LU40590K6960893N owner Daroh
  4. Expiring bots, November 2013

    Pigi paid. Numer identyfikacyjny transakcji: 7TB32607BT744570F
  5. Polska - Poland

    Zapewne masz bana na ip.Bany takie daje radulec wyjściem może być poproszenie go o dodanie cię do white listy wtedy twoj char mimo iz z zbanowanym ip nie będzie już bllokowany i będziesz mógł odpalić el.Inne rozwiązanie nie przychodzi mi do głowy.No chyba że zmienić neta i mieć inne IP:D
  6. Hai

    Hello, it took more than a one month so i can ask for an unban, not need to say that ill be nice and helpful, just unban me and check it. Yours sincerely Spidi = )
  7. Polska - Poland

    wpada mi jeszcze Laudantes i wreszcie Padre : p
  8. Different way of building char

    How often do you score the hit on fluffies?
  9. Legionnaire Orc Profile

    nice gift for christmas, isnt it? : p
  10. Real Life Imitating EL

    U have to use 2 pieces of silver
  11. Input on a ~70 to ~110 a/d PK tournament

    Wow, i love it then
  12. Input on a ~70 to ~110 a/d PK tournament

    Isnt 70-110 too big gap? Im sure that we have enough ppl to make 70-90, 91-110 and 111-130. And 2k entry fee is really needed imo.
  13. Book sale

    500 gc bood of evasion
  14. Server Crash?

    I know cool trick with cards btw. it works
  15. Bronze sword adjustments

    He had to be really good pker if he didnt use MI not to get cooldowned.