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  1. If you are unhappy with some features of the game, just quit playing. It works, I promise.
  2. Revise Multi Rule?

    Allow multi, but make the main PKable. Kill those slavedrivers.
  3. Banana Serp /Ice and Fire

    Maybe give some higher level invasion mobs random bonus to some resistances at expense of other, so that each individual has different weak spots. You can still beat the crap out of them as usual, but can do it more or less effectively. Sometimes you might notice that the thermal serp isn't a skull key that always cracks their heads. (just like dragons have varying stats)
  4. Korrode's Combat Guides

    Can't talk for Korrode, but here's few cents. Giving recommendations as cross attributes wouldn't serve the purpose of the guide. The guide is imo designed for those that prefer easy and foolproof way of leveling. If the recommendations were given based on cross attributes, you'd need to decide between the main attributes and then ppl would just ask Korrode or someone else which one to choose. Also an important point in giving the attributes as they are is longevity. The mob ladder is fine tuned. If you just took reaction and spent pps in instinct instead of coordination, you'd be forced to grind longer for pps so that the future trainable monsters would be good. What comes to comments on might, the recommendations are well thought for. With the suggestions made by Korrode you will get as good exp as you can as a basic trainer, which is the basic segment the guide is designed for. Replacing an attribute with another will likely result in fail. If there was a better way to put pps for a basic trainer, we'd tell. On a sidenote reaction and dexterity could also be ignored and given as recommended def lvl without buffs. If you want monster with rec pure def 100, you just add def+reaction+equipment bonus and decide what you need. It's just too much hassle to bother testing all mobs to give the pure def for decent blocks. Been there, it sucks.
  5. Spectators

    Nice idea. Ofc there's still Skype and other ways to communicate.
  6. New mob the Badaran - how do we kill it

    The cuddly hint sounds like tailoring items to me. Have all the previously mentioned items been tested after the mob was damaged with ID scales? Modable swords might also be worth a try.
  7. leveling strategy

    I strongly recommend leveling a/d enough to be able to hunt white tigers. You'll get a good load of pps to increase EMU you'll need making stones.
  8. Sounds like a lot of implementing for a feature that is not likely to be used much. I'd rather see the TTW tweaked a bit. Imo ttw problem has been the fact that you can be stripped from your belongings quite easily, especially now with big changes that followed attribute caps. Smaller non-PK guilds don't dare to use the ttw, because it can be abused quite easily (imo). The way we could get ppl to use TTW could be by having a command #challenge_TAG2. TAG2 gets a notification they have been challenged (and with some info on members that are in guild), and they reply #challenge_accept_TAG1. All online in guild at the challenge moment get a total war status and can fight. When you die, you lose the TTW status. Winner is the one who manages to wipe out opposing guild members. Also have a time limit of 1 hour, if the time runs out you count frags and the winner is announced. It does sound a bit like the PVP instance that has been talked about . It's quite clear that two guilds would just go to KF and have fun in a no drop environment (there will probably be meanies harassing them, but it is PK).
  9. Safe area in kf

    Now the problem is spectators getting attacked by summons and this way becoming part of the fight - better to get rid of 'em. Considering the competitiveness of PK these days the safe place for spectators sounds ok. KF is KF, so arena arguments are invalid.
  10. PvP instances

    Dirty Players are no threat to random PvP instance. Worst thing possible is probably BRoD, which is easily evaded with CotU. Even if there's someone who enters just to brod ppl to the stone age it's no biggie, they'll die fast without own team supporting. The team will not help bastards, just like we assume that in non-random PvP instance the teams that agree not to use certain items will obey the rules. Actually using BRoD in instance is good way to reduce opponents free emu, CotU is heavy and you need more than one. What comes to other ways of causing grief in instance, only reason to bother is to annoy the crap out of someone. You make a big fuzz about it and they might get some kicks out of it. You kill them first and continue - no biggie. There are also in game rules that forbid certain behaviour. Also, if the PvP instance is more fun than getting ppl to whine (which can actually be quite amusing) you are more likely to enjoy the instance rather than try to annoy someone. Aye for Mr K. #edit: Must add that I just love the idea of guild being able to challenge another guild and they end up in a no loss environment. This is guaranteed to bring action between guilds with avg players. Rather see both implemented.
  11. PvP instances

    Sounds like a good way for participants to enforce house rules. Pull a BRoD or a branch and you're out (if the group has agreed to not use BRoD.)
  12. Advice on build

    I'd just grind using current build and save pps. Could even remove neg perks if feel like it.
  13. some advice on fighting

    Ogres should be ok, but I think you won't block everything yet. What comes to equipment iirc iron set gives you def penalty, which is better to avoid in this case. If you also have some vitality, the aug set is perfectly good at absorbing enough damage to train comfortably - without negs. Don't use BP cape, it will only kill some of the ogres faster. Atm your p/c is near perfection to train ogres with one flee and still get full exp rounds. Using BP would only add 10% more critical dmg hits, which is a hit that ignores opponents armour. It gives you nothing trainwise. Forget the perks while on ogres, you won't need them.
  14. I don't exist

    The name can be written with caps no problem. If password is wrong it will say so. I guess it has something to do with the server crash http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=55155 You don't exist means that there is no character with the name you are trying to log in with.
  15. New Monster

    Imo it should be invisible unless you're in the phoenix form. (can't see it with TS either)