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80's music!

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<slightly offtopic but merely tangential>

This thread reminds me of one of the shows at one of my workplaces... Seriously, why in 2009 does an amusement park need a show about the 1980s? And why did they need it in 2008?

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Loverboy: Turn Me Loose


Styx: Too Much Time On My Hands



A Flock Of Seagulls: I Ran



Devo: Whip It


Thomas Dolby: She Blinded Me With Science



Not all of them were in my playlist - wait, we didn't have playlists just cassettes and some lingering 8-tracks


I still have AC/DC: Back In Black on 8-track. Auction?

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Maybe it's my age, but I thought the late 70s/early 80s rocked. B)


Reminds me of Sister Sledge (Frankie, We are family, etc) , The Whispers (anyone remember And The Beat Goes On?), Commodores. Shalamar, DeBarge (Rythm of the Night), Irene Cara, Barry White, Kool & the Gang

, Ray Parker Jr, Tina Turner (What's love got to do with it) just to name a few.


And how about Madonna's

and the classic Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper

Oh, how could I forget Give Me the Night by George Benson?! Now that's what I call music!


Pity youtube doesn't have much from that era :(


And yes, I am that old! :P



Surprisingly, I found some of the videos. :w00t:


The older Africans - which I guess means just me :P - might remember


Not sure if all the links will work for you, as some are not viewable in my country. Will edit if I find more.

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I'm an 80's guy, graduated from high school in 1986, This was all my music. I named my ranch after this song:


Mr. Mister, Broken Wings


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