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Ho Ho Ho, EvilJoe and Zia's Xmas Bot Event

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To celebrate the holiday season, my dear wife Zia and I have decided to run another Bot event.


For each of our 4 bots, there will be 3 prizes given to people who trade with them. The prizes are 100k, 75k, and 50k for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively. So, in total, 900k of prizes.


The bots you can trade with are:

Portia (Nordcarn- 63, 171)

Miria (Portland- 206, 105)

Jeepers (Desert Pines- 188, 108)

Tina (EVTR- 291, 259)


To be eligible to win, all you need to do is make a trade with one of those bots. For a higher chance to win, trade with all 4 of the bots. Also, heavy trading will get you a higher chance to win than if you trade say, 1 health essence.


The event will continue from the moment this is posted, until the night of December 24th, right after Santa eats my cookies. I'll go around and give prizes on December 25th and after (depending on when I can catch the winners online), although it might take a while due to time zones and me spending time with family.


Thanks, Enjoy!

-Zia & EvilJoe

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Sorry, I wouldn't give Zia away if you traded every item in the economy a thousand times over :P You can borrow her though :)


Past trades don't count- just the trades you do between now and the end of the event.


Good luck!


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Okay! The winners are listed below. As explained in the initial post, there are actually 4 contests- one for each bot. Each bot has 3 winners, who win 100k, 50k, and 25k respectively.



1- Panisonic (100k)

2- shultZ (50k)

3- Fluj (25k)



1- SleepyJo (100k)

2- Topios (50k)

3- life (25k)



1- Stannard (100k)

2- Dilly (50k)

3- JadedAngel (25k)



1- Celace (100k)

2- Mydara (50k)

3- SoulLove (25k)


Thanks all for playing!

-Joe & Zia

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