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  1. Buying 40 aug full sets

    ty Quasar WIll talk in game
  2. Buying 40 aug full sets

    helm 50 gc upper 200 gc pants 150 gc boots 100 gc Total per set 500 gc Total price for 40 sets 20K gc PM me in game. DaveMage
  3. E_mc2 lured me into pk and killed me

    And I suppose you think E_mc2 is a good person in RL. lol People pretty much act somewhat on a game as they do in real life. SUre there are a few exceptions but I do not think E_mc2 is one of them.
  4. E_mc2 lured me into pk and killed me

    Gratz you ruined someones day. E_mc2. I personal wish people that take enjoyment on someone else's pain would disappear from the world but I feel there is a special place for people like that in the afterlive, right besides the people that gratz this behavoir. Nitto is a relatively new player. You lured a new player into PK area and took there stuff. BROD you when I see you
  5. GodZ spawn serper

    Moma says if you can not say anything good about someone don't say anything at all. Can not say a lot about GODz other then they have a few good people in it, Sorry that is the best I can do on the positive as to charater of some GODz members:( They do have the most ubber PK charaters thou. Guess that is something positive too. Several of these they have recently aquired. Some from DEAD. For me PKing is for fun and is fun. Perhaps we should just all stop going into KF while GODs is there. I mean why give them the entertainment/fun of having someone to PK? I just go in to Poison and soon will be in Hunda to harm should select people be there DaveMage
  6. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10K Diamonds for 33K 10K SIlver for 25K Thanks, DaveMage
  7. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    WOuld like 10K Diamonds for 33K gc Game Name Davemage
  8. Don't Try To Help Rutuliukas.

    I am really disappointed in you Rutu You can not even lure a Newbie. Better luck next time.
  9. GODz

    GODz guild does seem to be a much more polite guild then in the very distant past. I would join if we did not have history and they would take me, if I was looking for a GUILD.
  10. SleepyJo guild |W|

    SleepyJo bagjumped me a long time ago. I did post in here somewhere. He also hired a body guard when KF was drop. I killed him 2 times before his bodyguard could do anything about it. He got 100 HEs (all that was in bag I teled off of) I got 2 rost. Justice in that case. He also got perm BROD tag. Sorry if I am "on topic" guys lol. AttilaTheHun
  11. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I'd like 2 batches of 10k silver for 25k gc per batch. DaveMage ty
  12. NMT idea

    Amen, hallelujah and marijuana. Couldn't have put it any better myself. Amen - this might actually bring me back to PK. And also would make other capes usable such as Warlocks, No More Warlocks and other capes that are rarely used (Bp/Mirror). I strongly dissagree with the taking the BROD out of the game. I personally think the price of them should go way down and so that even the lower lvl players can afford them. Everyone is PKing should have BROD at their disposal. I and several others have spent the PP for NMT just so we can wear red capes in PKing. I do agree some people use them way to much and only the bad people should get BRODed, come here Liquid, but that is of personal choice. I must say thou I do rarely PKing anymore something I did daily in the past. I used my ubbers and had many good fights. Might not get boost at all this time but if 6 people attacked me at the same time I might get to +29 def quick. Made the game more exciting. Pretty much stopped PKing when 1 guild put several post here saying they where over powered and they where reduced. Ruined PKing to me and me why bust your ass to buy something, create your whole build around your items, then have 1 guild piss and moan and be able to ruin it not cause you kill them with a +29 att boost but cause they have a hard time killing you with your ubber defense. Since I rarely PKing, I rarely play that character and no longer buy 25 rost. Something I used to do regularly. AttilaTheHun
  13. NMT idea

    Like the NMT idea but remove the BROD. We got to have BRODs so we can revenge scammers, bagjumpers, ect. Without BROD the will be no BROD tag, bad idea. AttilaTheHUn
  14. NMT idea

    NMT Breakable to NMT with extra stuffs (sort of backwards luv it). NMT removal stones (Great idea). Increased NMT drop rate (for that too perhaps placing it on a lower lvl critter to give relatively new player a chance for a cape). Good idea IMO. I would vote yes. It's a game, consistency is not a must. (Consistency in the game itself would be boring, like harvesting cinnabar, this ore looks just like the last ore and WTF is taking so long). AttilaTheHun
  15. New test server formula, please test

    ...err no... you're just clueless... Nasp has low def/react, big att/dex, and huge armor. You were hitting every time with the JS, you just rolled crit-dmg more with the cutty... and prolly got luckier with mirrors. You're like the most useless tester ever ...ah and before anyone asks why i haven't tested yet, it's cause im at work I really think you Korrode, are all for this because you are set up and perhaps have a bunch of saved PP and is greatly to your advantage. You are a Politicain. But anyways Cluelless as you call me gave the results of a test, gaved the data, and gave his interpration of the data. Lol Hey I had mirror on some luck played a roll in it all to. Where is your data. I spend my EL time playing the game not for politics. Just seems like when things are to a politicains advantage they like to politic to have the rules changed. AttilaTheHun