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Horror in Iscalrith

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The ice dragon from Hulda is threatening Iscalrith Fort. We're investigating some ways of slaying it without getting involved in a meaningless and bloody fight with it.

There are several people spread all over Draia that promised us their help and support. We will be happy to reward heroes who will lend us their hand. More details tomorrow (November, the 23rd around 6-8PM GMT).

The most active hero will be rewarded with a head of the ice dragon. We will share some of the dragon's treasure with the second one and the third will be rewarded with a piece of a weapon from our armoury.



The event is taking place tomorrow around 6-8PM GMT.

/Thanks Lee, I didn't realise I've forgotten to say it:P/

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Here are results of the event:

1st place

Lightlan (ice dragon helm, enriched life essences, a book)

2nd place

FatboyJaxx (gellatine bones removal stone, a book)


3rd place

Ezmerelda (a great sword, a book)


4th place (ex aequo)

Sleepydragon, Dman and Extrapolation (10.000 gold coins each)


Special prizes (best/only RPers)

Cruella and Rauch (a tunic each)


Few words:

Firstly, I'd love to express how grateful I am to people who provided prizes, i.e. WarAxe and Molime.

Secondly, I'd love to thank everybody who took part in this event. I hope you enjoyed it.

I would also like to mention people who made it possible:

  • Ghaele, Master of Magic /Tarsengaard Magic School/,
    Molime, Master of Alchemy /Morcraven Marsh Alchemy School/,
    Zaffi, Master of Combat /Whitestone City Arena/,
    2coolfool, Master of Summoning /Arius Summoning Arena/,
    MagpieLee, Master of Potions /Irsis Potion School/
    and Thyralax, the great Chief of Fort Telmont.

Thanks for your work. I hope you had some fun.


Finally, if you would like us to hold similar events in future, have some complaints (hopefully not), suggestions or just want to say we suck - post below. All your comments are really important to us - we use them to improve ourselves and our events.


Once again, thank you all.

~Iori (the name I use right now - tomorrow may change :))

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All in all it was a lot of fun, thanks for running the contest. :)


The only gripe I have is the rules didn't seem to be laid out very clearly at the beginning so most people thought they only had to find 1 master, not 4 and bring the tokens back which resulted in 2 locations being announced in channel 7. Other than that it went great! And thanks for the prizes. :hug:

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Was alot of fun, really good idea, something a bit different then the usual event.


Thanks guys :(

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Commander, here is my report on the incident that took place this weekend with the great dragon.



Help! Calling all adventurers We are in desperate need of assistance, Come to Fort Telmont to learn more and possibly earn your fortune, and please hurry!


Okay good good, thank you all for coming, it seems we are in desperate trouble, a fierce Ice dragon has been trying to get out from hulda to attack the city so far we have managed to keep it at bay, but well after so many days with out reinforcements my men are tired and wounded. There are 5 masters of draia that i know will help us to defeat the beast but well ummm i cant remember where they are :) I stored the infomation in my office but as you can see that section of the fort has taken extensive damage. I need you to scour the lands and enlist the aid of the masters AT ANY COST! I remember a few bits from the notes i made and ill relay them to you as i recall it. Now as an added incentive to you The person who enlists the aid of any 4 of the masters will be rewarded with something made by our master smith from the dragons body as a reward, the second person will be rewarded with a trinket from its hoard and the last something from the forts armoury. Now we dont have much time, so by the authority granted to me i hereby make you all temprorary grunts...i mean Squires of the knights of the Winterglace any questions?


Good now to attention all, we have 1 hour to recruit the masters our mages will require a token from each one so they can teleport them here when the dragon attacks,

And remember soldiers, you must get them to help at ANY cost!


Well it was close but several brave and inteligent recruits managed to find the masters and bring us the tokens we needed to summon them forth into the fray. The dragon was slain and after a short search its lair located and sacked. We found enough gold there to compensate a few of the other brave souls, as well as fix the castle walls, repair the tavern roof, as well as repair some damage ot the tavern casued by a pyromaniac imp, and get the surviving goblin archers some eye tests.


All in all everything is back to how it should be and we have a little money to hold that christmas party for the officers that we was hoping for.


Yours diligently

Chief Thyralax

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Great event, based on a nice roleplay story, with Masters spread all over Draia - it was a lot of fun to participate. I was quite confused when two Masters locations have been revealed, not sure if we shall search just for remaining ones :) All in all, more events of this kind ! Big thanks to all who made it happen!

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