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Wow very Impressive Paul ,,,I have not read first one though :P) :confused:


Thank you very much, I am glad you enjoyed it :D




Formerly of eGow

Proudly of L.A.

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Back in Valley of the Dwarves...



"I just came from Portland Samy and found out that Paul is there at the local tavern with the rest of the eGow warriors." Said Gossip.


"I also informed him that you three men were looking to make contact with him." She finished.


"Did he say which way he was headed?" Questioned Shodokan.


"Paul told me that they would wait in Portland until you have arived before making his next move." She answered.


"Great!" Shouted Samy Navilian


"We leave now." said ShadeSlayer.


With a last round of thanks from the public at Molgor's storage and a few firm handshakes the three men headed toward the docks to Desert Pines. Reaching the city walls with the boat in the backdrop the three men heard a loud yell from behind them.


The three trained fighters turned to see a oranged hair Draegoni male wearing the torso of a black dragon along with the cuisses and greaves of the red dragon. He wore a crown of life upon his head that glowed a mysterious light on the magical unbreakable cape he wore.


"I'm known around here in these parts as Peach." He said as he aproached closer to the three men.


"I just came up through Nordcarn and was told you were headed this way." Finished Peach.


The draegoni male told them that he hailed from the lands of Desert Pines. His house was a small trailer near the local storage cave. He informed the three men that he was out that day watching for local fighters and due to the lack of action decided to take a walk through Tahraji Desert looking for magic bags.


"As I got to the southern part of the Desert I seen Selain headed toward Portland." Said Peach.


"All I had on me was a ring to White Stone City and quickly teleported out of there." He continued.


"I need to get to Portland to warn Storm Shadow of the danger that lies to his north." Finished Peach.


"We were just headed to Portland to meet up with the eGow alliance!" Shouted ShadeSlayer.


"We must hurry if we are to warn them in time!" Yelled Samy Navilian.


The three men ran as fast as they could to the docks and made their way to Desert Pines...




"I just got word from Gossip that Samy Navilian along with Shodokan and ShadeSlayer are headed this way to meet up with us." I said.

"I think we should put the wine down..."

"NO WAY!" Interupted Ol' Strago before I could finish my statment.

"Like I was saying." I said looking at the lowering eyes of Ol' Strago as he realized his wrong.

"I think we should put the wine down and get prepared to leave once our allies get here." I finished..




The four men ran across the docks to the boat that went to Portland. Once in Portland the four men were met at the docks by at least fifty sslessars. They were lined up across the docking plank in in neat rows just slithering in one spot but never moving. They seemed to be in rythem with each other as if some magical source were controlling their every movements.


"Make way for them men!" Ordered Mistress Salazar.


The sslessar army quickly made a path of plank then stone visible to the men. The four walked toward the Mistress in awe of her beauty. She turned as the men aproached close and headed in the direction of the tavern.


"The men have gone to the local storage to prepare for battle." She informed the men.


"We must ask that everyone in Portland who is not a fighter to leave the land at once!" Demanded Samy.


"Selain is on her way here now and we must warn the alliance!" Finished Shodokan.


They ran the rest of the way to the center of the city and shouted loud enough for everyone in the small area to hear.


"Get out of town now or you will most certainly die!" Yelled ShadeSlayer.


"Selain is headed this way and your all in grave danger!" He shouted again.


Hearing the noise from inside the stoage shed the eGow alliance rushed out of the door just in time to catch sight of a incredibly large army of sslessars headed their way from the north. The majority of the men had not even finished suiting up in the storage when they heard the comotion from outside the door and the battle was just starting right now...




Edited by Paul Brown

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World Best-Sellers:


1.Journey of a Warrior

2.The Holy Bible

3.Don Quijote de la Mancha



I'm #1 PaulB fan :D

Nice job mate :)

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"Quickly get the locals to the docks!" I yelled as loud as I could.


I seen Selain off in the distance headed directly at us. I had not fully equipped while in storage. As I ran toward the tavern to make sure nobody was inside I seen Mistress Salazar raise her staff high above her head and great shining light blasted into the ground.


"Necorolas emnotas!" She screamed with a razor sharp voice.


The ground turned a dark green color starting out at as a small circle on the ground and working its way larger like a shock wave. You could hear the sound of a strong wind blowing but the falling leaves from trees laid flat.


"Slithmontoras equiltoman!" She ordered.


With that the growing green circle turned to a mess of green matter. Which then molded into the shapes of sslessars. I darted inside the tavern as quickly as I could and seen nobody in the room. I called out to double check.


"Mistress Salazar please hold Selain off why my alliance suits up!" I said as I ran out of the tavern toward the storage.


The remaining alliance followed me into storage as Mistress Salazar and her sslessars headed in the direction of Selain. There were two Draegoni males already suited up. One was wearing the armor of the great red dragon and a crown upon his head. In his hand was a beautiful thermal serpent sword which he held close by his side almost touching his red cape. In his other hand he held a dragon inscribed shield as all fighters do.


Standing next to him was another Draegoni male wearing an entire titanium armor set with a crown upon his head. He had dark gray hair with pink horns. This fighter also yielded the power of a thermal serpant sword.


"My name is ThunderCloud and this is LaRa." Said the fighter in the dragon armor.


"We are brothers in life and arms and we hail from Portland." Replied LaRa.


As the alliance suited up the two men told us that they would like to lay their lives on the line to protect the great lands of Portland. I knew we needed all the help we could get for the battle would be a tough one. I quickly made sure I grabbed all the supplies I could carry and in a very short amount of time we were on our way back toward Mistress and Selain.


Running toward Selain with the alliance I could see what looked like phantom warriors roaming around to the north. I wondered if maybe Swordofflame was near. I could see that Mistress Salazar was standing is the middle of a giant army of sslessars that were holding off the creatures from Selain.


"We need to head to the east!" I yelled.


"Take the battle to the woods of White Stone and protect Portland!" Shouted Skyler.


With that we all headed east toward the caves that led to White Stone. We knew that if we could get into the woodlands that lie in White Stone then we could spare the loss of life to the locals. I could see Elf Girl up ahead. She was very familiar with the lands of White Stone and I knew right away she was headed as fast as she could to get a nice spot to range from.


"We need to head to Selain's temple!" Shouted Mistress Salazar from behind us.


"It is only in her home that I may be able to defeat her!" She yelled again.


We entered the caves that led to White Stone and quickly made our way through. Mistress Salazar was the last to go through. She had her sslessars holding back those of which came from Selain. You could see what looked to be green snake-like balls rolling around on the ground as the sslessars connected with each other.


Mistress Salazar shot a number of beams from her staff in the direction of Selain which were blocked by her sslessars standing tall around her in a circle. When one was destroyed Selain had one to take its place.


"Mistress Salazar!" I yelled and she turned to look at me.


"Take this to help in your battle!" I yelled as I tossed her a magical mana crown that would increase her magic power even more.


She looked at me with an assured look and exited the caves and headed to White Stone to try and defeat Selain once and for all...




Edited by Paul Brown

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lol paul, i love ur stories, thx to include me in ur story but ermm, i'm from a trailer beside dp sto? rofl nice one :)

keep on the good work! :P

Edited by Peach

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As we left the cave and entered into White Stone we quickly ran across the bridge into the Northern Woods. The land was lush with trees, flowers and wildlife. I knew in my heart that a great battle was about to begin here and would more than likely leave its mark on these lands for centuries to come.


There were a lot of locals within the stone walls of White Stone City. I could bet that not a single one of them knew about the danger headed their way. I looked through the group of fighters and quickly spotted Peach.


"Peach I need for you to go warn the locals in the city walls and bring them to safety within the Elavro Mountains please." I asked.


"When you have gotten them to safety please head to the Forest of the Fall and summon for Aluwen outside the temple." I added.


Peach headed his way north with haste to help the locals without a word. He knew the importance of working together during battle.


"Please hurry back because we are going to need you!" I yelled to him as his shadow was already disappearing into the backdrop.


As I turned to the south I looked over toward the caves that we has just exited from and I could see Selain making her way through a giant mass of dead sslessar carcasses. Her creatures were headed in our direction and they appeared as they were moving faster than they had in Portland.


I started running in the direction of Selain's Temple which was in the south-west part of Tirnwood Vale just to the east of Orvale Mountains. The sslessars were gaining on me fast. But I must run faster I told myself just before I spotted Mistress Salazar being carried on top of a sslessar army numbering in the hundreds.


"You must get to the the entrance of her temple and protect my entry!" Ordered Mistress Salazar.


I made sure that my crown was straight and I pushed myself to sprint faster through the woods. I was not far from the lands of Tirnym. I knew that my family was in hidden within its past. I could see the body of water that surrounded Selain's temple. We were close and I could make out the shapes of the the alliance members as I got closer.


"She is approaching quickly we must prepare to protect Mistress Salazar now!" I ordered the warriors as I approached.


I turned just in time to see the first wave of sslessars draw near and prepared my blade. Looking to my right I seen Samy standing guard ready for war. He looked in my direction and gave me a assured look that he had my back.


Mistress Salazar had made her way into the temple and we covered the door as the sslessars reached our feet. I took a giant swing of my cutlass and slit the throat of the first creature to raise vertically in my path.


Shodokan had killed quite a few of the deadly creatures and was making a small path of death as he tried to draw near to Selain who was standing about fifty yards away just surrounded by creatures. I could see the green blood of the sslessars dripping quickly from his blade as he walked.


I could see Elf Girl high up in a tree shooting glowing red arrows in the direction of Selain. The arrows would arch in the air and come down on whichever sslessar was caught in its path. When the arrow made contact with the creature it would quickly engulf the creature in fire and cause a very painful death.


As I watched Elf Girl shooting her arrows I felt a sharp set of teeth pressing against the dragon armor protecting my arm. The creature was strong held onto my arm as I slashed at the ground around me where the sslessar army was quickly becoming too much to handle.


I stabbed at the exposed belly of the sslessar that hung from my arm dug the tip of my cutlass deep inside the creatures insides. With a furious jolt of anger I turned my cutlass clockwise and opened the cut that I had already made even larger. The green matter from inside the creature poured out of its body.


I stepped on the tail of the sslessar and grabbed the body with my hand and pulled at the creature as hard as I could. The sslessar did not want to let go of my arm even though it had been critically wounded. But that did not matter to me as I ripped the lifeless body and left the teeth sticking to the scales of my red dragon torso.


Just as I had finished removing the creature from my arm I watched as LaRa made his way in front of me swinging his thermal serpant sword hard at the ground killing any sslessar that was in his way. I could also see ThunderCloud fighting not ten feet to LaRa's right. They made a good team clearing way toward Selain leaving the bodies of hundreds of her summons dead.


I could not see where Ol' Strago and Rajunrednekk had gone off too but I wished that they were by my side fighting. I had gotten used to having them around during battles and was probably the reason I let that sslessar blindside my arm. The two of them men would have never allowed anything to get that close to an ally.


As I was thinking what had happened to the two I heard a pain-filled yell come from behind me. I looked in time too see five sslessars on top of KaGen. I watched in horror as one of the creatures sunk its teeth into his neck.


I already knew then that the great warrior KaGen was no more...



Now KaGen was a great warrior for eGow and will be missed greatly. It just goes to show that during battle great warriors can loose their lives. But hopefully for a greater cause.


R.I.P. KaGen




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Looks like its about time for Storm Shadow to make an appearance and even the odds a bit aye?

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It has been a really long time now and I just wanted to let any of my readers know that I am currently re-reading my story and writing the remaining chapters to wrap it up :(


Sorry it took so long but a while back I had lost my posting rights for breaking forum rules and I kind of let the story slip from my mind. I will try to have a all new chapter up within the next week for you all :D






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