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Upon entering the hidden area of Isle of the Forgotten we immediately realized that this was going to be dangerous. Lying around all parts of the ground were the droppings of chimeran. I could not be certain as to the species of them it was but I was guessing that the droppings belonged to none other than the feared arctic chimeran.


The tunnel that we were in was very dark and damp. Almost as if it had been raining in here but we knew that couldn’t be because we were inside. I looked over to Rajunrednekk and asked him if he could cover our backs as we made our way down the tomb like tunnel. I felt to make sure that the potions were safe, knowing they would be, but still had to be certain.


“Holy hell spawn!” Cried ol’ Strago as he pointed ahead of us.


We all looked in time to see five of the meanest looking arctic chimeran headed straight for us. They didn’t look like the usual breed of arctic chimeran but more like summons from Mortos. He must have known about the portal in my room and left the chimeran here to keep me from doing what I needed to do. I am sure he did not know about the statue or what would happen. I didn’t even know myself.


“Everyone get ready for battle!” Yelled the head hunter.


With that the four of us ran straight at the creatures that were looking to tear us into pieces. We were outnumbered but I knew that we could take them all on. I quickly scanned my eyes at each chimeran as I approached and eyed the second from the left. He was the most aggressive one.


Fighting many chimeran during my days training I knew that there was always one creature that was stronger than the rest and could quickly end a fight before you got a chance to heal yourself.


Rajunrednekk reached the wall of chimeran that were blocking our path and slashed steadily at them with his orc slayer. I could see that he was more powerful that I had remembered him. The last time I had seen Rajunrednekk fight, besides for the tavern fight we were just in earlier in the day, was some red moons ago. We had been in the dwarves valley just west of Tarsengaard.


On that particular day it had been raining the great acid rain and the local fighters were not too happy to wear there nice armor and weapons. Myself and Rajun did not mind it so much because we knew the dangers of not wearing them if Mortos decided to invade the gold cave with his yeti.


Mortos did happen to strike on this day too and many great fighters had lost there lives. It had become “normal” around Draia for these invasions and I can’t imagine how many people had lost there lives over the years because of that mean god.


“Lets kill them all allies!” I yelled as I finished my thought.


It felt great to be fighting next to a group of allies that I had missed so much. I felt the greatest feeling in my heart knowing that these three men were risking there lives to help me save the family that I loved so much.


“Someone help me!” I heard ol’ Strago yell as he tangled with the chimeran.


I dropped a few snares to tie up the chimeran I was trying to kill and ran over to Strago. Grabbing his arm, I pulled him away from the nasty creature as I took a swing at its head. The three horns that laid up top the chimerans’ head like a crown made it almost impossible to hurt it that way but I had done that to give me just a split second to regain my stance.


Once I had my step back I unleashed a fury of brutal swings and hacks at the evil creature. Some landed and some did not. It did not matter to me that many shots had missed because I could see the blood from the chimeran forming onto my blade more and more each swing. Just as I was about to take a shot at the creatures neck something came flying past my head at a sickening speed.


I watched as an arrow penetrated the chimeran directly between his eyes and ending his life immediately. Not having time to see where the arrow came from I looked to the chimeran that was stuck in my snare. He was still standing in one spot but trying his best to break his legs free.


Leaving the chimeran in that spot, I turned to my left to help Decebal. He had dropped his mage staff and was holding onto the horns of the creature for dear life waiting for his chance to escape. I ran over an sank my blade into the ribs of the creature. My cutlass blade made its way straight through the chimerans’ body and exited with a giant gush of blood and guts.


Knowing that the wound was a critical one I turned in time to see none other than Elf Girl taking sharp aim upon the remaining enemy. Her aim was true as always and she ended the life of the chimeran that I had tied up with my snare. She had placed one arrow directly into the right eye of the chimeran and then placed another into the jugular vein.


“Elf Girl!” I said shocked.


“How did you know where to find me?” I asked.


Running up to me and giving me a hug which I returned happily she told me that she had been in Idaloran and ran into Termopan and he had given her the arrows that he had completed. DibClark was there delivering an order of fruits to Termopan and told her where to find me.


“Dib told me that you could use my help so I came as fast as I could.” She said.


“I am glad you decided to come help us.” I said to her with a warm smile.


Looking back at the bloody mass of fur and guts I realized that one of us might have died if Elf Girl had not made it here to help us. I was glad to have her by our side. She was the best archer I had ever met and I knew that we would need her even more as we got closer to Mortos.


With haste we all grabbed our equipment and headed in the direction of the statue. We stayed very close together while Elf Girl stayed in front prepared to fire her arrows at a moments notice.


As we approached the end of the tunnel, without the appearance of any creatures to our surprise, we caught sight of the most elegant statue I had ever seen. It was that of a female bearing a giant staff. The statue looked to made of iron and had a smaller statue of a sslessar on either side.


I asked the group to stand back as I took the three potions and a summon stone from my sack. Following the exact instructions that DibClark had told me I opened the first potion and poured it into the left eye socket of the statue. I then took the second potion and poured it into the other eye.


Just then I cast the stone and when the sslessar appeared I opened the vial and made my slithering servant drink the liquid. I then watched as the sslessar slid over to the statue and slither into the open mouth of the statue.


The ground began to shake as the statue dropped into the floor and exposed a hidden doorway to a place we didn’t know. We all watched as the doorway became fully exposed, showing us nothing but darkness in the path ahead.


“We need to move quickly all.” I said.


“I have no idea how long this doorway will remain.” I finished.


Looking no where but forward, the five of us departed toward the darkness that lied ahead not knowing what we would find or what else was to be done here besides for save my family and protect my friends...




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As we entered the door to the dark area ahead not much of anything could be seen but the glow from something in the back of the room. We all stood at the entrance and wondered exactly what it might be.


“I think we should look for a way to light our path.” I said.


“Do you need me to start a fire Paul?” Asked Elf Girl.


I handed her a fire essence and some branches I had in my possession and asked her to start a small fire in the middle of the room. The room was not very big. I could not see the walls but I knew it was small because the sound of my voice echoed around the room as if I had been flying through the room talking.


As Elf Girl lit the fire we got our first look at the small chamber. The walls were thick with branches from a weed that had been dead for a long time. There were some sort of inscriptions along the wall that could be seen between the branches of the dead weed but I knew that none of us could read it.


The floor was loaded with the remains of many rats that must have died of hunger. There was no way out of this room that I could see other than the door we had just come through. I could not help but think if it had been DibClark that had been in this room last. Did he create this place? Was he responsible for what I would find here?


Those and many other questions passed through my head as we all headed to the back of the room toward the glow to find out what it might be. As we approached the glow we realized that it was coming from a crystal ball that lay atop a mighty wooden staff. The staff was being held by the giant hand of the statue. It was that of a female. I had never seen that face before and wondered who she could be. I also wondered what this statue had to do with my mission.


“Look there Paul.” Said Decebal as he pointed to a small plate at the base of the statue.


The plate had some writing on it but it had been covered well with dust. Taking one of my numerous potions out of my out of my sack I poured it onto the plate. Then I took the empty envelope from my back pocket that once contained the letter from Kassy and whiped the dirty plate as clean as I could get it revealing the words that I could now see.


The power of a great god lies within my structure.

Only one has the power to revive me.

Be warned that if anyone other than the great warrior

tries to remove my staff, they will face there death

with great haste from my army of legless creatures.


Was I the great warrior spoke about on the plate? Was I to remove the staff that laid in the hand of the statue? Many thoughts ran through my head as I decided what to do. I did not want to be responsible for the loss of the lives of my allies. Quickly thinking I asked for everyone to move back to the other room.


“Do you think it is safe?” Asked ol’ Strago as he took a sip off his flask.


“I don’t know if it is but I have no choice.” I replied.


“I was sent here for a reason and I will not leave until I find out.” I finished.


I watched and waited till everyone but me had left the hidden room. When I felt that they had been far enough I eyed the statue as I wrapped my hands around the giant wooden staff. Not knowing what to expect I quickly pulled the staff free from the hand of the statue and took three giant steps backwards.


Just as I did that the floor began to shake violently. I wanted to run out of the room but I couldn’t. I needed to see what was to happen. I turned to look at the doorway making sure that my allies stayed back and noticed that the door was now closing shut. A sick feeling filled my stomach.


“Paul run!” Said Elf Girl.


I tried to yell back to her but the door was now fully shut. I turned to watch as the statue fell piece by piece to the floor exposing a figure wrapped in cloth. Taking three more steps backwards I placed the staff on the ground and prepared the blade of my cutlass for war.


Just then I could see the cloth falling off the figure in pieces. The pieces of cloth were hitting the floor and turning into a huge army of sslessars. I watched as they looked in my direction and quickly headed my way...




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Watching as the sslessars drew near I reached for my crown and straightened it. I quickly backed up to give myself room to fight the legless creatures. I quickly scanned the room in front of me and counted twelve sslessars thus far. Just as I was about to strike the closest sslessar a thought came into my head.


“Now do not be scared Paul.”


“I cannot tell you what will happen next but be at ease.”


Remembering what DibClark said to me, knowing that he was to be trusted, I lowered my blade and let the army approach me. If they attacked me I would use the power of disengagement and teleport from the dimly lit room.


Reaching my feet the sslessars moved past my feet and gathered behind me in a straight line. Soldiers were what these creatures were. Strong, smart and deadly quick made the sslessar one of the most feared in all the lands. They could strike before you had a chance to blink your eyes. There teeth were razor sharp and could easily end a fight with a couple of well placed bites.


“My sslessars will not harm you Paul, great warrior of eGow.” Said a voice from behind me.


Turning around and facing the voice I see a Draegoni female dressed in a black dress. She had long blue hair with matching blue horns. There was something magical about this female. She looked strong and confident. Her eyes had the gleam of a great warrior much stronger than I am.


“Who are you and what am I doing here?” I asked her.


“My name is Mistress Salazar great god of summoning.” She replied.


“You were sent here to revive me from the spell placed upon me by Selain.”


Mistress Salazar told me a story of how many years before there was another great war in the lands. Many races were being wiped out by the summon god Selain. She traveled with an army of sslessars much like the Mistress did.


“She wanted to gain control of my staff.” said Mistress Salazar as she continued her story.


Sending an army of ten thousand sslessars to the gates of the Lothalith Fortress there was a battle between the Mistress and Selain. Selain attacked with such fury and was able to cast an unknown spell on Mistress Salazar.


“Before she could kill me the great mage fighter from Portland smite all Selain's summons and teleported us to the Isle of the Forgotten.” The Mistress told me.


I knew of the great mage fighter she spoke of. His name was Storm Shadow. Known well by all fighters and feared by them. Word was his magic skill was stronger than even that of the great Unolas. Many men had lost there lives trying to challenge him.


“If she had gained control of my staff then Selain would have wiped out every race with Mortos.” she said.


Mistress Salazar continued and told me that Storm Shadow could not free her from the unknown spell Selain had cast. He had taken her to this hidden room and hid her body in the statue. Storm Shadow had blessed the room with a protection spell and set out on a quest to break the spell.


“Storm Shadow eventually paid very well to a spy who told him that the spell could only be removed if the heart of the great warrior were to touch my staff.” Mistress Salazar said.


“Now we must go quickly and find Storm Shadow and unite us.” She said.


“We must stop Mortos and Selain before she realizes I have been awakened.” She finished.


Picking up her staff and the army of sslessars by our side Mistress Salazar shot a beam of light from her staff, opening the door that lead out of the dark room. We quickly walked out of the room with the sslessars behind us.


“Do not be alarmed allies.” I started.


“This is Mistress Salazar and she will be traveling with us.” I said.


My friends all told me how worried they were when the doors had shut and didn’t know what to do or if I would be ok. I told them quickly of the war between Mistress Salazar and Selain and that she would be looking to gain control of her staff.


“What must we do?” Asked Rajunrednekk.


“We must go quickly to Portland and find Storm Shadow.” I said.


I grabbed my bag of rings and handed one to everyone. Mistress Salazar set her summons free as we all teleported out of the damp and dark tunnel never to return...



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Back in Thelinor...


Standing outside the tavern were Progress and Stricken. As the fight with Cissysauce and Robotbob had started they had quicky teleported to Zirakinbar to the Azghal Castle to fetch Kidberg the great black warrior from the lands of Aeth Aelfan.


Kidberg had a home that was hidden well in the Sylvath Forest. Not many in the lands had seen him but all knew and feared him. He was a strong Orchan warrior who wore the armor of the great black dragon. Not only did he wear the armor of the black dragon but he had enslaved one to use as his protection.


“I wonder what Kidberg will do.” said Progress.


“I think there might be trouble now.” replied Stricken.


As they finished this brief conversation Kidberg walked out of the tavern and stood in front of the two men. He had the same stern face he always carried. Kidberg was wearing his black dragon armor and had a sharp orc slayer equipped. His dragon was no where in sight but he could just blow his whistle and the dragon would be at his side in the matter of seconds.


“Your telling me that Paul from eGow is responsible for this?” Asked Kidberg.


“Yessir he was.” Said Progress.


“It was him along with Decebal, Rajunrednekk and Stragothemad.” Added Stricken.


Looking at the two men Kidberg smiled a soft smile. Almost as if he was happy to hear this news. Kidberg had liked Paul and knew that as long as Cissysauce and Robotbob were around he could not let this be known. He knew that with the two of them dead he could form an alliance with them.


“What will we do now Kidberg?” Asked Progress.


“We will go talk with the great eGow warriors and form an alliance now.” He replied.


With a puzzled look on there faces the two men questioned Kidberg about why they would form an alliance with eGow. Kidberg had told them how Cissysauce and Robotbob had filled there minds with hatred for eGow unfairly and know that they were dead he was going to set things right for them.


“I will stay by your side.” Said Progress.


“As will I.” Replied Stricken.


“We must go with haste to Portland to meet Skyler.” Said Kidberg.


“Let us inform them of our intentions now that Cissysauce and Robotbob are dead.” Finished Kidberg.


So the men left on there way to the lands of Portland to meet up with the eGow leader Skyler. He had much respect for him. He knew that Skyler was well skilled in the art of fighting and that by making the alliance with them they would become a great force to be reckoned with.


Kidberg also knew of the trouble that Mortos brought. He needed to protect his guild. Knowing that it was now him that was the leader of DoA he headed in the direction of the docks to take the boat to North Redmoon. He needed to get to the storage at South Redmoon so he could get rings for Progress and Stricken to go with him to Portland. He also needed to have gossip get a message to the other members of the guild so they could meet with him in Portland and form the alliance with eGow.


Reaching the docks in Thelinor the three men took the boat to the lands of North Redmoon. They all knew that the deadly Feros race hailed from the lands of North Redmoon but they dare not fear it. Kidberg had the power of a great black dragon and that was all that it took to kill most any creatures in the Eternal Lands.


Leaving the dock area here the three men headed south in the direction of South Redmoon. They had expected to meet many feros along the way but they had no idea that the feros were all in Palon Vertas at this moment laying siege to the great land there.


“Wonder where all the feros are?” Said Kidberg.


“I don’t know but we should watch our backs.” Replied Stricken.


“No worries young Stricken.” Replied Progress.


“Kidberg can have that dragon at our side if we need it.” Progress finished.


Making there way to the gates of South Redmoon, with no trouble from feros, the three men entered and headed quickly to the local storage. They all filled with the items they needed as Kidberg handed them rings for Portland.


With their rings in hand the three men teleported to Portland unaware of the trouble that would soon be headed there way. The only thoughts on their minds were to meet with Skyler and end their feud...




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Hahahahah that was awesome!!! How graphic and detailed... reminds me of Erick VanLustbadder... The Ninja... very detailed story... I can feel his hatred of Mortos!!


Nice going Paul!!!

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Storm Shadow sat at the local tavern in Portland drinking a big mug of wine. He was deep in thought. Word had come from his great ally Swordofflame that Mortos brought trouble that was headed this way from the lands of Irilion. He trusted the word from Swordofflame too. Many times had he avoided the dangers from Mortos and Selain because of him.


He thought back to the time years ago when Selain had taken Mistress Salazar from him. Storm Shadow had thought of her everyday in hopes that the great warrior would find and free her. With Mortos unleashing havoc across the lands he knew that all would die if she was not awakened to help fight the battles ahead.


Sitting and thinking he heard the voices of many men coming into the tavern. Storm Shadow looked over to see a group of great warriors. They were called the Eternal Gods of War. There was Skyler there great fearless leader. He was a strong Draegoni who wielded a titanium serpent sword of thermal. The sword glowed brightly and let everyone know that seen it that it could cause deadly damage.


He was followed closely by Agis. Agis was his second in command and for good reason. He had more power than most any fighter in the land. Easily considered to be one of the most deadly fighters to ever face that of a great Mortos army. It was said that Agis was very skilled in magic. Storm Shadow had watched with his own eyes Agis end the lives of twenty chimerans with the power from his harm spell.


Storm could also see the great eGow summoner. KaGen was a very skilled summoner. He hailed from the land of Arius. His house was in Kyriban Village which was just south of the Eastern Kyr Woodlands. The locals there loved to watch as KaGen summoned different creatures to kill the local pain-in-the-ass wildlife that came from the Kyriban Marsh.


Giorgos was the guilds manu worker. Although he was highly skilled in the art of war he didn’t fight much. His job was to supply the guild with all the armors and weapons that they needed. Giorgos hailed from the lands of Tarsengaard. He had done lots of work for the book seller that sat all day in the bookshop at the Magic School.


Spyridonas was a great alchemist. He rivaled the alchemy work of Paul who for some reason Storm Shadow did not see with them today. Spyridonas spent many days in the Fishmig Village that was in the lands of Willowvine Forest looking for flowers to store and use for his work. Spyridonas was also a strong fighter who wore the armor of the red dragon. His armor looked great and when he equipped his dragon blade he had the look that many feared.


Kurok was the guilds potions maker. He hailed from the lands of Kusamura Jungle. His family lived in Akuen Village and they were proud that he chose the way of the warrior. He wielded a powerful staff of protection that had saved him many times before. Kurok also wore the protection of the red dragon and was a worthy opponent to any of the great fighters in the lands.


Lesbegue was the guilds crafter. He had spent all his time, when he was not training, preparing rings and such for the guild. Wearing the armor of titanium was Lesbegue favorite. He wielded a cutlass which is as deadly a weapon as most. Lesbegue hailed from the lands of White Stone City. He had spent many days taunting skilled fighters in the local arena.


“Well hello there all from eGow.” Said Storm Shadow.


“Hail!” Responded all the eGow members.


“Where might Paul be right now?” Asked Storm Shadow.


“Paul was sent on a mission to the Isle of the Forgotten by DibClark.” Responded Skyler.


Storm Shadow dropped his mug at the sound of this statement. He was well aware that he had only shared the secret that lied within the Isle of the Forgotten with DibClark. Was Paul the great warrior spoke of? Had he freed Mistress Salazar from her tomb? Would he be the one to lead us all against Mortos?


Those and many more questions filled Storm Shadows’ head as he reached down to grab his mug. Storm Shadow placed his mug on the counter and asked Skyler if he knew what Pauls’ mission was.


“Sorry old friend.” Said Skyler.


“We have not heard from him for two days now and we came here to Portland to find out if any of the locals had seen or heard from him.” Finished Skyler.


Just at that moment everyone in the tavern heard a giant scream coming from outside. Everyone in the small room jumped to there feet and headed outside the door. With a look of astonishment they all watched as an army of sslessars made their way over the bridge by the docks with a group of dark shadows, which could not be seen, following behind...




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As Samy Navilian sat at the local storage shed in Nordcarn he couldn’t help but wonder if Paul was ok. He wanted to send word with Gossip to Paul so they could meet up again but he was still waiting on word from Shodokan.


He watched as the local looney Dawench sat eating the red toads that she always begged for. Another soul that was addicted to the shiny red mushroom. She had been poisoned at least a thousand times by them but she was so nuts that she did not realize to stop. Noticing that Samy was looking at her she asked him the usual question.


“Have you any spare spotted red mushrooms there in your storage Samy?” She asked.


Samy asked Storil the local storage host if he had any and filled them in a bag. Handing them to Dawench he told her that she should try to lay off them for while. He knew he was enabling her but by not giving them to her he would have to listen to her beg and beg.


“Thank you kind sir.” Said Dawench as she opened the bag to start eating.


As Dawench ate the toads Samy watched the door to the storage knowing that at any moment now Shodokan would be here. He had sent word to him here so they could go and help Paul. The two men had been friends throughout life and knew that they could not leave Paul stranded when he needed them most.


As if to read his thoughts Samy watched as Shodokan entered the storage shed. Shodokan was wearing a shiny steel armor set and carried a titanium serpent sword of magic. A very useful weapon fighting the summons of Mortos.


“Shodokan I am glad you have arrived my friend.” Said Samy.


“I came as quick as I received word from Gossip.” Replied Shodokan.


“We must send word to Gossip to notify Paul that we want to meet up.” Samy said.


“I was just in the Dwarves Valley and seen her with Molgor.” Said Shodokan.


With that the two men left the storage shed both watching as Dawench finished off the last of the red mushrooms that Samy had given to her.


“I shouldn’t have given her those.” Said Samy.


“Yes but she would have begged you for the next three fort nights.” Replied Shodokan.


With that said the two men headed in the direction of the Valley of the Dwarves. Such a beautiful land they both thought. They knew that if Mortos completed his mission with Selain then the great valley would become nothing more than a desert.


As they reached the entrance to the Dwarves Valley they heard a voice yell to them. Turning around they both seen ShadeSlayer, an ally and friend to both, headed in there direction. It appeared as if ShadeSlayer was coming from the Gilin Temple. He carried with him a sharp jagged saber and they both knew he was deadly with it.


“Where might you both be off too?” Asked ShadeSlayer.


“Were off to talk with Gossip and find Paul of eGow.” Answered Samy.


“I heard that Paul was in trouble with Mortos.” Said ShadeSlayer.


“Yes that is why we need to find him.” Said Shodokan.


“We must find him so we can lend him a hand.” Shot in Samy.


“I insist that I travel with both then so I can help.” Requested ShadeSlayer.


Both men agreed. They knew that Mortos would be the toughest challenge that they would have and the more people that came the better the chance was of survival. With all three men united they entered the Valley. Quickly the three men headed in the direction of Molgor. They hoped that Gossip was still her. She may have not been hard to find but having to look for her further would delay there mission.


Just as the three fighters reached the wall to the town area they heard a loud yell come from behind them. They turned in time to see about ten locals running from a deadly Cockatrice. They knew that this creature hailed from the lands of Willowvine Forest and had no reason to be here other than being sent by Mortos.


“Mortos must be close!” Yelled Samy.


“We must stay and protect the locals.” Replied ShadeSlayer.


The three allies headed in the direction of the cockatrice knowing to watch for its deadly talons and tail. The cockatrice was one of the most feared creatures in all the lands. There talons were so sharp they could cut your head off in one swipe and if they hit you with there tail it could send you flying many feet through the air.


“I will attack it first!” Yelled ShadeSlayer.


“No ShadeSlayer we need to work together.” Said Shodokan.


With that the three men surrounded the creature. The cockatrice was very smart and eyed there plan quickly. With a giant swing of its tail it hit Shodokan and sent him flying. Both men yelled out to ask if he was alright. Shodokan told them to not worry about him but to kill the creature that looked to end their lives.


ShadeSlayer took a giant swing with his jagged saber and landing hard on the base of the creatures back. The cockatrice yelled in pain and took eye on ShadeSlayer. Samy took the opportunity to strike and stuck his blade hard into the side of the creature. The blade sunk deep into the flesh of the cockatrice and got stuck. Samy had to let his blade go.


“I lost my weapon!” Yelled Samy.


Just then Shodokan had reached the men and took several giant swings at the cockatrice. He connected with many of his blows and watched as the blood poured from the many open wounds he inflicted. The cockatrice fell to the ground probably trying to play dead but Shodokan knew better.


Shodokan ripped Samys’ blade from the cockatrice as he stuck his titanium serpent sword of magic deep into the base of the throat of the cockatrice. The three men could see the blood fly from the back of the creatures neck and knew that the blade had found its way all the way through its neck.


“Here is your sword back Samy.” Shodokan said handing him the blood stained sword.


“I thought I might die there Shodokan ol’ pal.” Samy said gratefully.


As the three men stood there with the now dead cockatrice they could hear the sudden sound of clapping coming from behind them. The turned to see the locals huddled close to Molgor looking at them with joy. They were happy that they had been saved by the three men.


“Has anyone seen Gossip?” Asked ShadeSlayer.


“I am here.” Replied Gossip as she stepped forward for them all too see.


The three men knew they could now reach Paul and help him to fight Mortos. Stepping forward to speak with Gossip they asked her if she could find him and tell him that they needed to meet up.


“Please make him aware that we have gathered more help for him also.” Said Samy as Gossip teleported to give him the message.


All the men knew that Gossip could get anyone a message but they dared not ask exactly how she did it. The three men sat with the locals at Molgors’ storage waiting patiently for Gossip to return with the information they needed. They spent the next ten minutes answering the many questions that the locals had for them and knew deep in their minds that they wanted to be by Paul's side fighting the evil that Mortos brought...




Edited by Paul Brown

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Hahaha I love the drunken Strago... I imagine he's sitting drinking his wine...and then like in Jurrasic Park...the ground shudders...causing circular ripples in his mugs LOL!!!

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Back in Zirakinbar...



As she killed off the remaining chimeran Aluwen could see many shadows off in the distance. Aluwen, standing firm with nothing more than a bloody bronze sword, prepared to battle with the army. She was tired from the great battle she had faced with the chimeran but knew she could fight ten more battles if needed to defeat Mortos.


“Who dares enters my sight and challenges me?” Asked Aluwen.


“I am here to help you old friend.” Replied a voice familiar to Aluwen.


Swordofflame walked out of the shadows with his army of phantom warriors lined perfectly behind him. As he stopped not ten feet from Aluwen the great army of phantom warriors circled around him to form a protective wall.


“There is no need for that my warriors for Aluwen is our ally.” Said Swordofflame.


With that the giant army of phantoms lined perfectly behind him. It was an amazing sight to see. The phantom warriors hovered just inches above the ground and swayed slightly with the wind. Yet they were very powerful in battle and made a worthy advisory to any fighter. Looking at them you could just barely see through them and make out the outline of the horizon in the backdrop.


“I came to bring word of an army of yeti headed this way Aluwen.” Said Swordofflame.


“My phantoms were roaming the lands of Aeth Aelfan and sent word to me that Mortos was sending a giant army of yeti your way.” Continued Swordofflame.


“How many are headed this way old friend?” Asked Aluwen


“It appears as if there are hundreds headed this way.” Replied Swordofflame.


“I have sent one of my phantoms to each land to gather the remaining phantoms to come fight with us.” Said Swordofflame.


“The yeti are powerful and I will need all the help I can get.” Replied Aluwen.


With that the two waited at the gates of the stronghold in hopes that the phantoms returned before the yeti did. They talked of old battles they had fought in and the troubles that Mortos was causing across the great lands. They also spoke of a rumor that was quickly spreading about the family of the great warrior of eGow. It was said that Mortos had sent them back in time and had them hidden in the lands of Tirnym before they became the ruins that remained there now.


As the two finished discussing the rumor they sat in peace for a few brief moments. They could see a large group of shadows headed their way off in the distance. Swordofflame stood and pointed his cutlass in the direction of the shadows and taking key the phantom army flew off to get a better look.


“If that is the yeti army headed this way then I will gladly lay my life on the line for you my great ally.” Said Swordofflame.


“As will I.” Replied Aluwen.


Watching anxiously the two watched as the shadows drew near. They soon realized that they shadows headed there way were that of a great phantom army. There were close to two thousand phantoms now making their way from the trees and lining up in front of the two men. It was an amazing sight to see. The phantoms were very mysterious and were very hard to damage in battle.


“I can see why you travel with such a pack.” Said Aluwen with a smile on his face.


“They are very loyal Aluwen and great fighters.” Replied Swordofflame.


Now that all of the phantoms from the lands were gathered here with the two, Swordofflame called out to them to protect the area. Many of the phantoms roamed around the land spying for the army of yeti that would soon be here. The others took post in armies of fifty or so at different spots around the stronghold.


The walls to the stronghold were now made of phantoms. As they hovered quietly waiting to strike. The two men knew that a few hundred yetis would not be able to succeed with an army of two thousand phantoms at their side.


“We can stay back and wait Aluwen.” Said Swordofflame.


“If the yeti make it past my phantoms then we will fight together.” Swordofflame finished.


So the two waited and watched as the phantoms roamed back and forth. They knew it would not be long before havoc took over the once quiet area. Swordofflame had also had a few of his phantoms clear the dead bodies of chimeran that littered the ground that they would soon fight on.


“Amazing to me that you fought all of these chimeran yourself Aluwen.” Said Swordofflame as the two men heard the first war cry of a yeti...




Edited by Paul Brown

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Sweet! Nice battle - everyone loves a bar-fight :devlish:



I like the way Progress & Sticken had to run away :D


Btw - if you see me around pls don't pwn me ;) But you did run like girls - from a girl :blink:




Keep it coming Paul, it's really funny how you make people look. Wouldn't object if you used me in one - kind of a cool guy who's liked by people and DEFINATELY doesn't get pwn'd :icon13:



Looking forward to the next one :D

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The giant army of phantom warriors rushed to stand in front of Aluwen and Swordofflame. The night sky was dark but glowed slightly with the moon. Fire-lit lamps were lit around the stronghold and you could see the gleam through the bodies of the phantoms as they swayed waiting for the unseen army or yeti.


“Protect Aluwen my phantoms!” Yelled Swordofflame.


“She must not die!” He finished.


With that said two hundred of the phantom warriors circled around Aluwen. Swordofflame could not even see her within the bodies of the phantoms and knew that the yeti would not either. He knew that if Aluwen was killed then any battle with Mortos would be even more deadly and harder too win.


“Protect her with your lives before mine!” Shouted Swordofflame.


Just as he said this you could make out the shadows of the approaching army of yeti. It was a scary sight to see. The yetis were massive in size and putting three hundred of them together made them look much bigger than their actual number.


“Strike now!” Ordered Swordofflame.


Every phantom warrior, other than the ones protecting Aluwen, rushed toward the giant army headed there way. It was not long before the battle cries of yeti being wounded could be heard. Knowing that it would not be long before the yeti reached the gates of the stronghold Swordofflame made sure that his crown was straight and that his blade was sharp.


“Aluwen please stay behind my phantoms and only confront the yeti if they reach you.” Requested Swordofflame.


“I will make no such promise my old friend for these beasts are that of Mortos and he is my sworn enemy!” Replied Aluwen.


Swordofflame instantly understood. A fighter loved for nothing more than to be in battle and knew that Aluwen would feel dishonored if she did not fight against her most hated enemy. With a loud yell Swordofflame ran straight in the direction of the battle with his cutlass pointed sharply in front of him.


Reaching the mess of yeti and phantoms he noticed that at least twenty of the yeti had already fallen victim to his warriors. He smiled with excitement as he reached his first yeti. His adrenalin was rushing through his body so strongly that he did not know his own power of attack when he laid wrath to the fierce beast.


With two giant swings he split the chest open of the yeti in front of him. The white fur of the giant beast turned red instantly and exposed the white/red bone of the sternum. You could see the blood fall to the ground coating every inch of fur red along the way. The yeti was hurt badly and yelled out a cry so loud it had gained attention from the other yeti in the area.


Swordofflame took the blade of his cutlass and sank it deep into the chest of the already exposed ribs of the wounded yeti and could see the lungs of the creature still grasping for air. Once he had done that the lungs had slowly stopped pulsating and the yeti fell to the ground no longer alive. Swordofflame watched as five yeti turned in his direction.


“Kill them!” Yelled Swordofflame to his army of phantoms.


Taking ten steps back swordofflame watched as a giant wall of phantoms formed in front of him and prepared to take on the oncoming yeti. He had a look of joy on his face knowing that the yeti would not easily reach him.




“Over here!” Yelled Aluwen.


Swordofflame turned in time to see about twenty yetis getting close to Aluwen. He knew that they must have split from the rest to try and flank them. He realized that he was careless to not take this into thought and knew they could have paid with their lives.


Quickly he ran in the direction of Aluwen with about one hundred phantoms behind him. Swordofflame took stance directly at the side of Aluwen watching as the phantoms that had previously surrounded Aluwen were now fighting the yeti that had tried the flank them.


“Lets kill them now!” Yelled Aluwen as the two ran in the direction of the yeti.


Reaching the wall of fighting phantoms and yeti, Aluwen took a strong swing with her bronze sword and landed it directly on the shoulder of a yeti sending blood flying through the air and landing on everything including her face. It did not matter. It had happened many times before. Getting the blood of the enemy on your face was a welcome “gift” to any warrior in battle.


“I will kill you all!” Screamed Aluwen as she swung her brittle sword at the beast.


Swordofflame was having a particularly difficult time with his yeti. The yeti was very strong and dodged most of his swings. It did not matter thought because he knew that if he kept swinging the yeti could not attack but remain in defense. Swordofflame knew that the yeti could not dodge them all.


“AHHHHH!” Yelled the yeti as a swing connected with its face.


You could see the teeth of the yeti exposed as the left side of its face had been swiped off. The yeti was stunned and Swordofflame took the opportunity. He jabbed his cutlass into the now exposed mouth of the yeti and heard a painful crunch as his cutlass broke through the teeth and through the back of the yetis’ head.



“Incredible strike!” Yelled Aluwen as she caught sight of this.


“Now come fight by my side Swordofflame.” She requested.


Standing side by side, the two took massive swings at the bloody white fur that blinded their sight. More and more blood landed on their bodies as the yeti fell at their feet. All that could be seen was a bloody mass of white fur and the dark shape of the phantoms that lay damage to the now lingering numbers of yeti.


Killing the last of the yeti that stood in front of them, the two turned to see a giant wall of phantoms slaughtering the now dwindling numbers of yeti remaining. They could have easily gone in to help but the sight was one only to be seen. Because of the dimly lit area, the phantoms were only visible by the light of the fire-lit lamps. But on this night you could easily make them out by the amount of yeti blood that now covered them.


It appeared as if only three or four hundred phantoms had lost their lives, but they had done what was needed to protect the strong god and their master. It would soon be word around the great lands of this battle. Many would now want to fight with the allies of the great warrior from eGow knowing that a strong army of three hundred yetis were not much of challenge to that of a great phantom warrior army brought by Swordofflame at their side.


Taking a look around the bloody land, the two allies looked at each other. They both had a thought that they had shared with the look. You know what I speak of. Not having to speak words but understanding what is on the mind of the other.


They knew that Mortos would soon find out of the battle here and would furiously be searching for them. Knowing that they had to find Paul quickly they gathered the remaining phantoms and Swordofflame sent them to search all the lands and send him word of Paul's whereabouts...




Edited by Paul Brown

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:pickaxe: i never realized how much paul knew about my "secret" life :medieval:


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HAHAHA Paul...this is awesome! How does this much excitement just come to you?! And the way you end each chapter... cliffhanger!


Keep up the good work man... we're all loving this!!!

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Want to be a part of my story?


Want to be part of the most exciting action stories of EL? (My personal opinion of course hehe).


Please post here.


in-game name: Storm_Shadow


main skill: harvesting and alchemy


Favorate map/maps: desert pines, portland, and irsis



Hope you enjoy this story as it comes together.


-PaulB- :bow_arrow:

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