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  1. Another connection bug?

    We don't like you and want you to quit EL.
  2. Selling the Sword S2E of Thermal !

    Bull, I bought an iron sword of fire for 10k.
  3. New spawns

    No, you're correct, I get ~10 attack exp less, and ~20 def exp more on Feros compared to fluffs.
  4. Auction

    Um. SoM = ~70k, Cutty = 21k, 70k + 21k + 20k = 111k. That's not 150k, last I checked.
  5. P2P expiration, 5 October

    Curious as to when my p2p expires - ingame name: progress
  6. Forum problems...

    No problems at all. This is awesome, I'm on dial up and they're running almost as if I'm on a DSL or faster connection.
  7. Selling a couple things

    i'll buy the isof
  8. Who will win the superbowl?

    Screw the pats, go Giants.
  9. jamol

    rofl, I went to fight jamol at NC, he said hold on and a few minutes later 2 other pkg members came. He's only 60's a/d anyways.
  10. selling/buying some items

    nvm, got a better offer. =o
  11. Starting Fight Club

    Be sure to make a "no flaming" rule.
  12. Godless

    I can easily make as much exp an hour as someone with gods. I double TS everything I train though. Godless is nice, free pp, imo.
  13. Pking in the main server

    True, i do see people in there in leathers sometimes though.
  14. Pking in the main server

    You can't put an armor or weapon cap on a map. The most that can be done is what was done with TD, no rostos. PEople still wear nice fancy armor there though.
  15. Pking in the main server

    BEcause there will always be some smartass that thinks "hey, since everyone is in leather, why don't i get my ti + cutty and go pwn them all?"