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:( i went train on fluffs,on way saw albazz how training on another fluff,said hi...after i saw fluff ( i saw too albazz),but after i get lag,died was pming to albazz,he pmed me after min-2 mins,he said that don't have it,after we was trying to find it,but didn't,i said make screen he wont (i think that he has it) after i died again,was asking his for my death bag and he said no,becuz i killed his friend,i hate this bad ppl! :(:D:pinch: why are ppl as bad? :(

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I took train skf fluff! Funny alblazz was on trian fluff tooo! FREAKY!!!!


Anywyas, this KOD apparently died in SKF. I was on a heal -run - pee - run -heal move, so i didnt instantly reply. I asked him where he died and went looking for it. I didnt find it sadly enough and the poor bloke was heartbroken. Then he offered me his steel cuisses, he left them in a bag for me to take. I said no ty, and told him there are ways to get stuff back in EL. He did ask me to make a screenie and show that i dint take it. All knows i cant do that (i wont do it either). For me to be able to pull a high tech move like that, my Wingsy babe must be online. She was sleeping so no go there!


Part two of this epic BJing session!

He started semi accusing me for the BJ, to which i said no!. Then he died again... silly boy. He fought the same fluff who killed him all suited up in just his pants... bad move! And this time he dropped the steel cuisses. Beeing the good samaritan that I am, I sat my cute fanny down on the bag! Spleenfeeder was there, he can vouch for my cute ass! KOD came back and i was gonna give him the bag, i was just gonna teach him a lesson. He didnt seem to enjoy it one bit. He even told Spleen and I to F*** Off. Frankly, i find such an use of innapropriate language uncalled for. We are after all mere pixels! Then the silly boy KOD died again!


Then my patience was over with this silly boy. He hasnt been too nice with some of my friends in the past, actually I wanna thank you for that. Made me keeping the cuisses a tad easier.


Im sorry for your first loss KOD.... sort of, the second time.. not so sorry. But the whole SiTuation is JusT silly. I bet me and HIM could be friends and CELebrate!


Yours truly

Alby (an ugly player)



PS. Logs can be artificially created by my friends in low places, so just ask for it if you need further proof of my wrong doing!


Edit: a few typos. pm me in game if you see more!

Edited by Albazz

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KOD perhaps you should think about taking a rosto to train in skf if you have valuable gear on, after all alot of alts and beginers take mm and go look fo dbs in skf.




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KissOfDeath = Marcus, he got kicked from -EF- for scamming, if i remember correctly. There is also a few posts about him here on outlaws.


Bleh, ^v^ accepted him. Shame in a guild using the name of the honorable and mighty vikings with outlaws in it.


EDIT: Post #1500. :D

Edited by Lorck

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