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  1. Storage clearence

  2. harvesting hell

    Pyscho and I did saph for a while till we had to stop the buisness
  3. Happy Birthday Justen! AKA: DeKkE

    You can count me in. Plus it'll be a great wa to get ready for my B-day P.S. I am usually quite busy on wednesdays, I'll still try and make it though.
  4. Pyscho Rider Harvesting

    Darc0: you will have to wait on the sulfur till we finish all these other order. Desertus: I do not know because physcho is in charge of prices and stuff like that. And last no more multi-ore/mineral/flower orders. Pyscho is finishing up on his steel bars so im working alone for a few days here.
  5. Pyscho Rider Harvesting

    My friend Pyscho and I have decided to open a little harvest buisness to make some gc of course. All orders are to be a minimum of 1k and a maximum of 5k. Please allow time for your orders as we both do have a social life as well Also if you want your order made top priority you can pay a 25% increase. Minerals: all quartz(2 gc each) sulfur(2gc each) sapphires(2.5gc each) coal(2gc each) Ores: Gold(3gc each) Iron(3gc each) Silver(2gc each) Flowers: all(price depends on what type you need) We will take 0 orders at a time Completed Orders: 1. Seth~ 1k Sapphires, 2k sunflowers 2.Gronzni~5k 5k sapphire,bq,silver ore 3.Sithicus~5k sapphire,bq,blue lupine,blue star flower 4. sillyme~5k coal Sorry all we have to close down the Shop. We ran into a few RL conflicts so we decided it would be best just to close down the shop and do our own "thing".
  6. selling alot of stuff i dont need

    yes you are
  7. Yet another school shooting

    But im a pyscho but ya love meh right =D This is like my neighbors A bunch of ghetto people that do nothing but try and make my life miserable. The bastards will pull guns on you and shit and act all tough. When my dad pulls an assault rifle (god knows where he has this s.o.b. they run like pansy ass bitches. With out our own weapon where would we all be in these situations. Give every one the right to own a hand gun weapon yada yada yada and i have no doubt it will calm down.
  8. Thank you Thank you Thank you

    \o/ now i can potion with out having to make a bag of wine. I used to have to worry about getting knocked off by the wii and losing the wine but not anymore.
  9. selling alot of stuff i dont need

    Just trying to make a little extra gc, my in-game name is Rider_of_Rohan Selling: Flowers: 916 poppies(offer) 240 black roses(offer) 650 swamp candles(offer) 678 red roses(offer) 678 red snap dragons(offer) Ores: 330 gold ore(2.5 gc each) 156 iron ore(3gc each) Metals: 100 steel bars(45 gc each) Minerals: 200 coal(2 gc each) tools: 1 vial mold(4k) Armor: 4 leather torsos(offer) 1 leather pants(offer) 1 iron chain(offer) Potions: 60 srs(14 gc each) 7 true sight potions(offer) Animal: 4 white rabbit furs(offer) 58 red snake skins(offer) 191 deer antlers(offer) 17 snow lep furs(offer) 158 bones(.5 gc each) 31 rat tails(3 gc each) 9 brown snake skins(offer) 5 green snake skins(offer) 76 raw meat(5 gc each) 16 wolf fur(7 gc each) Misc: 10 leather(5 gc each) 55 bone powders(offer) Books: 1 sword const.(100 gc) 1 bear fighting(offer) 1 steel axe const(offer) 1 potion of summoning(offer) 1 puma fighting(offer) 1 feasting potion book(offer I know its low amount, but i use alot of it already. Leave a post here, pm me ingame, or leave a message on gossip. if you post here please leave you ingame name too P.S. Pleas only serious offers
  10. Artwork Updates

    Great dragons!!! awsome work Roja
  11. Staff of protection

    It just never seemed worth it to use it. When you are getting hit for 40s-60s damage restoreing 20 hps wont help all that much. Thats just my opinion. If it was more like 80k like SoM it would probably be used a little bit more.

    1k hes when you have time please ~Rider_of_Rohan
  13. albazz

    KOD perhaps you should think about taking a rosto to train in skf if you have valuable gear on, after all alot of alts and beginers take mm and go look fo dbs in skf. ~Rider_of_Rohan
  14. Zamora/Remedy char selling scam

    this acctually has a good chance of being Galbatrix who use to be Knight_of_Ice. He told my friend he had been impersonating DeKKe/zamora/zure. So im not sure if it is but im 99% sure, because zamora dosen't own Remedy. ~Rider_of_Rohan
  15. Sto clearing.

    ill buy all the M&P ans 300 merc pm me ingame (Rider_of_Rohan)