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  1. Magic Immune

    Before any change is made i would suggest to test it really good on test server, for example: Check how much fight 1on1 lasts yeti vs d-chim trainer ( or clops vs fluffy trainer, as long as the difference is big enough ;p) with current mag immune, then look how different it will look if spell( defensive in nature so always helps weaker player more) is changed for worse. There were many things implemented w/o checking how big they affect pking, dont make same mistakes like in the past plz. Also important is here psychological aspect, if a fighter knows after mag immune he will fail 50% of spells( restores) then he wont cast it coz he will not want to die coz of random event w/o doing any mistake( random event- ur restore failed). Then of coz he is very weak vs any harm/mana drain spells, which makes him lose mana fast and die easier. The stronger person will not restore anyways or restore not so often like the weaker opponent, so can afford to have 50% fails. We dont want to have even more diss+tele or tele onsight situations. mp
  2. training guide

    U still get awesome exp even if u r around 70/85 tsed( so around 55/70). Always remember little less exp means more drops so stay on ogres till 85 coz cycs r not easy even then, u need as much p/c and def as only possible in which def 85 helps a lot
  3. Mines, and a new perk

    Just found a way to not lose stuff even if some1 placed many mines at the entrance from underworld- u ask a trusted person to do #suicide naked and trade her/him all ur expensive stuff, of coz the person doesnt have mine-perk. Then u can die even 20 times and u lose only some time but not ur stuff mp
  4. Timed Hydro

    Peace and no drop days mean hydro runs r safe, so timed hydro looks like quite decend idea. On the other hand i also somehow think that pkers dont go there coz it takes too much time to reach it, was there many times myself mainly helping friends with hauling s2e+some bodyguarding job but never was attacked by any1 nor were my friends when i was escorting them which proves this map quite dead. If i saw any1 there then it was 1-2 ppl who were training in the double fluffy cave, no hydro minners at all mp
  5. training guide

    I did that on pk server to exeprience everything myself so every1 who follows me knows that works coz i acutally lvled that way. I saw ppl having for example p36c48 and 80 def and they couldnt train fluff or even clops easly with col( unless in tit/steel sets but we didnt had it on pk server, or at least not enough to wear them on training Wont gonna lie - those 3 def lvls on clops( 85-88) will be hardest/most annoying to get and u might die once or twice coz of lag( failed restores r not a problem coz u simply drink a br or/and click a diss ring;p). U dont wear anything expensive so its not a biggie if u lose armors worth 2-3k gc, u will lose way more coz of break rates anyways And yes, pvp (especially def pvp;p) is always best way but not every1 got acces to safe guild maps or got rite pvp partners with similar p/c ( u can adjust ur a/d by using ts pots easly so a/d isnt big problem ) and playing times or simply dont like to pvp. Once again ty all for all comments mp
  6. Mines, and a new perk

    And WTF is ur problem, pal ? I post if i want and i play if i want, u dont like it dont read it, i played after caps too so i know what im talking about. And one more thing- maybe show how big ur mouth is to ur enemies, to ppl who did some shit to u, not to me, k? mp
  7. Mines, and a new perk

    After 48cap neg perks r not so overpowered like they were before, before 10 pps from hellspawn meant +10coord(so much stronger in pk and against monsters + additional 100 emu), now it only means +10 will or vit, which isnt that much And as always, some neg perks might be good for specific player while some other perks r really pain in the ass for this particular player, but "free" pickpoints for person who has a different playing style. mp
  8. Mines, and a new perk

    Very nice idea. Im sure players who could/want to take it will be mostly fighters/pkers or ppl who plan to reset and desperatly need pickpoints ;P , the more pickpoints the perk will give the more players will take it, obviously. Too risky for mixers/harvesters imho, so they will be afraid to take it even for 20 pps ( its an agreedment to be semi-pkable all the time even on non-pk maps, kinda bad for mixers who r not used to paying attention to the game all the time and like to afk I really have no idea if i take it or not, 10 "free" pps would be so tempting but still 10 more will or vitality wouldnt help me that much in pk anyways ;P Probably would w8 and see how often ppl die to that perk, then decide mp
  9. Invasion tokens and their use

    Yup, i think exactly same( just not calling ppl noobs, rather lowbies or newbies since n00b is a person not a game character , like when i was training fluff/feros for a long time, i knew radu wont screw up exp for ppl on them and i was rite, he just changed high lvl mobs ( yetis, achims giants, drags ;P). If something affects only top50 players it can be changed for worse easly, but fluffy/feros exp affected many lowbies too so i fellt kinda safe and took my time on them I learnt my lesson from dcw training, once they got implemented 1st time they had shorter respawn time and less atributes, not to mention they dropped efe's like crazeh, then they were changed for worse quickly, at least 3 times, much later their health got increased but it was like dunno, 1,5h year after orso And yup, i also like the idea with tokens( more motivation to participate in invasions, even if some1 dont want to use tokens he can always sell them ) mp
  10. phantom warriors

    Just remembered something so posting it since it could help maybe. Once i had that big p158c24 build i did couple tests fights with my friend who was around p40c125. Results were very surprising: He was almost never hitting me with cutlass or js, but he was hitting me all the time with thermal serp( thx to additional fire and ice dmg which my toughness didnt protect me from . I think fight vs phantom warrior might be the same, when u use some magic sword their armor doesnt work, so vytukas's way would work best mp
  11. PK server List of Criminals

    There wont be new players there if its not free( trial period for a week or something like that or 1st account free) and u got no choice between servers at log in screen Was suggested 1k times already, we began to suggest it when there was still often 40-50 accounts online, since we saw ppl leaving coz of too small player base. Till those 2 changes get implemented those 4 "kings" can even ask(force) pk server players( all other 6 of them ) to lick their feet and no1 will care mp
  12. Ts to -15 ?

    Yeah, forest chim is quite bad for training now after 48cap, i think even mc isnt that bad( at least gives more exp per hit/block and got less armor
  13. Ts to -15 ?

    Didnt u guys just receive a small cave in non-pk area with 4 feroses in it? Isnt it 350k/h oa exp even if u r 48p/c and 130+ a/d ? ( tsed only 115a/d ;p ) Isnt it cheap + easy+crazy fast ?( compared for example to times where smooms, don and baddude were training on mc's and got under 200k oa xp/h being only around 120a/d Just some questions to make sure mp
  14. Ts to -15 ?

    I wouldnt mind a poll, just to see what ppl think in that matter, 100a/d cap or same like it is now, of course last word as always belongs to the devs Even if it means only 200-400 votes it would give some impression of what players prefer About highest a/d- its under160, and oa is 159-163 depending if Toomy trained hard last couple months or not very ;P If cap at 160 a/d then it should be reachable in 3 months of hardcore training( so like 100a/d now ;p), just my opinion
  15. Ts to -15 ?

    Same, like 120 max, or even 100