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The Update

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If everything goes well, it should happen today (Monday), in the afternoon, probably 5 PM GMT-5

Here is what's new.


a. Some client improvements and bug fixes (too many to count), but nothing really ground breaking.

b. 5 new spells. Invisibility, True Sight, Cold/Heat/Radiation protection.

c. 4 new maps, for the second continent.

d. 3 new monsters, and a special monster (will come as a surprise).

e. 2 new metals, and a lot of new armor and swords.

f. And a lot of new plants to harvest. Most of them fill the harvesting gaps between level 22 up to 45 or so. For the time being, no knowledge is required for them. This might change in the future, but it's not certain.

g. A lot of new manufacturing formulas for the weapons and armor, as well as the smelting of those two new metals. The formulas will be released during some contests, after the update. Until then, you can buy the new weapons and armor from our friendly NPCs.

h. Some improvements to the autoupdate system, now we should be able to add new monsters with it, although it wasn't really tested a lot. It is also able to discriminate between versions, so it won't overwrite the most up to date files presented in the download.

i. Dark elves added as a new free race skin color choice under elves.


All in all, I think this is the most important update in the history of EL. Why? Because the economy will be forever changed with the addiiton of those two new metals, and the weapons and armors.

As you might know, one of the resources, the hydrogenium, is placed in a very hostile enviroment. Cold and radiation, past a PK map with extreme heat damage. The new spells will be pretty useful.


The other metal, the wolfram, is placed in not so hostile places, and it's realtively easy to harvest. The surprise will come when you will have to make the bars ^.^


The combat will also be forever changed, with the invisibility spell. A lot of strategy is possible.


Now, as with any update, there might be some bugs. The minor bugs will be fixed with time, but if there is a really big, bad bug, we might need to have a rollback. We really hope and believe this won't be necesary, but please be advised that the first week after the update is a critical period, and a rollback might be possible. So if that happens, don't complain, ok?


One more thing, some of the new items and formulas might need some adjustments, either positive or negative. Again, those adjustments will most likely happen in the first week after the update. So please do not complain about that either.


All this being said, we hope you will enjoy the new changes and additions, and I wish I could say I enjoyed creating it as much as you enjoyed playing the game.

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Please give a big thankyou to the following volunteers who helped make this update happen!







Session statistics tab




Enable URL's in the Encyc, Allow clickable links in Encyc to open browser page



Improved Opening Rules Screen




Option for manu, inv and storage windows above console




Dynamic Scrollbars in XML Windows, Making in-game documentation more user-friendly.



Improved Chat Channel Tabs, with a History button(in replace of the console button at the bottom), and also a Channels List drop down tab.




Action Counters



Side Stats Bars



Home/End/Cursor navigation for chat input

if the mouse is over the input area, left/right/up/down/home/end are used to move in the text area. clicking the mouse will move the cursor to that location (the change in mouse cursor indicates that). ctrl+up/down will cycle through all previous messages sent. ctrl+space to auto-complete a command/nickname has been extended to channel names ( "@@ne" + Ctrl+space = "@@Newbie "). and `#find text` to search up in console for the next message to match.




Quick Auto-Update Toggle



Music on/off and sound control fixes

#current_song Lists the song currently playing, and composer



Toggable Option to have windows on top of console



24bit BMP maps



Improved monster support



Widescreen support



OSX(macintosh) EL client



Various spelling error fixes







Map Makers:



by Sistema


Aeth Aelfan

by Lotharion



by Petersohn & Moonshadow


by cho yun


Extra map help





Encyclopedia work:







**If we have left anyone out it is not intentional. Please send me a pm of what you have done and I will add you to the list! :(

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