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Bot In Game Rules

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**All In game rules NOT listed or changed here STILL apply for bots!**


Eternal Land's Bot Rules


1. All bots must be declared & paid for. If they are not, they will be banned.

2. Bots that only talk are OK, as long as they don't spam local chat or a main channel,

and they are not breaking any of the game rules.

3. The only bots that are allowed to buy and sell now are paid bots.

4. Trade bots cannot be in range of any storage, or in high traffic areas (docks, etc.)

5. Bots that serve their master in a way such as muling are illegal (see the rules for multiplaying).

6. Bots cannot be stationed in range of harvestable items. They must be far enough way so that they

cannot harvest from where they are standing.

7. No bots are allowed on Isla Prima or VotD unless agreed upon by us.

8. Bots can not make items or level up* in any skills using any automated program(s), or manually.

If the Player wants to level the bot manually, this has to be done BEFORE the character becomes

a bot and is declared to be one, NOT use any automating programs which would go against the main game rules.  If a bot is in a map where there are monsters who will attack it, the bot needs to have the MM perk or cape.

9. Commerce bots have to be stationary, with a few exceptions (such as going to the storage every once in a while, or some bots going to resupply, if an exception is made in their case).

10. Bots that are allowed to speak in official channels are only allowed one message no more frequently than once every 15 minutes. That means the entire message MUST fit in one posting only.

11. If you wish to add any new features AFTER your bot was an initially approved, those features must be approved by Entropy FIRST.

12. No horses or any other mounts are allowed for bots!

13. Bots must be at least 30 steps away from the storage NPC, or 30 steps away from the door to the storage NPC.


Some bot exceptions:

*Exceptions to the rule of no leveling up in any skill MIGHT be possible but only after having Entropy

know about it and agreed upon. You must discuss these issues with him and give all details as to why

your bot should be allowed to level up.

**These rules can be added to or revised at any given time.

Entropy said:
Adarah is allowed 3 trips/week to restock with wine.

Nera is allowed 3 trips/week to restock with thread and leather.

Those are EXCEPTIONS from the rule, because their owners contributed to the game.

All paid bots are allowed to go to the storage 2 times/week.






How much does having a bot cost?

There are 3 different types of bot costs:


1.A normal character bot: $20 per year.

2.A blessed character bot: $100 for the first year, then $20 for each year thereafter.

(A blessed bot is given 500 coordination and 500 physique.)

3.A bot that supports and benefits the whole community can be free, if approved by us. This is determined on a case by case basis.




How do I declare & pay for a bot?


To pay: Visit the Shop Page of our website, scroll all the way down and read about payment information. You can use paypal or send a check or money order in the mail.


To declare: When you send in your payment, you must also write a message with the following info:

1. your in game name

2. your bot's in game name

3. what your bot will be used for

4. the location of the bot. Exact x,y coordinates and the map name must be given!

Paypal has a place that you can do this by default that will send an email.


*You also may send an email to Entropy at: chaos_rift AT yahoo DOT com OR a forum pm to Entropy if you want to see if your bot will be approved before paying.

**After your bot is declared and approved, your bot will be tagged as such in the game. All bots that are not tagged are considered illegal, as they are undeclared or unapproved. They will be banned!

***Also note Rule #11. If you wish to add any new features AFTER your bot was an initially approved, those features must be approved by Entropy FIRST.





How do i get a bot?

There are 2 ways:


1. You have to make it. Yourself. By Programming it!

There is no buttons to click and no form to fill out, no readily made construction set.

You can use the testserver on port 2001 to develop your bot and you have to get your bot approved before you connect with it to the main server.


2. Find someone to make it for you. Learner offers this service for a price. Go here to read more:

Learner's Bot Services




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