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Found 2 results

  1. Hi! We are searching for a wtf instance tank, who would come with a lower level team. Contact me here on the forum, or in the game.
  2. Just sharing my experience for the last couple of months making WTF instances: I had invested tons of gc to be able to perform an WTF Insta, to get full mule level, to get full AP, to get to range 50+ and some other gc on gear and perks. Time to get gc back right? Well, not anymore i'd say, the time where you got easily rich with WTF Insta is gone) In the last 2 monts i went to a total of 5 WTF instances. I got 1st wave as IceD 2 times and Naspa 3 times (statistics says its ok). 2nd wave always 2 Bula (i belive its always like this so no prob on that) I got on 3rd wave only 1 MB all the times (statistics say it not ok, should have at least 2MB 1 or 2 times). 4rt wave naspas (OK) 5th wave - Casty NEVER DROPPED a nexus removal (best drop was 1 RT day stone). In average, the share in gc for each member was something around 130-150k After that, im pretty confident to say, rather, or im smegging unlucky, or WTF drops are not the as it used to be. Regards From what i have heard from ppl that used to go on those instances, they had got nexus removals in a regular basis (like 3 times in 4-5 instances)