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  1. Do old characters get deleted?

    For how long? I've been trying to log-in with all the password I can think of and i can't. The last time I played was in December of 2009. Try to create a new character with same name, if it alows you to create it, it means the original char does not exists anymore
  2. Eternal Lands Android client (new version)

    I tryed it on my phone (LG optimus hub) but didnt work out. apparently i could log in (so sayd the guys that have me on buddy list) but i only got black screen and it crashed after a few minutes. Is there anything that could be tryed out? Is there anoperational android versions? anything i could try?
  3. Invance Helping and Gear Poll

    I think you live in the strawberry world
  4. Invance Helping and Gear Poll

    I voted Yes both. Im in 120+ range Yes its ok for doing nothing while ppl are still killing stuff. When there are only dragons left, i dont see any point in make ppl need to help. I had experienced a lot of ppl death wile they try to engage the icies at the end of instances and then we need to wait those guys to come back. Summoning stuff will only make ppl die at those mobs because the ice will turn to weak ppl if someone that is tanking. Rangers always help if they have arrows left, if not going to restock at instance final mobs will only make us wait them to come back. Remote healing is realy unecessary, there are always people strong enought to kill thos icies alone. So yes, its ok to do nothing when there are only hard stuff left. Altough ppl still can help on scouting/locating them, but walking around imo is consider do nothing Regarding gear, i realy dont care about wich armor they are using, since its for their own protection and if he dies its not my problem, but the weapon/arrow should have requirements yes, cause we need to kill the mobs
  5. Surviving invances

    Tip 1# Avoid lag and resinc and you will be fine thats a tricky one, but i only died when i was lagged or on resinc Tip 2# dont try to be a hero, only go for stuff you are sure you wont die for. Tip 3# if minimap is showing too many red dots, maybe its time for you to go to another direction, or wait more ppl to join that place.
  6. Just sharing my experience for the last couple of months making WTF instances: I had invested tons of gc to be able to perform an WTF Insta, to get full mule level, to get full AP, to get to range 50+ and some other gc on gear and perks. Time to get gc back right? Well, not anymore i'd say, the time where you got easily rich with WTF Insta is gone) In the last 2 monts i went to a total of 5 WTF instances. I got 1st wave as IceD 2 times and Naspa 3 times (statistics says its ok). 2nd wave always 2 Bula (i belive its always like this so no prob on that) I got on 3rd wave only 1 MB all the times (statistics say it not ok, should have at least 2MB 1 or 2 times). 4rt wave naspas (OK) 5th wave - Casty NEVER DROPPED a nexus removal (best drop was 1 RT day stone). In average, the share in gc for each member was something around 130-150k After that, im pretty confident to say, rather, or im smegging unlucky, or WTF drops are not the as it used to be. Regards From what i have heard from ppl that used to go on those instances, they had got nexus removals in a regular basis (like 3 times in 4-5 instances)
  7. Agree! The community cant pay for individuals errors! *typo edit
  8. android client?

    Even beeing a nice console idea and philosophy My initial sugestion was meant to enable EL playing on mobile devices such as Tablets or smart phones, to get stuck in front of a console i already have my home PC. Also, i dont think joystick based consoles will not be able to address all EL features. that will be more likely enabled trought touchscreen devices (in substitution to a mouse) and virtualized keyboard for chatting and quick commands.
  9. Seriously doubt that the hydro price would drop anything... the greed always increase and the prices never go down
  10. anyone thinking on having and android client for tablests and stuff?
  11. thank you EL

    Holy crap.... 2 years alredy. Damm im getting old. Nice post uve made along your EL experience. Keep enjoying the game and havinf fun. Regards
  12. Problems connecting

    Thats not really an error message, that means, that the client tries to connect to the main server, the server, where you want to play. Have you changed anything at your firewall, anti-virus software, router and such things? Anything, which would block port 2000 and/or would limit your connections to only a few servers/ip adresses? Or have you moved to a place, where they dont allow you to connect to the EL server, because it's a game? Piper Im in a hotel for next 2 weeks, but no proxy needed to set up. (autodetect in windows LAN settings) But if it was a LAN restriction i wouldnt be able to ping it, right?
  13. Problems connecting

    Im experiencing a problem when i try to conect I get the trying to connect message during startup, but it dont connect, neither get the connection failure message. This what shows in the log. main_528.log [21:35:45, engine/logging.cpp:310] Log started at: 03/05/12 21:35:45 E. South America Standard Time [21:35:45, engine/logging.cpp:313] version: 1.9.3 [21:35:45, servers.c:62] Error: Server profile not found in servers.lst for server: Lands\el.exe". Failover to server: main. ------------------------------- also tryed a cmd ping on server ping game.eternal-lands.com Pinging game.eternal-lands.com [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=817ms TTL=45 Reply from bytes=32 time=790ms TTL=45 Reply from bytes=32 time=572ms TTL=45 Reply from bytes=32 time=609ms TTL=45 Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss), Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 572ms, Maximum = 817ms, Average = 697ms --------------------- Hope someone can help me out. Thanks
  14. PK daily quest

    Indeed, i dont see a real problem with that since its a pk map and its meant to playears kill each other. But if its a real problem to be adressed, the time on the map should solve (if can be implemented) Yes i agree, already stated on CONs, altough, it makes sense under a role play perspective, not mandatory in my whole idea tough.