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Found 3 results

  1. Library Day

    Sitting in the DP area being bored enough to even read ch 6 I came up with the following idea for a new special #day: Library day: You have 3x Fast Reading everywhere, 5x in FRR that are normally 3x and 6x in FRR that are normally 5x. Now you can listen to your books on tape while fighting and learn a new skill at the same time.
  2. Hi, I just came up with an idea which could make PK more interesting again. Having lots of special days by now, my suggestion would be to remove all those 2X exp days and day stones. Instead of those days, for each day there exist artifacts (1 artifact per day). Given some C1 pk map, so either KF or TD, there would be one shrine. "Using with" the artifact on that shrine triggers the effect of that special day. Conditions of artifacts: Artifacts have special spawns (in bags) on that map. All artifacts remain inside that pk map! If one has an artifact in his inventory and dies, the artifact gets dropped into bag, even with rosto. If someones leaves the map at flag, ttp, rings or any other way the artifact remains in a bag at the point where the player left the map. Effect of artifacts: Instead of giving 6 hours of 2x exp. Each artifact only works for 1 hour and then poofs just to respawn on the previous mentioned spawns in a new bag. Depending on what artifact it is, this skill gets 2x exp during that hour, while all other skills get only 1/2 the exp. (This ensures some competition about different interests ppl have -> PK). Even more PK: To enforce more team work, some ppl need to guard the shrine in order to ensure the full hour, because as soon as another artifact is "used with" on the shrine, the old one poofs (as described above) and the hour for the new one starts till it ends, or gets replaced. Of course we still have normal special days (Day of Lenny, Green Day, Non drop day, half cooldowns, etc. ...) , which means the shrine only works on ordinary days! In order to know the current status there should be a command (#shrine) to see what current effect there is and how many minutes more it lasts till its over. So ... I hope I didn't forget to write down anything and as always I'm happy to hear about your opinions, ideas, suggestions and alternations. Kind regards
  3. Day of Aggression

    All mobs are aggressive, ignore MM/def level, and possibly all maps are multicombat. Would be very fun, although I thought it would be OP and a bit abusable, Fancy pointed out it wouldn't be very OP because all spawns would be super crowded. It certainly spawned an interesting discussion in @@6, many people seemed positive about it, and few negative. Several even said they thought it was a pr0 idea and agreed with me that it would be very enjoyable. it would have to be about as common as random magic day. So what do you think? LazerKitteh