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  1. Magic cube

    +1 this idea, perhaps mixing 50 changes them into a different one with a moderate chance of random enriched one.
  2. Day of Aggression

    All mobs are aggressive, ignore MM/def level, and possibly all maps are multicombat. Would be very fun, although I thought it would be OP and a bit abusable, Fancy pointed out it wouldn't be very OP because all spawns would be super crowded. It certainly spawned an interesting discussion in @@6, many people seemed positive about it, and few negative. Several even said they thought it was a pr0 idea and agreed with me that it would be very enjoyable. it would have to be about as common as random magic day. So what do you think? LazerKitteh
  3. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I'd like to buy 50k silver in whatever is the most efficient set of batches. Biff
  4. Buying instinct removal stones

    Hello, Please PM me in game or post here if you have instinct removal stones to sell. I need 6 to 12 of them. Biff
  5. Selling alot of my storage

    PM me ingame/forum or post here, ingame name: BiffBafflemore Armor: 3 Leather Pants 6 Augmented Leather Armor 5 Enhanced Wooden Shield 2 Leather Boots 1 Padded Leather Armor 3 Leather Helm 2 Augmented Leather Pants 10 Leather Gloves 1 Bronze Shield 1 Bronze Cuisses 1 Damaged Bronze Greave 1 Bronze Plate Mail Magic: 1 Rostogol Stone 5 Unicorn Medallion 2 Sun Medallion 3 Stars Medallion 7 Moon Medallion 14 Ring of Glacmor 4 Ring of Morcraven Marsh 17 Ring of Power 1 Ring of Disengagement 1 Gatherer Medallion Potions: 471 Potion of Spirit Restoration 20 Poison Antidote 17 Potion of Speed Hax 1006 Potion of Feasting 354 Potion of Mana 162 Potion of Wildness 3 Potion of Extra Mana Animal: 12 Puma Fur 284 Fox Fur 13 Deer Antlers 1 Polar Bear Fur 155 Skunk fur 1244 Raw Meat 64 Red Snake Skin 144 Green Snake Skin 154 Wolf Fur 7 White rabbit fur 31 Rat tail 20 Bear Fur 82 Racoon fur 96 Deer Fur 210 Brown rabbit fur 5 Small Dragon Scale 53 Brown Snake Skin 18 Falcon Feather 5 Phoenix Feather 1 Beaver fur 1 White Tiger fur 1 Hawk Feather 6 Phantom Warrior Summoning Stone Clothes: 3 Leather Pants 1 Skunk hat 6 Augmented Leather Armor 1 Black Tunic Green Shirt 2 Racoon hat 2 Fox Scarf 1 Light Blue Robe 2 Leather Boots 1 Padded Leather Armor 2 Augmented Leather Pants 1 Fur Cloak 1 Excavator Cape 1 Black Baggy Pants 1 Black Tunic 1 Black Wizard Hat Books: 1 Book of Iron Axe Construction 1 Titanium Chainmail Torso Construction 1 Book of Titanium Smelting 1 Titanium Short Construction 1 Book of Steel Axe Construction 1 Book of Potion of Manufacturing Weapons: 2 Wood Branches 2 Frying Pan 11 Iron Sword 1 Steel Long Sword 1 Steel Two Edged Sword 3 Iron Battle Hammer 8 Wooden Staff 10 Pking arrows 1 Steel Axe 1 Used Orc Slayer 10 Training arrows 4 Wooden Battle Hammer 1 Staff of Protection 1 Radioactive Rapier <- Held for skepta 954 Crossbow training bolts 1 Crossbow Sale closed! Ty all for buying!
  6. 40-60 invance team

    Due to the difficulty in getting enough people for the 40-60 invance, I thought I'd post here so we could organize it in advance so alot of us can be on. Next monday, apr 2 at about 5pm eastern us time should be good for me. Planning it in advance should help us get more people, remember we need about 10 to 15. I'd like aislinn or radu or whoever else can start one to clear us to plan for whatever time we decide on. Again, this is the 40-60 a/d invance. Have fun, Biff EDIT: Post here to confirm or say a better time for you. I can do other days/times too.
  7. Special Combat Map

    True lol... ok remove the exp bonus. I'd like it to stay risk free because the point is you go till you die. (:
  8. Here's my idea: Entering works just like an instance, with the channel and everything, but no level caps. (high or low) Only 10 players max can join at the same time though, and it is possible to go in with just 1 player. All players spawn in the middle of a medium size, roughly circular map. Some epic battle music begins. Starting with very low level enemies (such as bunnies), monsters begin spawning and slowly work their way upward in difficulty. Drops are normal, but with chances to drop rare items/coins or whatever (just like in an invance). The mobs would spawn in waves, such as Wave 1: Bunnies, rats, beavers Wave 2: imps, foxes, wolves Wave 3: Goblins, Skeletons, small gargs Each wave would be timed, based on difficulty. Eventually you would get up to extremely hard mobs. Rewards: When a player dies, he is taken to IP and granted a prize related to the number of waves he survived. For each wave survived at the end of each wave, all the remaining players get exp based both on the number of waves survived and the number of players left. (more players left, more exp. encourages working together) possible equation: (waves survived + players left) * 3 If a player does not fight in 2 waves in a row, they are kicked out without the final payout. To prevent this from happening by accident, all mobs are hostile and there are more mobs per more players. (not hard to code) All players would be granted a rosto on entering and have it taken away at the end. Concept is to make it fun, not hard, even for a total noob. I think this would be awesome. What do you think? Biff
  9. Hey, So I DLed the source, and got to work. (sorry in a hurry so being concise) I created a folder: c:\include I moved there the .h and dll files for: SDL, SDL_Image, SDL_net, libxml, zlib, openal (I think thats all of them) Told VS to look there for headers. Compile no longer complains about missing .h files! Edit: added #define ELC in global.h and it gets further... Now I get this: In short, the compiler complains about undefined types and values, which I can clearly see in the reletive .h file. Any help? Biff P.S. if you get a 403forbiden on the image just highlight the address and hit enter.
  10. Mixing Service

    This is actually my fault. I've been looking for "kkrick" not "krrick". Verysorry about that! I am on most of the day each day (eastern US time) for this whole week. if I'm afk just PM me, I check about every 10 minutes usually. Brian edit: Delivered to Eru
  11. Mixing Service

    I've replied to your Mercator PM's each time. I was away for about 2 weeks after you gave me the items and finished them in 1 day after return. Working on the last 3k FE in my sto now, then you can have them. Its fine to ask here, that's what this thread is for. Sorry about the miscomunication. For everyone who might wonder, I was away for a while because of serious personal issues. Sorry for the inconvenience and I hope for your continued business. Brian
  12. EL bots and Visual basic

    it's all on the page revi gave you: Message Format there is even an example for sit down and send pm ---edited out--- P.S. successfully stood up! Going to figure out wth is wrong with my PM code now... still a bit confused about the lenght tag on that.
  13. EL bots and Visual basic

    Also you reference LSB and MSB, is this really important? I do alot of client/server stuff while programming but not quite that deep. Can I just convert a int16 datatype into a byte array using a bitconverter class? << is an edit, btw So... the length should be 4? does the total length include the two bytes of length info and the command byte? So the length value would be the length of the message data + 3? I'll post my code on sunday. Brian
  14. EL bots and Visual basic

    ^^ the above code isn't relevent I've modified it too far... I'm now writing to the main stream of the TPC connecting using a binary writer and reading from the same stream using a binary reader. I'm hand coding the various interactions based on the protocol documentary wiki. How would I determine if I'm writing too fast? I'm simply saying: bOUT.write(mybytes) bOUT.flush() where mybytes is a byte array created to the proper format for the message I'm trying to send and bOUT is a binary reader created on the tcpconnection's stream property. Brian P.S. with the help of Puntif i've essentially ruled out the possibility I'm sending an improper message. I've also send a sit down message. {[sit_down][3][0]} to stand up and the bot disses the same way.
  15. EL bots and Visual basic

    I've successfully now sent a PM. The error was that instead of sending the length as a short, it was sending it as a string literal encoded into bytes. New issue is that after a PM is sent the bot instantly disconnects from the server. Any idea why? Brian