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  1. Selling 10k Spirit Restoration potions

    Ok will contact you in game
  2. Selling 5k Health Essences

    Thanks . I will see you in game
  3. Selling 5k Health Essences

    Sold to teehee (^_^)
  4. Auction on Health Essences

    Action closed.
  5. RakeshT

    Thank you so much
  6. RakeshT

    I mailed you the photo you asked. Can u pls unblock our accounts now?
  7. RakeshT

    your email id please? The char rakesht is mine i been using it for 5 years. It had good stuffs in it. And wen my gf came to play i gave her CoL. And she got some things from other players in game. And didnt know that was against the rule. Any if a picture of us together solve the problem then its alright. But what your email id.
  8. RakeshT

    I am using pc from my home and she is using pc from her home and still u need proof? And if its the only way to prove whats your email id? If u have the logs of we playing then u can see only one or two days she used her character from my home and all the other days she was using it from her pc. And you can easily understand that.
  9. RakeshT

    I just gave her the CoL to show it works and she agreed to pay me back today or tommorow by making HE.If she no longer uses her char from my home and she always only use her computer from her home then it is not a problem right? We agree that such a thing will not happen.Just wanted her to like the game enough to play it because she liked this kind of games. Can you so activate our accounts back?
  10. RakeshT

    My account got banned today. think the possible reason is using multiple accounts from my pc.Its because my girl friends logged into her account from my pc. I used to l pay the game four year ago and when she wanted to play an online mmorpg i suggested her this game because she like this kind of games.I started playing the game with her because its her firs time on an mmorpg and she needed help. I used the in game character Rakesht and she uses shiningrosh. Sometimes wen she was in my home used to log into her account to take every hour harvest exp. Since she was having trouble in the beginning i created a new character "rake" to help her start as my character already was at over all 60 and i didn't know most of her doubts. But only played that char for like 2 days after that i was only using my old account rakesht. I gave her my crown of life which most of them asked her how she was able to have one at that low lvl.And since both of us where mostly using alchemy we used to trade ores and other stuffs.I am giving all these details because i was told that i have to tell all that happened here in order to get both of our account back.Hope you can give our accounts back as soon as possible. If you check the ip address from which she often log in from is her and she rarely used my pc to log in. Her house is near to mine.She was beginning to like the game and then this happened so please activate both rakesht and shiningrosh accounts.I am ready to give any information required.