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Found 3 results

  1. a newby's 'wish' list

    List of the Direct Influences of Attributes on Ranging Efficiency (Damage and Accuracy) +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Might - none | | Matter - none | | Toughness - none | | Charm - none | | Reaction - none | | Perception - influences/determines the ranged Accuracy in low light | | conditions | | Rationality - indirectly contributes to the ranged Accuracy and | | Damage by helping increase the Ranged skill a little | | faster; also contribues by helping increae your | | Overall level faster which means having access to new | | Pick Points, to increase Perception (and other Cross- | | Attributes possibly related to ranged efficiency...), | | faster | | Dexterity - ? | | Ethereality - none | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- temporary conclusions list above original first post below --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Greetings experienced Rangers! I hope, based on your contributions, to have here put together a concise, definite and clear list of the direct influences of attributes on Ranging efficiency. I think it would be in the interest of all new players that choose Ranging over hand-to-hand Combat as a means to fight monsters; alone or in a party. While advice is often available on chat channels and the current topic has been addressed in other posts on this forum, the newby can say at most that his or her choice is based on the opinion of this or that player or on similarities between the opinions of a few players. Please join and arrive at a conclusion! More than helping beginners like me, it could perhaps constitute an update to the in-game help, the attributes definitions of which seem to predate the implementation of the Ranging skill. As you know, the demands of advancing in Ranging are rather high and they come down to a great expense of time. The perspective of developing a number of alts just to see the effects of 20 or more points in one attribute, and I have mainly Might, Perception and Dexterity in mind, takes on preposterous dimensions; further increased by the necessity of testing the effect of the Fatal Man and Body Piercing perks. The tests I could run with only 14 Pick Points (9 to start with + 5 from harvesting), for Fatal Man, Might and Dexterity effects, were inconclussive. Please use abbreviations only accompanied by full descriptions of the game elements that you are reffering to, at least at first use! As a newby, I found it difficult to figure out what you were talking about in the forum, occasionally. Below the following table, that would contain your results, I describe my views on the current topic, at the time of writting this post. They may help other newbys relate to it. I also hope to get their support for achieving the goal of this post. Please join me in asking the experienced players for help! List of the Direct Influences of Attributes on Ranging Efficiency +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Might - | | Matter - | | Toughness - | | Charm - | | Reaction - | | Perception - | | Rationality - | | Dexterity - | | Ethereality - | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ ... My thoughts on the influences of attributes on Ranging efficiency, at the time of writting this post: 1. I think only ranged Damage and ranged Chance-to-Hit could be relevant descriptors of Ranging efficiency; the Wilhelm Hood perk increases both of them. 2. The in-game help/encyclopedia sais that "Ranging is used to calculate your chance of hitting your opponent with arrows and bolts". Therefore it is similar to the Attack skill, not having anything to do with (ranged) Damage. 3. I wonder if Might could influence ranged Damage... I imagine that more strength would mean making more out of a bow, but the power of hitting would still be limited by the bow's capacity to project the arrow. Games like WoW use attributes as requirements for weapons that inflict damage and higher attributes allow the use of more damaging weapons. In EL, beyond the Elven Bow (with no prerequisites), the in-game help/encyclopedia lists nothing. Would my character's ranged damage be limited to the damage of the Elven Bow until the end of the game? 4. Dexterity may determine Attack, thus the chance to hit in hand-to-hand Combat, but could it also affect the ranged Chance-to-Hit? Does the Fatal Man perk help with Ranging? 5. There are hints on the developer's blog and on CEL, except the repeated recommendations on this forum, that Perception influences the ranged Chance-to-Hit; that making you "see better in low light conditions" implies a greater ranged Chance-to-Hit. Is this always true, or only in low light conditions as during the night or inside a cave? The Sharp Shooter perk, which increases Perception, seems, by name, dedicated to rangers... 6. (possibly not attributes-related:) Is Armor Piercing relevant to Ranging efficiency? Does the Body Piercing perk help with Ranging? I imagine that Armor Piercing should be independent of the means of hitting the opponent, from close or long range, and could increase the Chance-to-Hit. Is Armor Piercing equivalent to Dexterity or Perception? 7. My main character currently has the Elven Bow, the Wilhelm Hood, Ethereal Ranger and Sharp Shooter perks on, No Point in Basic Attributes and his Ranging is at 18 (from experience prior to a reset, in case you're wondering); he is using Training Arrows. One shot almost kills a Fox, while at least 3 shots are necessary to take down a Deer. Thank you for your interest in this post and I hope that you would consider adding something from your knowledge!
  2. Create a creature with 2500 hp, 10 attack, 170 defense, no drops, give it some armor and maybe a few point defense. Have it roam C1 like Lenny and require killing it for a daily ranging xp reward. There are two ways I see this happening. Maybe both can be implemented and require a visit to a NPC to see which monster you are required to kill. 1) Monster is aggressive and has a very high ignore level this way it can be pinned. Limit the maps it can occupy to those with Fluffys or higher. 2) Monster is non-agressive but can wander all maps. Probably would require a tank to help kill it, but with 10 attack almost anyone could tank. Part of the challenge would be hunting and finding it. I'm sure there are a million flaws with the idea, but thought I'd put it out there. Flame on.
  3. Texture/Graphics Bugs on Horses

    While I was messing around with being on a horse, and armors/clothings, I encountered some texture and graphics bugs where it was showing me wearing multiple armors at once, or one armor having the texture of another. Here are three examples: Look at what it shows my character having on, compared to what I have equiped. http://imageshack.us...eirdtexture.png Shows a BD helm with NV coloring. http://img43.imagesh...irdtexture2.png Shows BD Helm and Black Cavalier Peacock Hat being worn at same time, with BD Helm textures. http://img833.images...irdtexture3.png Shows RD Helm and RD Plate with BD armor textures. Note: My capes do not always match my equipment slots either. The bug is fairly easy to replicate, and quite strange since my #arm is as it should be equipment slots, but I am not sure if that is always the case, but I can be wearing multiple Helmets at once for example. I can explain the process to replicate in PM, as I am not sure if there are other issues with it I am not aware of other than the obvious incorrect texture/graphic.