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  1. Mercators El Time Widget (for Android)

    Thank you. Any plans to put the update on the play store like previous versions?
  2. Server Crash?

    Yep crashed for me, can't log in.
  3. Bug in Collateral Damage Perk

    How much damage did you receive if you remember? Maybe the damage doesn't stay the original type. If the initial event was radiation dmg I wonder if it was converted to standard damage and wearing something with a higher armor value would have reduced it.
  4. I was referring to replace the new item with tit serp, not replacing tit chains. The new item is roughly twice the cost of the previous most expensive item (over 30K gc at time of post) I don't think the ability to manufacture the items really plays a role into who does the quest or not. I bet most of the players who are able to mix the new item are able to make tit serps also, and I think if there was a demand for tit serp there would be plenty on the market.
  5. I suggest replacing the new daritha item with titanium serpent sword. The current cost of the sword is just slightly more than 3 titanium chains, and it would be a good way for EFEs and serpent stones to leave the game.
  6. Get rid of rule #5?

    What saxum said. Also there would be a penalty to those that invested pps/hydro into nexus. If you eliminated rule #5, it would make sense to create 1 potion char, 1 craft char, 1 harvest char, etc.
  7. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I would like to order 100K cactus. 50K gc Thanks a ton! -Loir
  8. Newbie Helper

    I can help with whatever is needed in game.
  9. Red Dragon spawn is taken

    I think there is a lack of fun/interesting/challenging/profitable mobs for higher level players. Red Dragon fits all of these requirements both for high level players to melee and those who want to range it. If Black Dragon scales were worth the same or more than Red Dragon scales I bet some of the higher level players would spend more time there.
  10. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    50K branches (25K gc) please loir
  11. 34

    I had to kill 34 DCs. Probably just the percentages playing out.
  12. Gold for advertising

    Instead of gc why not auction a set # of rostos or other shop items?
  13. Snares

    I know it has been suggested to increase the time of snares and also to link that time to engineering level. Those are good suggestions and I think they would help make snares more useful, but I have some new ideas. -If you get trapped by a snare have a base of 1% chance to get cooldowned. This percentage could go up with engineering level. -regardless of the trap time of the snare do not allow magic to be used while trapped. As it is right now you can just ttr out of the snare or tele to portal room. This would also prevent restoring while trapped.
  14. Changes made to all instances

    Let's make everything really hard so only those with specialized builds will be able to participate. In all seriousness the bar keeps being raised. Not just in instances, but with other things. Look how many times Lenny has been enhanced, Radu's daily invasions, etc. I know the topic isn't about invasions, but I will include it here because the same principle applies. Right now I think the instances and Radu's capped invasions are a challenge for those who have a mixed build. By mixed build I mean having non-hydro nexus, non-fighting perks, and few if any neg perks. It makes sense that those who focus on fighting by taking neg perks to maximize their attributes will have an easier time than those who don't. Those people made a conscious decision to trade some of the negative effects of the perks for better performance in other areas. That doesn't mean the system is broken. Just because one skilled player is able to solo an instance doesn't mean it's too easy for everyone else. That being said, I like a lot of RMs suggestions and think the instances and invances for that matter, should be more dynamic based on the number and possibly even skill level of the players who are entering.
  15. Enriched Energy Ess bug

    It seems you can't tele to portal room with less than 5 enriched energy ess in inventory. If you take the enriched energy ess out of inventory it works fine. It is counting them as regular energy essences. See attached screenshots. There are 3 enriched energy essences and 10 regular energy essences.