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  1. Auction: 10k steel bars

    690k offered by player in-game.
  2. Auction: 10k steel bars

    I'm auctioning off 10,000 steel bars. Start Bid: 690k Increments: 5k BIN: 740k Auction ends on Thursday, 17:00, GMT-4 PM or mercator me in game, or post here Edit: SOLD
  3. Water cup+GF using comp= no more comp

    I can't believe it's not butter! But seriously, hope to have you back soon Orick
  4. Texture/Graphics Bugs on Horses

    While I was messing around with being on a horse, and armors/clothings, I encountered some texture and graphics bugs where it was showing me wearing multiple armors at once, or one armor having the texture of another. Here are three examples: Look at what it shows my character having on, compared to what I have equiped. http://imageshack.us...eirdtexture.png Shows a BD helm with NV coloring. http://img43.imagesh...irdtexture2.png Shows BD Helm and Black Cavalier Peacock Hat being worn at same time, with BD Helm textures. http://img833.images...irdtexture3.png Shows RD Helm and RD Plate with BD armor textures. Note: My capes do not always match my equipment slots either. The bug is fairly easy to replicate, and quite strange since my #arm is as it should be equipment slots, but I am not sure if that is always the case, but I can be wearing multiple Helmets at once for example. I can explain the process to replicate in PM, as I am not sure if there are other issues with it I am not aware of other than the obvious incorrect texture/graphic.