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  1. I'm writing a book about EL

    Good luck with it, should be interesting.
  2. Unicorn Suggestion

    Maybe a quest to do with the introduction of a unicorn to Draia. Have it so you must research about the Unicorn, go to various experts around EL, until you know it's origin. I like this idea. And then TELL the unicorn where it came from (beyond mummy unicorn and daddy unicorn equals...)
  3. Mule level update

    Aquila - occasionally it can be quite tight with slots if your muling in. For example: Primary Equipment: 8 Slots Creature Food: 1 Slot Health Essence: 1 Slot SRs and BRs: 2 Slots EMPs and GHPs: 2 Slots Elven Bow: 1 Slot PKAs: 1 Slot Att/Coord/Reas pots: 3 Slots Spare Sword: 1 Slot Spare set of armor: 3 Slots Spare CoL/RDHoLaM: 1-2 Slots Disengagement Rings: 1 Slot Hyperspace Keys: 2 Slots Rostogols: 1 Slot 28-29 slots, ignoring other stuff like Summoning stones, FAs incase of bad drops, TTR essence, and the non-stackable potions that many take. Revi is right, you can sometimes quickly fill up your slots while muling. On topic however, yes to achievement for mule levels, and for knowing when you go up a level with celebratory message.
  4. Addict

    I agree with ROKK and Burn, i tried continous speedhaxing for a couple days. The food is the problem. Possibly lower the chance of using food per step a little, but 6 pickpoints would remain to expensive for it.
  5. Gold for advertising

    So we need to bring in more money to the game ang your best idea in doing that is to make stuff cost less? The only thing that will do is put more Rostos in the game, people who spend 100 usd on Rostos will still only spend 100 usd on Rostos but rather then but them as often as they do they will buy them less often because there will be less of a demand for them... How does this help? Well also notice people would be more willing to risk their rostos if they cost less, so it might increase their demand. Also if ND maps in PK would be removed, it might again raise the demand for rostos. Add the 5 $ per month by players that are willing to pay for membership, I think it would be pretty much a +/- 0 Situation for business and add loads of enjoyment for players. Lowering the prices isn't always the worst option available. Ignoring one of your sentences, and your thinking down my path. You lower price, people have more fun, and risk death more often. More risk, means more rostos burnt, means more rostos sold, even if it's for less. It also makes it more fun. Funner game makes happier players, happier players more likely to invest. I'm not very sure on the membership, because you have a decent number of the games population without direct access to paypal (usually due to age).
  6. Guild R&R

    If we're doing chemistry jokes: Q: Why was the mole of oxygen molecules excited when he walked out of the singles bar? A: He got Avogadro's number!
  7. Want to help add NPCs to the Game?

    I would like to give a crack at writing out a NPC dialogue.
  8. Changes To Ranging

    'Too close' is the equivelent of saying that shooting here with definetely result in the thing getting a bit mad and mauling you.. Also, think how stupid it would look having rangers at the same distance from the mob as meleers and rapidly shooting? Too close makes sense in a game, for visual and roleplaying pursposes
  9. No to them being in PK areas, as usually, you want to influence people to go into PK, not blatantly force them to if they want to do certain things. And soLo makes a good point. Rangers risk a serp and meleers risk broken equipment, so the practice is not entirely without cost. Keep it as it is imo
  10. horses are worth 60kgc? I didn't want to use the one I got in a competition when I thought they were 20kgc because they were such expensive, pointless items... I'd like to see them cheaper. And as usual, I'm against premiums in a FREE to play game.
  11. N.S.

    It sounds more like your searching for deamons. N.S., with the guild info talking saying 'scotia', very evident that it's about nova scotia.