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Found 1 result

  1. Quests

    Taken from Radu's EL blog "The numbers are not too bad, but I want to see if I can improve them a bit, especially the percent of people starting the tutorial, and the percent of how many finish the first objective" problem with this is, if you want people to start/finish quests you have to have markers marking which NPC has a quest for you. it's a universal thing and every player will be looking for marks on an NPC to quickly see if they got a quest, if not they just pass by. and with that i'd suggest a huge questline that has a purpose other then gc/exp. tutorial only goes so far, so it would be nice if a quest guided newbies to "hotspots" to train at certain levels, so they know what creatures to start at which levels. other then that connect quest npc's, make quests go to other NPC's that have quests for you, so people don't run out of them quick, rather then finishing a quest for 1 npc and then have nothing left cause along the way you didn't pick anything up. last thing - It would be nice if the text that starts a quest at a certain NPC differs from all the "random banter", sometimes you read the random things wasting time not getting a quest and when you get one you don't notice/skipped the texts too quick out of frustration. Just some things to make questing more player friendly and fun. better to have in-game mechanics developed by Game devs point to quests and stuff rather then Choris's website right?