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Found 1 result

  1. I just heard that the 100-120 invance has been given a one week cool off because of some people misbehaving. I understand and agree with the mods that something had to be done, and this being the only instrument they have besides banning people from the game as a whole. The other side of this cool off is that players that just want to have fun in invances (and have it regardless of the slackers/troublemakers) now have to miss out too and are being punished aswell. This made me think of the following: Make it possible for the mods to ban individual players from the invances. So when they try to go,Ilie will state that they are not welcome and he won't teleport them. NB: if you want to react to this post, please keep it on topic and do not start a flame war over whose fault it is or that it isn't fair that we have cool off etc etc etc. Edit: typo