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  1. Ranging fix

    Please change For me who loves ranging its just an bug that need to be fixed , nothing more nothing less. Its just not how it supposed to be, spending all that precious time searching the right spot and when you got it somebody gets in line and the ritual starts again. And you also train your ranging skill to shoot from more distance, so why you always need to be on the same distance to be a part of team play !, grt
  2. N.S.

    NS are an embarrassment... their trains are always to late !!!!!! Red tagged !! (easy one) seriously??? And btw the nazi's did rob!!! They robbed our bikes tho..., you better ask my grandpa first before you assume things like this !!
  3. Eternal Lands Android client (new version)

    very nice.... note: my client crashes when i zoom in on the map...
  4. Wing Guild

    Yeaaa.... WING n44b guild!! redtagged & banned from all my bots!!!!
  5. Expiring bots

    Kickass paid Uw transactiereferentie voor deze betaling is: 5BS65692FN411000C.
  6. Pear finder cooldown

    Sounds simple,(at least for me)... If it seems that average time is ~20min and if this is to short than how it was supposed to be then it need to be tweaked. Its not the first time something ended up different then the main idea was. and was tweaked !!! (with peeps whining and crying) I dont know if the cooldown like this is an sullution, but its worth thinking about. If this wil solve the main problem . you mean the cooldown for an person to find another pear?!
  7. Guns.

    So,,,,,, if we Bann Roja we can get our guns ?!!!!....... 8=P
  8. Guns.

    Kilaran Hellfire Rocket !
  9. New invance rules discussion

    I didn't read all posts well, so srry if this is already mentioned. The use of training arrows! I use training arrows in invances, coze i believe the reason that rule was set up doesn't apply to me . I rang in invances coze its great fun i dont stand on the wall i prefer to be in the middle of all the action. I use pk arrows when its needed so most on giants. but killing drags esp. blue ones i prefer training arr, My ranging skill is on that level that i can do enough damage with trainers. My point is just re think the rule about the arrows use coze its not fair. And i just dont want to spend my precious pk'ers on stuff that i never had or got any loot from. With trainers i get the exp. that normaly get in the arena so in that way, its ok for me that i dont get any loot. And if the use of trainers will be a problem then i just stop ranging and just stay with my ok meele skill. Be semi'afk when only the drags are left just like the other fighters who can't tank the big mobs.
  10. very old players

    I got some nice harving exp. Coze the EL clock was broken. and 1 el hour was gone in like 10 min !!
  11. ^v^ "Vikings" are back in action!

    Goodluck building up the guild !!! greetings
  12. Rostogols and fresh Players

    In the past there also was an idea to have somekind of little rosto that protects only the stuff you have ecuipt. I liked that idea!
  13. MAD

    Guild name : SANITARIUM We are a bunch of friends who want to have some fun and get some relaxation in this GAME. We allow harving and mining on every map where it’s available. We allow PK’ing and fighting on every map where it’s available. We are a mature and reasonable guild. So, if there are any issues with one of us who forgot to take his/her pills on time, just ring the bell . And please communicate maturely so we can respond . Immaturity will be responded to with insanity. We don’t Support: scamming, bagjumping, serping, luring , brod , and treehugging O.f.c. this doesn’t apply to our redtags. We are NOT recruiting