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  1. Alt rules

    care to enlighten the ignorant (ie me :-) )
  2. New creatures

    legionaire phantom warrior ignores a/d, unpinable, 140's a/d.
  3. Alt rules

    so if every body was agreed that this rule would be for the best(including mods whom commented) why was it sctratched out?yet we are left odd rules 'do not kill your alt to often'and 'dont afk pin' when the actual rule that could be for the great for the game is brushed aside? it is a strange statement.
  4. All hydro route to be PK?

    terrible idea! better to reinstate rule 5. making more areas pk, in a game where pk generally takes a back seat to more profitable/less risky game play to me makes no sense. considering that the AD/skill gap between higher end players whom most have no need for hydro and lower end players who must brave it for quests is in some cases massive, making it all pk is a bad move. (edit:just my opinion, I dont really play anymore, just pop in now an again to see if it gets any better)
  5. Steam?

    Steam is great I only play/buy games that are hosted by Steam. If a friend hadn't shown me EL all those years ago I certainly wouldn't of found it. I'm not sure if there's a cost involved in having it hosted but steam is massively popular.
  6. Repairing Dragon Armor

    If you read it properly my obnoxious friend I said to apply the current success rates from tankel and heavybeard, not a blanket 50% fail rate. Extra ingredients are needed to repair anything, tankel and heavybeards services arent free. The 12 arti needed; if instead of 6 extra pp in nexus what about a perk? 6 pp and gives the ability to repair stuff with the aforementioned limitations. 6pp with current success rates makes perfect sense.
  7. Repairing Dragon Armor

    Lol, my bad I seem to have posted gibberish, guess I should wait till I've had my morning coffee in future. That was supposed to say; plus the additional break rate & extra fee to complete the repair, example; damaged RD mail requires manu 73 but at that level chance of failure is quite high in addition to this there would be the heavybeard/tankel repair ratio whatever that may be (im told its 50/50 but I have no idea) on top. I guess a saving stone could be used to prevent catastrophic loss.
  8. Repairing Dragon Armor

    The high nexus needed I think would allow the more dedicated mixers to feel they have a use again, remove tankel and heavybeard completely and allow players to repair damaged stuff themselves, obviously the same level would be needed to repair as to create plus whatever dastardly formula that calculates the completly destroyees the item instead plus a fee be it gold or items required to actually complete the task.
  9. Repairing Dragon Armor

    If manuers where given the ability to repair arms and armour I think the nexus required should be double that which was required to build it in the first place. And why stop at dragon armours if the toon has paid in extra nexus for repairs any manu item could be repaired with the same principal.
  10. Soft reset stone

    I think the reason why it's big bucks is; the average PP of a player is 120 you add that up in terms of attrib removals at $6 each and you can quickly see why its a pricey gem.
  11. PK Server Competition

    It would be nice to see the PK server a 'tad' more active.
  12. Soft reset stone

    As far as im aware, this stone already exists, and is alot more expensive than a mere hundred dollars.
  13. Remove all the neg perks completly from game Any one who has a neg perks gets soft reset of pp to allow removal of perk(s)
  14. Good suggestions that never seen the light of day

    Interesting list, but what is its purpose?
  15. Make special days only last 3 hours

    Since EL is a combat orientated game now. Just remove peace day all together, radu removes it after excessive whining and whinging from players anyhoo. I would prefer to see more to do other than instancing, invansions, invances, haidir, a/d grinding or lenny/bada/neno/invdrag hunting. You can see why with all the combat based stuff to do, if you take that away(ie peace day), alot of players who have combat focused toons will have naught to do.
  16. Good suggestions that never seen the light of day

    If you read the day of no grief topic it asks for the addition of harvesting 'n' mixing equipment (pickaxes, harv meds 'n' arrow head mold ect) to be unable to break on this day. Not the adition of the day.
  17. Make anti-social neg so you cant open the trade window. All transactions would have to be dropped into bags on the floor, lots of possibilities for drama. Hehe actually sounds like a horrible perk that way. Not so free PP then.
  18. Blocking of Resources

    Because unfortunately it isn't blocked, you have the tiniest margin of passing one of stivs divs, ergo not blocked. I agree though, considering the small amount of things to do and the small player base, blocking off portions of the game doesn't fill me with a sense of a challenge instead with char buyin, char sharing just makes me look elsewhere for a bit of casual gaming. Shame really, another nail in the coffin as it where.
  19. Change invasionmeter

    Either that or sell them on shop a dollar each.
  20. s2e for hydro

    It is probably quite easy for people to tAke advantage of the game mechanics of EL. EL was built as a one player, one character, play in a team game, as a result most of el isnt set up for multi alt players with nothing better to do than block resources. One of each Dragon, the antisocial perk, one single hydro deposit. I have nothing against stivy, I dont know him and dont care tbh. The mechanics of EL would have to change for anything to be diferent, sure you could add another RD or another hydro deposit but with no rule 5 and char and gc buying legal, if stivy or whoever has really nothing better to do whats to stop them from camping them too?
  21. s2e for hydro

    This is just more proof that the only skill worth levelling is fighting. Fight monsters buy stuff you need from npc, honestly it surprises me that people mix any thing at all, there's no profit in it. Stop NPCs selling anything, give a point to mixers again!
  22. Remove all the attribute and perk removal stones from drops. Make them all a solely shop bought item. Change them instead for useful things like EFEs, binders and what not.
  23. hello all. i have some suggestions for a game that i love to play, EL. before you all start trolling, just know that its because i loves this game and i know that its starting to fail (fewer actual players less generated revenue for the Dev team) Radu has mentioned several times that hes struggling to get funding from players. in my humble opinion, i have diagnosed 2 problems; firstly (as mentioned many times before) EL isnt really an RPG its an open world game with fighting and magic. in order for it to be an RPG you should be able to play different roles. fighter is the only real role, mage and summoner arent usefull in combat and harvers and mixers are surpased buy NPC sales, so... one way to get mages and summoners back into the fray would be to nerf the 2 spells MI & smite summon, these 2 spells are way OP MI can fully negate a really strong mage and smite summons 16x16 AOE renders summoners high end summons useless. so... MI could be re calculated so you have a 3% natural chance to break the spell and a magic/5+ reason+will/5% chance on top so a high end mage would have about a 40%chance to break the MI spell the smite summon shouldn't be an area effect, instead focused on a single target Rosto's, attrib removals, perk removals and any other item that affects the character should only be available from the EL shop NPC chars shouldn't sell anything that is make able by players (most recipes will have to change to allow this) also would have to drastically change the make and drop rate of all related stones and essies (serp stone binders EFE ect) these few changes would allow those who want to fight and those who want to mix depend on each other for in game items, sure somethings would be hard to get in the beginning but that would level out as fighters who want ings start having to pay mixers who want gc. so onto the Pay to Play one way other MMORPG games generate revenue is with a P2P system ( i am fully aware that this has come up many times) a basic account will allow you to own ONE character, extra chars would have to be rented from Radu on a monthly basis the p2p should be a monthly subscription fee entitling you to some nice extras (worth the extra fee) something like; -a free alt per p2p subscription -more gods. allowing you to worship 5 gods instead of 3 (as long as they don't clash) -careful guy perk. a slight chance that when you die you don't drop a rosto or any gear on death -slightly less chance to break tools and gear -slightly fewer harvesting events -Exp booster, applies to one skill, a small exp boost (5or so %) can change it once a month on repaying the monthly fee -lower instance waiting times -better horses and speed hax ( more horse steps per whistle and less food consumed per speed hax step) this would enable EL to keep the free to play ethos intact, if you choose to only play one character in EL you wouldn't have to buy a thing, but for those who want a bit more, the option is there. im sure there are many other ways to make money for the dev team, but i play some other MMORPGs (EVE, guildwars, wow and EL) and pay to play seems to be the way forward. also no i don't have a lot of free cash and no i don't want to buy my way to the top
  24. Android tablet, which is best for EL

    I got a kindle fire HD, works well tbh. A few glitches but that prolly the client more than the kindle.
  25. Generating an Income, creating an RPG feel

    it never ceases to amaze me how people post replies to topics without reading the original post. if NPC stop selling player make able items, special stones drop and creation rate would have to increase Many moons ago i used to make and sell fire essences to make GC now its much more common for players to simply buy all the FE HE AE etc from an NPC cutting out the lower/newer players who used to make these essences for gc, most things now are the same price as NPC things, steel bars for one. cutting these from NPC inventories would give a real purpose and role to many of harvers/mixers who currently have to compete with an NPC with unlimited numbers it seems many feel this too(including me), and it seems to be a quite polarizing subject (prolly cus many might have a $$$ investment in this)