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Found 1 result

  1. Last time we had Peace Day, heard I people complaining that they were not able to do their daily Haidir. If the "special" in special days only last 3 hours - daytime or nighttime would that not be a problem. Some special days allready only work 3 hours, Leonard's Day and Solar Flares Day. I think the "bad" days make many go afk, at least I do, and play another game. Better if they return after 3 hours than 6. I could see Night Specials like - Day of Stronger Animals and Monsters - full moon make monsters stronger - Day of the Dead Day specials like - Scotty's Vacation - the vet need to sleep too - Day of Mushrooms I think the chance for a special day should be 2x what it is now, so the number hours would be the same as now . Maybe the Day-stones should drop 2x as often too because they only last 3 hours, should make them cheaper or at least make more people feel lucky.