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  1. CalsoniC

    I know I was locked for more than just illegal multi-play (but played a big part), but it has been a short-while now, and I do understand as of yesterday illegal multiplay has been repealed. Thanks, Pandemic/Calsonic
  2. Auction 10'000 HE's

  3. I'll take it for BIN, but I'm not around till Friday - ExcisioN in-game.
  4. Not a clue

    Following that, could you please delete the characters PandemiC CalsoniC and Flux, to ensure there is no recurrent "I want to play again" ?
  5. Not a clue

    Yosie barely even knows how to use the bot let alone know what I was doing. I'll gladly send you chat history where she goes "Do this for me" "do that for me". Yosie was clue-less to even say the least... The least she knew is that the bot was making GC. Given our 'situation' I still lied to her.... or "Hid the truth".
  6. Not a clue

    I sent you a message Aislinn. - If you'd like me to make it public it's no problem.
  7. Yolo Guildy Flux bjing

    Hardly, infamous. what's wrong with bjing a brod tagged guild? I expect no one to trust me. how about you take your useless comments elsewhere lol
  8. Yolo Guildy Flux bjing

    :> I'm not bad! I swear, I was totally in the boundaries of the games rules. It was not nice that Taraka proceeded to flame me and talk unnecessarily about my mother, that hurt me so bad!! No lie, I was quite drunk yesterday... but I dropped my contacts while I was out getting pissed and didn't see any bags! I swear. I have locals to prove this!! This was totally uncalled for! I repute this dispute! And ofcourse, They did not know I was CalsoniC (the most recent, not the polish one from 3+ years ago), untill I told them on #IG. Then they went a bit quiet, especially have Doc realised I was the one who also BJ'd his gf's steel set+serp, aswell as poofing his rosto Oh; btw. I was in the reformed PkG, like you REALLY Didn't expect this from me. Cmon. And yeah, this time it's only to brod/shit tags. I wouldn't do it to an ally, otherwise thats just common thievery.
  9. weak wtf team

    can do it with 5K PKs if you all have ER.
  10. Mage/healer class, reloaded

    sounds bad - give mufo/luci the perk and lets see who creys because he can hit through your MI and 2 hit you np.
  11. Removal/modification of rule 5

    I voted for I dont care. I don't. Maybe you should re-think a few of the other rules (and those who enforce them). Also; if you're looking to fix the EL economy (by allowing more alts? Means what, cheaper gear because ings are easier to come by?), radu, you're hurting your $$/bank balance at the end of it.
  12. Pears

    I don't like the fact you're calling 99% of the EL playerbase lazy. 3/4 of the playerbase don't even have 6 inorganic nexus. I don't think you posting a HOW-TO guide on hunting pears actually caused your 'crap' treatment. Thanks for quoting everything I couldn't be bothered to, Sonic. Not every PKer is a brain-dead one, and not everyone wants to play like you. Or be as unsociable as you. Ontop of that, just because you 'can't' PK because of your lack of reflexes or so you say, doesn't make PK shit. There isn't a bug with who finds it, it's just who can be bothered to run around maps for hours regardless of the 70k? price tag, idek how much they cost anymore seen as I don't really log onto EL. - THAT is not laziness, that is just using their time more productively so they dont waste up to 20k in pear finders for someone else to get it. Sure its a gc sink, but others think its a waste of time. And all of your walls of texts about how 'jealous' people are, I highly doubt the fact anyone is jealous of you in anyway shape or form, from my own dealings with you and what i've heard, its quite the opposite. Your short outbursts like this, and your reflective playing style cause the 'attack' on you, not jealousy. THE ONLY Lazy person is you. You can't be bothered to interact with other human beings (It doesnt seem like you want to, so correct me if i'm wrong), so I'd rethink all your posts and remove the crap about 'mindless drivel' and jealousy and take a long hard look in the mirror. And let curious noobs wonder without taking it so personally. Not that I have a problem with you or anything, Burn.
  13. Final Push to get rid of sto

    sold all