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  1. Selling Ogre Toes and Iron Ore

    Mining iron and harvesting Ogre Toes every hour is what I spend most of the time in the game doing, so I keep getting more to sell. 1.5 for Ogre Toes, 3.5gc for Iron.
  2. Most Profitable SKill

    That's a point worth mentioning. I can make about 1600 an hour using fruits (essentially expendable). For me there are different ways of money that are all valid based on preference/mood/current needs. Sometimes I just want to make money passively, and that means iron or silver (slower but less trips). That yields about 10-9k an hour for iron. Gypsum is maybe 15% faster, but it is very click intensive. It's also only a good 20% faster than iron with no alt without being a mule, so I'd rather take the hit and mine iron. Iron is all fine and good, but sometimes I just want money ASAP because it takes a long time to get a single nexus. As you say, harvesting is slow OA xp and probably the only passive way of making cash. This is why I think it makes sense to have two ways of making money: One for harvesting (passive) and one for active (higher OA xp and gc per hr). I'm used to games where there's a lot of volume for goods being traded, meaning if I want to buy a gazillion ing and have it in my storage/bank, I can do that in a few minutes. It's much harder in EL it seems, because every bot except Adarah are prohibitively far from the storage and there aren't enough players to quickly buy anything I want at a well-settled price. So... it may be that I need 2-3 ways of making money... Passive, Active DIY, and Active buying ings. Or... just passively harvest ings instead of iron for ings that are rarely sold and thus overpriced from bots. If I buy ingredients and mix HE, that's 1600*(10-5-0.6-(0.6/(20/8))) or 6656 gc/hr. (This is with my 45 alchemy that causes more fails on HE than FE) For FE it's 2950 for 11,287. But FE is worse XP than HE and HE gc/hr will go up as my alchemy goes up. Profit per ess (Buy ing) (Not counting ess per hr, which varies based on alch level and food consumption, and failure rates): HE: (10-5-0.6-(0.6/(20/8))) = 4.16 FE:(4.75+2.6-2-0.75-0.75-(0.6/20))= 3.86 Also worth considering, XP per hr of HE is likely far higher than FE. Even if FEs end up being faster because I can mix more quickly with less failures and pausing to eat, it's not going to be 8 times faster to match the alchemy and OA xp. Dragrace said he got about 8k gc per hr killing cyclops and ~5.8k per hr killing fluffies. High level combat does seem profitable but it seems very, very far away. Still, it's the best OA xp so... SR: 17-5.5-0.75-1.2-2-(0.6/(20/9)) = 7.28 (Veg 4) EMP: 500-(30*1.8)-(15*17)-(10*10)-(0.6/(20/60) = 89.2 (Veg 6) EMPs are probably bottlenecked significantly by food usage and failures, but SR are barely worse than HE in that regard. Rare chance of EMP with SR, while there's no such thing as Enriched HE. But even if I make SRs at similarish rates to HE, I'd still be around the speed of gypsum mining without an alt or mule. Just some numbers I'm been thinking about...
  3. Most Profitable SKill

    So... how well do various skills do for moneymaking at high levels? For combat we have to make the distinction between limited "events" (instance, etc) and just killing monsters in regular spawns. I was suggested to take up Alchemy and make HE, but it seems to me that Potions is more profitable, with SRs and EMPs. Harvesting gypsum I can get 11.2k gc/hr, and anywhere from 5.7-10.3k per hr harvesting iron/silver with or without an alt with 880 carry weight and no mule.
  4. Text Warning Sound

    Under audio options. the text warning sound doesn't affect text warning sound, but rather misc client volume affects the volume of warning soung loudness. Setting text warning volume to 0 and misc client to 1, I heard it loudly. Vice versa, I hear nothing.
  5. SyTy, Luring

    Let me first explain what happened. I just came back to Eternal Lands and I'm still ignorant about many things ingame. SyTy comes around, got me to PvP train with him at Nordcarn Pking area. He gave me disengagement ring in good faith to show h e's not trying to get my stuff. I took a rostogol just in case. At the fight, all goes as planned, then he summons a bear. I got confused and left at half health after spamming restoration. I was stupid enough to go a second time, but this time I brought multiple disengagements and some more items in case. This is the fun part. At the fight, he summons MULTPLE bears, then takes out (I believe) a bronze sword, starts whacking me with it. (His bears killed monsters caught in the crossfire, that's proof there were multiple bears; one to attack me, one to attack random monsters. This guy had a private army of it.) I thought I was safe because disengagement means he can't attack me for like 5 seconds and I can run off. i was just at the entrance. But SyTy came prepared. As soon as I disengaged, his bears turned around and attacked me. I was stuck and couldn't move. His sword got the best of me and I died. (The entire time I was spamming disengagement to no avail and drinking spirit restores to spam restoration, but it was futile because I couldn't move due to being in combat from the bears and from him the entire time). That's not all; he later offers 25k for the lost rostogol... but only if I train with him first. Of course, even I am not stupid enough for that. He promises a no-drop-pvp area, at a guild map. Hellspawn really, really, really made me take a long time. The entire time he nagged me to bring armor to 'hurry up'. I brought some worthless items to test if it's a no-drop zone. Now I know all guild maps are drop zones. I lost worthless things, but this guy finds it in him to lie to my face three times AND try to lure an ignorant player like me. I have some valuable armor from harvesting hardcore (this was 4+ years ago, I recently came back from a 5 year break).Now, with an event as long as this, I hope you'll allow me to indulge in a longer chat log. Oh yeah. I just caught this. He lied to me about his stas as well... he said they were 80. The rules in this section explicitly state no-edited logs, so I can't shorten them at all. I don't have any pictures because it didn't occur to me to take pictures while I was dying in front of my eyes. Oh, about the other player entering and syty summoning: That's a load of rubbish. The guy popped up for a second, saw too people, and got the heck out of there. he didn't stay for more than 3-5 seconds and never came back. Syty started summoning quite a bit after he left and never came back. [16:39:54] [PM from SyTy: frindly ?] [16:40:11] [PM to SyTy: ?] [16:40:39] [PM from SyTy: come] [16:40:47] [PM to SyTy: It's pk lol] [16:41:00] [PM from SyTy: pvp ??] [16:41:12] [PM to SyTy: I'm going to die] [16:41:25] [PM from SyTy: I want to workout a / d with you] [16:41:44] [PM to SyTy: What is your stats?] [16:41:45] [Tofik @ 3]: Selling:Will removal,Reasoning removal,7 Serpent stone [16:41:58] [PM from SyTy: no death] [16:42:17] [PM from SyTy: 80] [16:42:23] [headless @ 3]: rather 600-700k [16:42:39] [PM to SyTy: ok 1 second] [16:43:12] [PM from SyTy: //how will we stop the eye went wrong?] [16:43:33] [PM to SyTy: I don't know] [16:43:41] [Dark_wizzie @ 2]: Rings of disengagement works for pvp? [16:43:50] [Elowynn @ 2]: Yes. [16:43:51] [PM to SyTy: Let's get rings of disengagement] [16:44:01] SyTy: trade [16:44:17] [PM from SyTy: ] [16:44:20] [Dark_wizzie @ 2]: How do I check person's stats again? [16:44:25] [Dark_wizzie @ 2]: EL rankings don't show me levels [16:44:29] Dark_wizzie: Well [16:44:33] SyTy: omg no have srs ... [16:44:35] Dark_wizzie: Still need mana potions [16:44:35] SyTy: sec [16:44:38] Dark_wizzie: I go too [16:44:42] SyTy: me too [16:44:50] [PM from SyTy: ;p;p] [16:45:08] tropatropa cast Heal Summoned [16:45:21] [Elowynn @ 2]: I know of two ways: see here (change user name accordingly): http://game.eternal-...ser=dark_wizzie [16:45:38] [Elowynn @ 2]: Or ask mercator: /mercator about playername [16:45:58] [Elowynn @ 2]: For both it won't work if the player has set up privacy. [16:46:10] [PM to mercator: about syty] [16:46:10] [PM from mercator: [ syty is a Male Elf. ] [16:46:11] [PM from mercator: [ syty PL is online as of a few minutes ago ] [16:46:11] [PM from mercator: [########## Attributes ##########] [16:46:11] [PM from mercator: [ Physique : 48 Coordination : 40] [16:46:11] [PM from mercator: [ Reasoning : 6 Will : 24] [16:46:11] [PM from mercator: [ Instinct : 4 Vitality : 16] [16:46:11] [PM from mercator: [########## Skills ##########] [16:46:11] [PM from mercator: [ Attack : 86 Defense : 88] [16:46:11] [PM from mercator: [ Harvest : 59 Alchemy : 64] [16:46:11] [PM from mercator: [ Magic : 43 Potion : 8] [16:46:11] [PM from mercator: [ Summoning : 11 Manufacture : 12] [16:46:11] [PM from mercator: [ Crafting : 14 Engineering : 7] [16:46:11] [PM from mercator: [ Tailoring : 7 Ranging : 21] [16:46:11] [PM from mercator: [ Overall : 103/104 : ] [16:46:12] [PM from mercator: [########## CrossAttributes ##########] [16:46:12] [PM from mercator: [ Might : 44 Matter : 36] [16:46:12] [PM from mercator: [ Toughness : 32 Charm : 10] [16:46:12] [PM from mercator: [ Reaction : 22 Perception : 5] [16:46:12] [PM from mercator: [ Rationality : 15 Dexterity : 23] [16:46:13] [PM from mercator: [########## Special Levels ##########] [16:46:13] [PM from mercator: [ Combat : 225.5 Instancelevel : 87.0] [16:46:13] [PM from mercator: [########## Biography ##########] [16:46:13] [PM from mercator: [ syty has not set up an Biography ] [16:46:40] [PM from SyTy: you have srs ?] [16:46:45] [PM to SyTy: A few yes] [16:46:58] [headless @ 3]: Selling non stop day stone,scythe,normal and dmg Black Dragon Mail,mage robe skirt,halberd,14 invis pots. Buying diamonds! PM [16:47:34] [PM to SyTy: I bring rostogol] [16:47:40] [Elowynn @ 2]: Oh, mercator may be a bit behind with the stats, as he checks them once a player walks past him, as far as I know. [16:47:42] [PM to SyTy: Hellspawn] [16:47:48] [Dark_wizzie @ 2]: ty [16:48:04] [PM from SyTy: im no have rosto ;p] [16:48:20] [PM to SyTy: Your stats are higher than mine by a lot lol] [16:48:48] [PM from SyTy: Power Hungry] [16:48:53] [PM from SyTy: I Can't Dance] [16:48:54] [PM to SyTy: Me too] [16:48:59] [PM from SyTy: Gelatine Bones] [16:49:03] [PM from SyTy: Antisocial] [16:49:14] [PM from SyTy: Godless] [16:49:31] [PM to SyTy: You have higher phys/coord lol] [16:49:59] [PM from SyTy: went wrong and will stop] [16:50:24] Dark_wizzie: Ready? [16:50:29] SyTy: yes [16:51:02] Dark_wizzie: What xp do you get? [16:51:10] SyTy: 76 [16:51:14] Dark_wizzie: Ok [16:51:29] Dark_wizzie: I get 110 [16:51:35] SyTy: nice [16:51:54] [Dark_wizzie @ 2]: I think I remember there was a way to flee combat by pressing a key on the keyboard? [16:52:01] SyTy: Come on there that no one killed [16:52:16] Dark_wizzie: ? [16:52:27] SyTy: Come on there that no one killed [16:52:33] Dark_wizzie: How come? [16:52:41] [Elowynn @ 2]: The HOME key was that, if I remember correctly. You might have to press it repeatedly or keep it pressed. [16:53:01] SyTy: flee [16:53:18] [Elowynn @ 2]: If your character stops hitting and rather stands still in combat (before fleeing, it might not work immediately), you found the right key. [16:53:48] SyTy: lool [16:53:49] Dark_wizzie: What was that lol [16:53:52] SyTy: whear [16:53:55] SyTy: nh ?? [16:54:01] Dark_wizzie: I almost died [16:54:02] SyTy: sory man [16:54:04] SyTy: trade [16:54:05] [Ladogar @ 2]: you can also click on the ground, same effect [16:54:19] Dark_wizzie: Need disengagement [16:54:20] Dark_wizzie: Lol [16:54:25] Dark_wizzie: Used it already [16:54:32] SyTy: go to sto im no have diss [16:54:37] Dark_wizzie: Ok [16:54:54] [PM from SyTy: im buy dissmaget] [16:54:56] [Dark_wizzie @ 2]: Thanks, pvp trainign is dangerous [16:55:11] [Ladogar @ 2]: [16:55:53] [Dark_wizzie @ 2]: Rostogols work at pvp right [16:56:11] [Ladogar @ 2]: right [16:56:15] [Dark_wizzie @ 2]: Ok, good [16:56:39] Cordor got mana burned by the Grizzly Bear [16:56:59] [PM to SyTy: When our hp is less than 50%, stop fighting ok?] [16:57:03] [PM to SyTy: DOn't wanna lose rostogol ;D] [16:57:27] [PM from SyTy: oka] [16:59:41] SyTy: im have 2 dissmaget rings [16:59:55] SyTy: go ? [17:00:00] Dark_wizzie: Ok [17:00:10] [PM to SyTy: hellspawn] [17:00:28] [PM from SyTy: heh ;p ] [17:00:45] [PM from SyTy: I'm waiting outside the cave] [17:00:57] [PM from SyTy: ] [17:01:54] [PM to SyTy: GOod xp but dangerous lol] Hourly time-stamp: log continued at 2013-03-16 17:02:16 localtime (Pacific Daylight Time) [17:02:17] LightPresent: Are you thinking about selling/buying high level and valuable items? I'm your bot [17:02:22] [PM from daylecat: Hello Dark_wizzie, I am a trade bot] [17:02:22] [PM from daylecat: To sell me an item, just drop it in the trade window] [17:02:22] [PM from daylecat: To buy an item, use the BUY command eg buy 1 pickaxe] [17:02:22] [PM from daylecat: At any time during the trade you may click accept or use the #total command to get the trade details.] [17:02:22] [PM from daylecat: I won't put coins in the trade window until you click accept once.] [17:02:31] [PM to daylecat: buy 2 ring of power] [17:02:31] [PM from daylecat: I sell Ring of Power for 350gc each.] [17:02:36] [PM from daylecat: I owe you: 100gc (/daylecat #total to see the details)] [17:02:38] [PM from daylecat: Thank you for using my services!] [17:02:47] [PM from SyTy: yes , yex very nice] [17:03:15] [Arcanite @ 3]: Selling 4 EME, 5 EEE, 5 Oranges, 2 LBD Stones. PM me [17:03:20] Dark_wizzie: Ok [17:03:25] [Noico @ 3]: buy 200 magic essences [17:03:29] SyTy: go [17:03:59] SyTy: im no shield [17:04:06] Dark_wizzie: You do more damage [17:05:03] [KoDdy @ 3]: selling tit serp of fire [17:05:14] [kragnus @ 3]: trading 220 s2e's for 200 hydro ore or 20 bars, pm me if interested. [17:05:28] Male Goblin got mana burned by the Black Bear [17:05:43] Dark_wizzie got mana burned by the Black Bear [17:05:48] [headless @ 3]: Selling non stop day stone,scythe,normal and dmg Black Dragon Mail,mage robe skirt,halberd,14 invis pots. Buying diamonds! PM [17:05:55] [bob88 @ 3]: buy 100 s2e 1100 ea, sell 2k he 9.5 ea, brown vest 4k, mm cape 10k, 130 Tfinders 45 ea [17:06:03] Black Bear got paralyzed for 3 turns by the Large spider [17:06:07] Large spider got mana burned by the Black Bear [17:06:16] Dark_wizzie got mana burned by the Black Bear [17:06:21] Dark_wizzie got mana burned by the Black Bear [17:06:22] Male Goblin got mana burned by the Black Bear [17:06:32] Dark_wizzie was a good man. [17:06:43] [PM to SyTy: Wow What the hell] [17:06:47] [PM to SyTy: Idiot] [17:07:21] [PM to SyTy: You got absolutely nothing, I had rostogol] [17:07:29] [PM to SyTy: What is the point of being such a douchebag?] [17:08:31] [Dark_wizzie @ 4]: Do people actually talk in here? [17:08:50] [PM from SyTy: I'm sorry you get any other player, I thought that he was fighting with me and started summoning] [17:09:17] [PM from SyTy: I did not want to kill you or take your stuff] [17:09:17] [PM to SyTy: BS, you summoned both times I was inside] [17:09:44] [Dark_wizzie @ 2]: For pvp training to work both sides need to be wearing armor? [17:10:08] [PM to SyTy: You kepty summoning over and over and it was just me] [17:10:58] [Acelon @ 2]: No necessarily. It's different with each set of trainers. [17:11:02] [Acelon @ 2]: *Not [17:11:28] [PM from SyTy: I'm sorry, go back to training?] [17:11:43] [PM from SyTy: really did not want to] [17:11:53] [Dark_wizzie @ 2]: What's the point of armors? They just up the risk [17:11:59] [PM to SyTy: If we train again, no armor] [17:12:55] [PM from waffles: Hello Dark_wizzie, I am a trade bot] [17:12:55] [PM from waffles: To sell me an item, just drop it in the trade window] [17:12:55] [PM from waffles: To buy an item, use the BUY command eg buy 1 pickaxe] [17:12:55] [PM from waffles: At any time during the trade you may click accept or use the #total command to get the trade details.] [17:12:55] [PM from waffles: I won't put coins in the trade window until you click accept once.] [17:13:04] [PM to waffles: buy 113 green snake skin] [17:13:04] [PM from waffles: I sell Green Snake Skin for 10gc each.] [17:13:20] [PM from waffles: ============= Reminder (from 15 seconds idle time) ==============] [17:13:20] [PM from waffles: At any time during the trade you may click accept or use the #total command to get the trade details.] [17:13:20] [PM from waffles: I won't put coins in the trade window until you click accept once.] [17:13:35] [PM from waffles: I owe you: 270gc (/waffles #total to see the details)] [17:13:41] [PM from SyTy: I'll be in the armor] [17:13:50] [Acelon @ 2]: Exactly what it's meant to do... prevent damage. Take less damage, require you to heal less. [17:14:14] [PM from SyTy: I did not and I'm not going to kill you] [17:14:24] [PM to SyTy: I lost a rostogol that's 55k] [17:14:35] [PandaMania @ 3]: selling 278 rat tails 3.5 ea [17:14:45] [headless @ 3]: PC mage robe skirt? [17:14:52] [PM from SyTy: I understand, too, so I] [17:15:06] [PM from SyTy: I'm so sorry] [17:15:09] [binKy @ 3]: buy 2k cf [17:15:17] [KoDdy @ 3]: ~50-55k [17:15:31] [PM to SyTy: I don't believe you lol] [17:15:41] [PM to SyTy: You summoned both times, not only last time] [17:15:59] [PM to SyTy: Summoning so my disengagement doesn't work, nice try] [17:16:21] [PM from SyTy: did not mean to, I'm not] [17:16:28] [sqwurl @ 3]: Buying Sr/He, Nexus removals. Selling Tit greaves and Halberd [17:16:39] [PM to SyTy: How do you accidently summon like 15 bears and constantly choose to attack me without fleeing?] [17:16:43] [headless @ 3]: Selling non stop day stone,scythe,normal and dmg Black Dragon Mail,mage robe skirt,halberd,14 invis pots. Buying diamonds! PM [17:16:50] [PM to SyTy: That's BS] [17:18:14] [PM from waffles: Hello Dark_wizzie, I am a trade bot] [17:18:14] [PM from waffles: To sell me an item, just drop it in the trade window] [17:18:14] [PM from waffles: To buy an item, use the BUY command eg buy 1 pickaxe] [17:18:14] [PM from waffles: At any time during the trade you may click accept or use the #total command to get the trade details.] [17:18:14] [PM from waffles: I won't put coins in the trade window until you click accept once.] [17:18:15] [PM from SyTy: Let's get back to training] [17:18:22] [PM to waffles: buy 500 green snake skin] [17:18:22] [PM from waffles: I sell Green Snake Skin for 10gc each.] [17:18:22] [PM from waffles: Sorry, I only have 113 of this item!] [17:18:30] [PM from waffles: I owe you: 670gc (/waffles #total to see the details)] [17:18:32] [PM from waffles: Thank you for using my services!] [17:18:44] [PM to SyTy: So I can lose another rosto? No thanks] [17:18:51] [PM from SyTy: I'll try to give some of the money for rosto] [17:19:08] [PM to SyTy: How much?] [17:19:18] [PM from SyTy: 25k ??] [17:19:23] [PM to SyTy: ok] [17:19:30] [PM to SyTy: I need to buy another rosto before I train though] [17:19:58] [kragnus @ 3]: trading 220 s2e's for 200 hydro ore or 20 bars, pm me if interested. [17:20:10] [PM to TrinityBot: pc green snake skin] [17:20:10] [PM from TrinityBot: The price for Green Snake Skins is 5 gc each.] [17:20:12] [PM from SyTy: I never wear rosto] [17:20:30] [PM from SyTy: I feel sorry for money] [17:20:34] [PM to SyTy: You don't need to, when you can summon and haev a weapon] [17:20:45] [PM to SyTy: And you got out a weapon lol] [17:21:27] [PM from SyTy: im ncc , whear you ??] [17:21:44] [PM to SyTy: hellspawn] [17:21:49] [PM from SyTy: ;p] [17:22:02] [TankErza @ 3]: selling 4k HEs, and Buying silver ore [17:22:14] [PM to snowlepard: Hey, do you have monster magnetism cape or perk?] [17:22:30] [PM to TankErza: How much for he?] [17:22:36] [PM from TankErza: 9.5 ea] [17:22:53] [PM from SyTy: pact so that if one of us dies it does not steal stuff just gives them the eye? because I do not have rosto] [17:23:11] [PM from SyTy: oka ?] [17:23:19] [PM to SyTy: what eye?] [17:23:52] [PM from SyTy: I do not know; p] [17:23:57] [PM from SyTy: whear you ?] [17:24:14] [PM to SyTy: almost there at entrance of cave] [17:24:36] [PM from snowlepard: i have am onster mag cloak b/c my def is so low ] [17:24:46] [PM from SyTy: ??] [17:24:55] [PM to snowlepard: I'll pay you some cash if you buy a book for me at gp] [17:24:58] Dark_wizzie: 25k? [17:25:07] SyTy: on Monday [17:25:19] Dark_wizzie: Then we train Monday [17:25:25] [PM from snowlepard: gp?] [17:25:31] SyTy: how to dig a silver finish [17:25:40] [PM to snowlepard: That grabbani penninsula place ] [17:25:43] Dark_wizzie: What [17:25:49] [PM from snowlepard: oh!! lol] [17:25:56] [PM to snowlepard: south of white stone] [17:26:05] [PM from snowlepard: yeah if u give me cash and the details i'll make that run for u] [17:26:12] SyTy: on Monday I will have kase [17:26:22] [PM to snowlepard: I'll pay you extra 100gc for the run? ] [17:26:31] [PM from SyTy: ?] [17:26:37] [PM from snowlepard: that is wonderful!!!] [17:26:39] [PM from SyTy: whear you ?] [17:26:49] [PM to SyTy: Going to go harvest stuff to make back rosto] [17:27:16] [PM from snowlepard: can we meet up in the VOTD?] [17:27:45] [PM to snowlepard: I'll meet you at mullein] [17:27:55] [PM from snowlepard: yay! i'm already there!!] [17:27:57] [PM from SyTy: please come back I miss the 5k exp] [17:28:17] Dark_wizzie: It costs 100gc to buy the book [17:28:19] [PM from SyTy: and with you I have a great training] [17:28:28] snowlepard: okies!!! [17:28:37] Dark_wizzie: Guy is at GP Coordinates [54, 107] [17:28:37] snowlepard: what is it called and the bookselller? [17:28:45] Dark_wizzie: Dude is called Nahark [17:28:52] Dark_wizzie: Book of Snake Summoning [17:29:00] Dark_wizzie: Spend 100gc to buy one, keep 100gc for yourself [17:29:20] snowlepard: thank you so much!! back in a few!! [17:29:21] [PM from SyTy: hmm , go to map no drop ok?] [17:29:57] [PM from SyTy: almost no one knows this place and there is not] [17:30:17] [Dark_wizzie @ 2]: Somebody told me there is a safe PvP area... But there isn't one for 77/81 a/d right [17:30:30] [Ladogar @ 2]: pvp places are never safe [17:30:37] [PM to snowlepard: I might pay you in the future to buy more stuff] [17:30:40] [Acelon @ 2]: And if there is a safe one, it's probably a secret [17:30:59] [Acelon @ 2]: Thus, we can't tell you [17:31:29] [PM from snowlepard: yay!!! snake summoning sounds kinda scary tho] [17:31:41] [PM from SyTy: ?] [17:32:02] [PM to SyTy: What is no drop area?] [17:32:18] [PM from SyTy: Portland] [17:32:24] [PM to snowlepard: Lol] [17:33:07] [PM from SyTy: come portland sto] [17:34:10] [PandaMania @ 3]: any antis need help today? [17:35:14] [PM from SyTy: im portland] [17:35:29] [PM from snowlepard: there are some serious scaries here in the gp ] [17:36:22] [PM to snowlepard: But your green cap scares them all away ] [17:36:29] [PM to snowlepard: cape*] [17:36:32] [PM from SyTy: whear you ?] [17:36:34] [TankErza @ 3]: selling 7k iron ore (4gc), 4k HEs (9.5gc), 2.5k Energy ess (12gc) [17:36:38] [PM to SyTy: Toadstools] [17:36:45] [PM from snowlepard: yeah wow tho i've never seen such big monsters before] [17:37:02] [PM from SyTy: come portland] [17:37:23] [PM from SyTy: go on the map no drop] [17:37:29] [PM to snowlepard: Bad things will happen if you click attack on them lol] [17:37:41] [PM from snowlepard: lol i will restrain from doing that] [17:38:30] [PM to snowlepard: I forgot my cape last time, managed to escape though lol] [17:38:40] [Gladiator @ 3]: pc skeptic removal stone [17:38:55] [PM from snowlepard: whew i hate that... i've messed up and forgotten mine more than a few times] [17:39:16] [PM from snowlepard: all done should i go to the storage ?] [17:39:33] [PM to snowlepard: Sure, I'll meet you there at VOTD] [17:40:01] [PM from SyTy: you coming ?] [17:40:06] [PM to SyTy: Dunno] [17:40:16] [PM to SyTy: How do I know it's no drop?] [17:40:32] [binKy @ 3]: buy 1k cf [17:40:32] Dark_wizzie: Thanks [17:40:37] snowlepard: yay!! yw thank you [17:40:40] Dark_wizzie: Np [17:41:03] [PM from SyTy: like me out there fighting and dying it's losing,] [17:41:21] [PM from SyTy: often there doing pvp] [17:41:25] [PM to SyTy: What] [17:41:51] [PM from SyTy: This map is certainly no drop] [17:41:53] [TankErza @ 3]: buying silver (2.5gc ea) [17:42:57] [Gravity @ 3]: buying silver and emeralds [17:43:19] [bob88 @ 3]: buy 100 s2e 1100 ea, sell 2k he 9.5 ea, brown vest 4k, mm cape 10k, 130 Tfinders 45 ea [17:43:31] [PM to SyTy: r u sure] [17:43:39] [PM from SyTy: come to Portland I'll show you where it is] [17:43:41] [PM to SyTy: no armor ] [17:43:49] [PM from SyTy: im armor] [17:44:19] [PM from SyTy: without armor can be quickly die] [17:44:30] [PM to SyTy: But faster def/atk xp] [17:44:35] [PM from SyTy: and I do not want] [17:45:06] [PM from SyTy: This is not true] [17:45:44] [PM from SyTy: exp armor does not depend on] [17:47:18] [PM from SyTy: I look forward to portland (storage)] [17:48:07] [PM to SyTy: Ok, I'll visit portland lol] [17:48:59] [TankErza @ 3]: selling 7k iron ore (4gc), 4k HEs (9.5gc), 2.5k Energy ess (12gc) [17:50:14] [Furiarth @ 3]: selling antidotes 65 each, buying ogre toe 1.5 ea [17:50:48] [PM to SyTy: Coordiinates?] [17:51:02] [headless @ 3]: Selling non stop day stone,scythe,normal and dmg Black Dragon Mail,mage robe skirt,halberd,14 invis pots. Buying diamonds! PM [17:51:28] [sqwurl @ 3]: Buying Sr/HE, Nexus Removals. Selling Tit greaves and Halberd [17:51:31] Dark_wizzie: ... [17:51:38] [PM from SyTy: This does not make sense ...] [17:52:09] [PM from SyTy: the map is no drop armor wear] [17:52:31] [PM to SyTy: I want to test it first] [17:52:37] [PM to SyTy: coordinates?] [17:52:58] [PM from SyTy: you lent me but I have a second steel set] [17:53:18] [PM to SyTy: ...Ok] [17:53:48] [PM from SyTy: put on the armor] [17:54:18] [PM to SyTy: I need to test if it's no drop] [17:55:02] [PM from SyTy: do not believe me? , a waste of time to check but ok] [17:55:04] [PM from SyTy: comon] [17:55:10] [PM to SyTy: coordinates] [17:55:20] [PM from SyTy: 48/189] [17:56:16] [PM from SyTy: I have to kill you there?] [17:56:35] [PM to SyTy: sure] [17:56:38] [shadowKing @ 3]: Selling 69,000 Life Essences!! PM me! [17:56:46] [PM from SyTy: ok;/] [17:57:14] [PM to SyTy: give me like 1 life essence, 1 sr, 1 disengag] [17:57:53] [PM from SyTy: whear you ?] [17:58:13] [PM to SyTy: hellspan, do I go in the house?] [17:58:55] [PM from SyTy: I'm in the house] [18:01:03] [PM from SyTy: whear you ?] Hourly time-stamp: log continued at 2013-03-16 18:02:56 localtime (Pacific Daylight Time) [18:03:35] [PM to SyTy: wut] [18:03:46] [PM to SyTy: Where'd you go] [18:03:52] [PM from SyTy: use the wardrobe] [18:04:06] [PM to SyTy: hellspawn] [18:04:20] [headless @ 3]: Selling non stop day stone,scythe,normal and dmg Black Dragon Mail,mage robe skirt,halberd,14 invis pots. Buying diamonds! PM [18:04:49] [PM from SyTy: get better armor already because it will forever took] [18:05:18] [PM from SyTy: waste of time] [18:05:46] [PM from SyTy: Map jes no drop, and besides, I'm not going to kill you] [18:06:01] [PM from SyTy: map's its no drops*] [18:06:12] [PM to SyTy: y] [18:09:48] [Tofik @ 3]: Selling:Will removal,Reasoning removal,7 Serpent stone [18:10:02] [PM to SyTy: hellspawn] [18:10:07] [PM from SyTy: ;p;p] [18:10:21] [PM from SyTy: I'm waiting] [18:10:38] [PM from SyTy: just dress up already] [18:10:56] [PM from SyTy: to save time] [18:11:50] [PM to SyTy: I hellspawns in hell, twice] [18:12:37] [PM from SyTy: heh] [18:12:53] [PM from SyTy: I'm waiting for a house] [18:14:48] [PM to SyTy: hellspawn again] [18:14:51] [binKy @ 3]: buy 1k cf [18:14:55] [PM from SyTy: ;pppp] [18:15:11] [PM from SyTy: quietly] [18:15:31] [PM from SyTy: and have created an armor though?] [18:16:46] [PM to SyTy: hellspawn again] [18:17:19] [RAD @ 3]: Selling:10 SoP,16 GSM,1k Fire arrows [18:17:27] [PM from SyTy: I'm waiting for a house] [18:17:40] [PM to SyTy: hellspawn again] [18:18:31] [headless @ 3]: Selling non stop day stone,scythe,normal and dmg Black Dragon Mail,mage robe skirt,halberd,14 invis pots. Buying diamonds! PM [18:19:28] [PM from SyTy: whear you ?] [18:19:34] [PM to SyTy: white stone] [18:21:18] [KoDdy @ 3]: buying any horse whistle [18:21:23] [PM from SyTy: whear you now ?] [18:21:41] Dark_wizzie: q [18:21:52] [PM to SyTy: portland] [18:21:54] [shadowKing @ 3]: Selling 69,000 LEs!!! PM me!! [18:22:28] [binKy @ 3]: buy 1k cf [18:22:49] [Myd1 @ 3]: buy sun tzu stones pm me [18:23:16] [PM from SyTy: now ?] [18:24:10] [PM to SyTy: hellspawn] [18:24:25] [PM from SyTy: przyjdziesz moze juz w zbroi ??] [18:24:39] [PM from SyTy: speak polish ?] [18:24:50] [PM to SyTy: no] [18:25:02] [PM from SyTy: could come as early as armor?] [18:25:24] [PM from SyTy: save on time] [18:25:30] [PM from SyTy: im have armor] [18:27:00] [PM from SyTy: map is 100% no drop] [18:27:24] (*) blacklobster summoned a Wolf [18:27:26] (*) blacklobster summoned a Wolf [18:27:35] [PM from SyTy: whear you ?] [18:27:39] [Furiarth @ 3]: selling antidotes 65 each,invi 100ea, buying ogre toe 1.5 ea [18:27:44] [PM to SyTy: portland] [18:27:46] [KoDdy @ 3]: buying NV [18:28:14] [PM to SyTy: get in] [18:29:00] SyTy: man [18:29:19] [PM from SyTy: whear you ?] [18:29:38] [PM to SyTy: this place] [18:29:53] [aravinth @ 3]: buying 1 cutlass,1rosto [18:30:06] [PM from SyTy: come [32,336]] [18:31:02] The death song plays along with Dark_wizzie [18:31:11] [PM to SyTy: Liar lol] [18:31:13] [PM from SyTy: loool] [18:31:17] [PM from SyTy: drooped] [18:31:20] [PM from xOverHellx: where ?] [18:31:39] [PM to xOverHellx: what] [18:31:47] [PM from xOverHellx: where u died ?] [18:31:52] [PM from SyTy: im have you intems] [18:32:01] [PM to xOverHellx: At entarnce of that dao monstary] [18:32:27] [PM from xOverHellx: in DPa ?] [18:32:29] [PM from SyTy: TD ?] [18:32:54] [PM to xOverHellx: at portland house, in wardrobe] [18:33:05] [PM from xOverHellx: what u drop ?] [18:33:17] [PM to xOverHellx: Worthless stuff, some guy lied saying it's no-drop pvp] [18:33:23] [PM to xOverHellx: so I brought something to test] [18:33:25] [PM from SyTy: go to ncc] [18:33:40] [PM from xOverHellx: ] [18:34:03] [PM to SyTy: You lied to me lol] [18:34:03] [boneHead @ 3]: buying 150 fox fur @ 10gc each, pm me [18:34:06] [RAD @ 3]: Selling:10 SoP,16 GSM,2 Used OS [18:34:19] [PM from SyTy: coming ncc] [18:35:00] [PM to SyTy: I'm not getting my 25k am I] [18:35:35] [PM from SyTy: I will give you, but first pvp] [18:36:10] [PM to SyTy: So you can kill me? I'm not 8 years old bro] [18:36:46] [PM to snowlepard: I just lost 55k lol] [18:37:07] [PM from snowlepard: oh noes that is a huGE sum ] [18:37:19] [PM from SyTy: I'm not going to kill you, I promise] [18:37:25] [PM to snowlepard: My pvp partner turned on me and killed me, lost rostogol] [18:37:47] [PM from snowlepard: that is awful what a jerkface] [18:37:51] [PM to snowlepard: People these days lol] [18:37:55] [PM from snowlepard: ] [18:38:13] Dark_wizzie: Thanks [18:38:27] [PM from SyTy: plase man ] [18:38:35] [PM to SyTy: I'm not stupid] [18:39:09] [PM from snowlepard: imma write his name down and steer clear of him ] [18:39:22] [PM to snowlepard: syty] [18:39:31] [PM from SyTy: I will not kill you] [18:40:24] [PM from SyTy: comon] [18:42:20] snowlepard: hi [18:42:46] [Neptune @ 3]: buying up to 50k iron ore, silver, sunflowers. pm me [18:43:02] [PM from SyTy: coming man ?] [18:43:32] [PM to SyTy: Give me 25k first] [18:44:02] [PM from SyTy: frist pvp] [18:44:24] [PM to SyTy: You already made me lose a rostogol] [18:44:28] [PM to SyTy: 25k first] [18:45:03] [Dark_wizzie @ 2]: Does titanium armor break less than steel? [18:45:13] [Rocky23 @ 2]: where is a good place for magic training (a schhol) [18:45:24] [Rocky23 @ 2]: school [18:47:01] [PM from SyTy: comon ncc] [18:47:15] [Durisat @ 2]: Tarsengard and Naralik on C1. Aris, PV, WVF and EP on C2. [18:47:22] [PM to SyTy: 25k] [18:47:36] [Dark_wizzie @ 2]: They don't give more xp though [18:48:30] [Durisat @ 2]: Since they are schools, they all give double xp from simple casting the spells. [18:49:26] [PM from SyTy: do not want the money is not] [18:49:34] [PM to SyTy: What] [18:50:13] [PM from SyTy: do not want money, they do not get] [18:50:46] [Dark_wizzie @ 2]: I read in wiki not for magic, it's just a pvp arena [18:51:02] [PM from SyTy: comon ncc] [18:51:12] [Dark_wizzie @ 2]: Maybe it's just the pk area inside the school, outisde is stillx 2 [18:51:26] [PM to SyTy: 25k first] [18:51:59] [PM from SyTy: no ok cya I will not give you money] [18:52:07] [PM to SyTy: You are a scammer] [18:52:22] [PM to SyTy: You tried to kill me TWICE, lied to me about no drop PK area, won't give me 25k] [18:53:01] [Acelon @ 2]: The magic schools have set areas in them that allow you to train combative magic w/o the risk of being attacked normally [18:53:11] [PM from SyTy: Training first, then money] [18:53:20] [Acelon @ 2]: But bonus experience is not given. [18:53:29] [PM from SyTy: come leather set] [18:53:58] [PM to SyTy: What?] [18:54:10] [TankErza @ 3]: buying 2k silver ore [18:54:38] [PM from SyTy: cum in leather set] [18:54:54] [PM to SyTy: You want to give me leather set to train in? ] [18:55:10] [PM to SyTy: You want to bother, you need to give me sr/he/armor to use] [18:55:44] [Wizzy @ 3]: pc nmt? [18:56:04] [headless @ 3]: 355-370k [18:56:06] [PM from SyTy: I think you're insane] [18:56:12] [Wizzy @ 3]: ty [18:56:44] [PM to SyTy: I think you scasmmed me of my rogostol and you're a dirty cheat] [18:59:26] [PM from SyTy: Give me one last chance] [18:59:48] [PM from SyTy: let training]
  6. Buy Slots

    Just throwing it out here. What do you guys think of items slots (inventory or storage slots) that can be bought from the EL shop? I'd be open to one extra armor slot up for purchase to, maybe a ring slot? Even if people are worried about 'overpoweredness' of the slots (you can nerf the rings if it's too good), extra storage slots is not overpowered at all in my opinion. One extra idea I came across: What if we could make a high level potion that gives us temporary cape of the Unbreakable effect? Anybody protected with Unbreakable effect is instantly recognized as having the protection, so nobody broads them. Tell me what you think! Thanks. EDIT: New suggestions, hooray! Order the books we can read by categories or alphabetical order? The current list is a nightmare to browse through. I don't understand the current system used to keep track of harvesting xp per hour. Why do it per player and track what time they logged in? I'd much prefer a system that resets everybody's harvest count every hour at the same time, that way when I log in at 1:01, I don't punch the computer (I'm not that distressed, but you get my point )
  7. Can we have an item that helps locate where monsters are in the map? Useful for people hunting enemies for xp or drops, but I'd use some for Haidir tasks. Makes it less painful. Another item possibly worth making for engineering perhaps?
  8. Gold for advertising

    So we need to bring in more money to the game ang your best idea in doing that is to make stuff cost less? The only thing that will do is put more Rostos in the game, people who spend 100 usd on Rostos will still only spend 100 usd on Rostos but rather then but them as often as they do they will buy them less often because there will be less of a demand for them... How does this help? Well also notice people would be more willing to risk their rostos if they cost less, so it might increase their demand. Also if ND maps in PK would be removed, it might again raise the demand for rostos. Add the 5 $ per month by players that are willing to pay for membership, I think it would be pretty much a +/- 0 Situation for business and add loads of enjoyment for players. Lowering the prices isn't always the worst option available. Depends on how the price is being driven down. If the price is driven down by cheaper IRL money... price is still going to drop, just not as much as we like, and rosto becomes most profitable item to buy from shop to buy GC. And that means more people will buy rostos putting more ingame. So as far as I can tell, the end result you mentioned is negligible. And for $5, depends on what the $5 is for. If it's partial like Runescape, eh. If it's to play (quite doubtful this is the case), it will kill the game.
  9. Which Attribute?

    My bad, I'm the author of the last 3 threads in this forum section but it seems like I'm the only guy making threads here, lol. 32/48/4/4/6/18, 81/85 a/d Above are my stats. I'm wondering what I should put my pickpoints in. I heard if I raise physique like I want to (and to increase emu), I do too much damage while training? Then some think I should put it into instinct, some say vitality. I really don't know the game mechanics well enough to make an informed decision. Thanks guys!
  10. Gold for advertising

    How does a 100% inflation mean half of all future real income? And how does the doubling of the price of one specific item inflation? And there is real incentive to sell gc illegally, the gain is short term yes, but it outweighs any long term economic effects for them.
  11. First 2 million gold coins for auction

    Wow, that's 5 times more than I thought. Interesting... I wonder how long we have to wait for next auction, a week?
  12. First 2 million gold coins for auction

    It's sold monthly.
  13. Boxed in At EVTR Iron

    This is the fastest, safe spot I know of for iron. Harvesting iron is my current job and I'm not leaving the spot. Having only one iron won't get others to leave either.
  14. Gold for advertising

    I voted "IDC" because well, I don't really care. I can't afford 2m and I'm not wholly convinced anybody can know for sure whether this is a good or bad thing. Inflation is really low in this game due to lack of players.
  15. Nexus potions

    I wouldn't use it. I don't see a use for it. I have 7 human, and I would like 6 inorganic (4 more), but I use it to harvest every hour, 15k every hour is too much for that.
  16. Environmental Sounds

    I went to secret shrine with waterfall at Emerald Valley mine. Turned sounds on, heard no waterfall but could hear menu sounds, so no environmental sounds. Left map by going to mine, it fixed itself. And of course, there's that map bug. If I am in WS going to IP (for example), I open map for IP. Take off map, get on board to IP, open map again, I can't use map to move, I need to go to continent map then back before being able to.
  17. Weapon of Choice

    I'm curious as to what other people think is better for me... 80/84 a/d, 32/48/4/4/6/18 For the purpose of invance or instances... Jagged Saber or Orc Slayer?
  18. Buy Slots

    I err on the side of agreeing with Stronze, and that is because extra storage slots are not needed for many players. I am far from using up all slots and I don't really train all skills. If we had to buy an extra armor slot yes, that would be more pay 2 win. But this is more slots which I think maybe require more work to implement and maintain. For NMT cape, just mine iron. What I'm more against is paying $25 to have NMT perk removed; that means no NMT at all unless you get the perk or can finally afford the cape.
  19. Weapon of Choice

    Why would you recommend cutlass over jagged saber?
  20. Fastest Xp Counter

    Hey guys, I've been training a bit and for kicks I decided to try to get the highest xp per minute on the counter as I can. This is my first attempt. Top that if you can!
  21. Fastest Xp Counter

    Yeah, it was. Why are white tigers so insane in xp though? o_o
  22. List of Suggestions

    This is obviously my opinion and my opinion only, but I'd like to share it. Don't go crazy, kk? -A way of quick-storing. One click on storage NPC and instantly opens up storage window without dialogue. Saves us from closing dialogue and selecting storage in the first place... because who picks an option other than 'use storage' for a storage NPC? Make it more obvious, I just stumbled upon this. -Ability to resize storage interface. -Make cape of no more warlock unbreakable! The NMT cape is 350k. If we want to make tailoring a little bit more useful, why would we make it breakable and cause the tailor to lose so much money? -Tailoring techniques that give some magic, melee, or even +1 range protection. Make the capes untradable when the bonus is added. It must be remove for it to be traded again; this gives incentive to level tailoring! Or maybe, a tailored clothing with decent defense, high enviromental protection, etc, an interesting camoflauge, but a sizable offensive penalty? For hydrogenium harvestors who want to run away -As I just mentioned, I feel one way to make leveling the other skills worthwhile to consider is to make the highest level items untradable. Only the highest; you can still buy your titanium, dragon armor. But if you want to enhance your dragon armor a little bit with your manufactoring skill or make it a wee bit more durable instead, you need to have the levels. -Group the books read in a more logical manner. Yes, I know you can use commands, but isn't it more intuitive and elegent to be able to read what I've read because they are arranged in alphabetical order or skill groups? - Slot for Rings. Maybe from shop only, maybe not. Maybe have a ring with offensive bonus, or anti-broad effect... but the other player broading won't know you're protected! Heck, make them require very high level crafting. -Higher level medallions. These should be more expensive as they give a little bit better bonus than moon/gatherer medallion. -Have summoned monsters give the summoner combat xp for the damage the familiar does. Might make an interesting alternative to training by yourself: Level summoning and train combat a little faster at the cost of cash. -M0@r St0R@g3 $p@c3 -Decreased harvesting events day description has a typo -Some monsters are very hard to loot. When I kill a lion or a cyclops, the bag is inside the monster, deep inside. Please make it so when clicking on a dead monster, if there is a bag, the click goes to the bag, and have the bag be on top of the corpse, not the other way around. -Our own custom tab for storage. So, we have a custom category in storage we can rename, for depositing and withdrawing the most commonly touched items in our storage... For example, an entire combat outfit so I don't have to go to clothes for NMT, magic for rings and medallion, armor for armor, weapons for weapons, potions for potions, essence for essence. No, I can just have one tab I set up where I put my default setup so I can quickly take everything and leave. -I disagree with the harvesting xp system. Why must I be logged on at the change of the hour for me to get xp? Can't it be resetfor every player at every hour, so everybody is on the same page? I get sad when I log on a 0:01:00 on the game day. -Ability to change chat colors. -A counter functionality: So I can easily track how much xp is gained in an alloted amount of time. Yes, there are ways around this, but they are more clumsy. -Water-slushing sound when walking on pier near storage at Palon Vertas. -A very high level magic spell that allows the player to remember one location and teleport back to it in the future. Obviously restrictions must be put... for example, area cannot have any enviromental damage. Just a thought. -If I am in DP, for example, looking to get onto WS, I open up map for WS ahead of time. Then I tab-out of map, go to WS. Go back to map: Can't use the map to move, need to move to continent map then back to WS map. -Ability to look at c2 map when I'm on c1, vise versa. - Ability to re-assign hotkeys to a single keys. CTR 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ...12, ALT 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ...12 gets hard to press. -Global Ignores under options: Put it to use? -The warning sounds glitch. The volume for that is determined by misc client sounds, NOT warning sounds. -Counter showing how many pots/food consumed. -When I move camera, it moves then stops for a split second, then continues. Any way to fix? -Counter showing how many seconds left on a buff. I heard this was under construction but given low priority. This buff can also be applied for poison, which is more of a debuff, but the same concept applies. -Rain sounds. Storm sounds. Please? Maybe flashes of lightning? -Ability to re-arrange order of channels. Yes, I can re-arrange it by closing the channels and joining them in the order I want it to show, but that takes time. -Potion for harvesting needs to be changed IMO. There's not much incentive to go through the trouble of making that when there isn't a lot of demand. How about a harvesting potion that decreases change of harvesting events? Or decrease damage from major events? -Potion that increases researching speed. Good for when higher leveled people don't want to afk for an eternity at fast reading spot and want to train. Hey, even if it's only x2 speed, x2 speed after hours at training amounts to a decent bonus. -Once a secret is found, I'd be awesome if there were a way to quickly re-access it. It's hard to click on small objects. :< Annoying if you use secrets to make money and move back and forth. -Allow dropping an item while walking, have it halt walking. Comments? Flames? Post here.
  23. List of Suggestions

    Thanks for the feedback Elke. I've quit the game for four years and just came back for 3 weeks, so there are still things I miss. About untradable: I think it would be fine. We can either have the bonus property (EG, extra def for cloaks through tailoring) removed by click of a button, or even have them become useless if the player doesn't want them. Either way.
  24. Selling Oranges

    Selling 19 oranges. Post price and amount here.
  25. Selling Oranges