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  1. Pest infestation, invasion 07/04/2017

    Hey Vanyel, thank you once more for an invasion that made a difference :-) I logged on when only 65 manifestations of infestation were left in Draia, but I had great fun curing 15 of them in a WSC house and finding another breeding location with at least 20 H5N1 infected birds and leaving it to LittleBig to eradicate the virus. Keep it up :-) !!
  2. Greed & Blood, Invasion on 14/01/2017

    This was great :-) and so creative. Loved your themes and creativity, vanyel, thank you! Keep it up, please :-))) !!
  3. Well seems like a free RL day for the Euros \o/ #Day-of-having-to-have-fun-in-the-other-world---or-at-least-in-other-virtual-realms,-if-one-absolutely-has-to Edit: I bet it's some construction work going on in overseas cable to attack more surveillance equipment for NSA and other rubbernecks...
  4. +1 ... [07:15:03] Your personal settings and logs will be saved in C:\Users\Andreas\Documents/Eternal Lands/main/ [07:15:03] Connecting to Server... [07:15:25] <0:00>: Disconnected from server! [] [07:15:25] Press Alt-x to close the game [07:15:29] Connecting to Server... [07:15:50] <0:00>: Disconnected from server! [] [07:15:50] Press Alt-x to close the game [07:16:06] Connecting to Server... [07:16:27] <0:00>: Disconnected from server! [] [07:16:27] Press Alt-x to close the game
  5. Hail Vanyel, blessed with creativity, lore and ambition! I've really been looking forward to helping out those master mages.... my Draian spies, however, have told me that in the late hours of Satur's day no mages have taken station in their respective regions of elemental influence. Have they agreed on some alternative schedule for their mighty spell, yet? Gwaew (and her Dwarven companion)
  6. Let's Invade

    Dear Vanyel, first off: thanks for all your efforts and time to make this a fun and exciting experience for everyone! I really apprciate it !! I like best: Generally: Themed invasions ("birds" in Theli for example was a blast, even though I've never seen a Yeti with wings... but who knows, maybe he's a rocket on skis in his homeland...), or multi-stage invasions with a story (different caps in the same map, so everyone can participate... "evil mage XY sends in his cannon fodder first..." "... enslaved an entire forest and forces all animals to lay siege on some city..."... then the tougher troups come in when the fodder is wasted) Also: Invaded dungeons or not-so-common regions, particularily if containing multiple rooms, sub-caves etc.: AA fortress, connected caves in Trassian, Hurquin deep caves etc. What I don't like find difficult or sometimes frustrating: Cocalars in 110 capped invasions (they've even been put in 100 or 105 cap before) Reason: especially with the chance for a really small drop, they may not be worth fighting (in that range) in either melee or with the help of archers. Thre are methods and occasions which work - and pay off especially with a medium+ drop, but still. And in the early stages of an invasion (crowded map with many lower critters alive) they are really frustrating to have around for their disruption of the ongoing massive brawl, potentially causing ppl to not join the forces of fighters for the fear of being caught by one of the Cocalars. Please don't misunderstand me: I'm NOT saying "nooo, we don't want any challenge in an invasion". I also by no meas disapprove of boss monsters requiring team work. I'm just saying: In 110 capped range they can be a frustrating challenge for most of the players, even in small teams - AND in the company of smaller bosses can really make the initial or mid-way stages of an invasion very dangerous. (need to leave computer for a while now - may add more comments later)
  7. Need team for ice instance

    I'd love to join as archer (lvl65 soon), if that's an option, and bring summons if needed. Problem is, I probably can't enter yet (120+ requirement)
  8. Eternal Lands Soundpack by Kain.

    I did some more testing and eventually found I heard.... something faint ... when I stop harvesting. So I changed the options so that the volume of both Text warnings and (master) sound gain was rather high (compared to my usual settings - and bang I did actually unsertstand a fint voice telling me I stopped harvesting. In other words: Your OGG-files have a quite low recording volume :-) Alright, they do work. Thanks for your sound pack :-)
  9. Eternal Lands Soundpack by Kain.

    Hi, thanks - nice idea. Well, I've tried to install those sounds, copying all the files in the proper directories and adding the alert triggering strings to my sound_warnings.txt in the EL root dir (where the "exe" is). Result: I don't hear a thing. Nothing either at EL start... I have sound and music enabled an all types of sounds at least at level 0.1. I did try this: deactivated ("<!-- -->") the alerts in the snds_client.xml in the /sound directory. Still nothing. Well, to be more precise, I deactivated all but alert4 for which you have this silence.ogg-thing configured - which I deactivated in turn in your snds_alert.xml Here's my sound_warnings.txt: # This file is configuring sounds based on text displayed in the console # # Format for this file: # Sound = Text to match # # The default sounds available are: # alert1, alert2, alert3, alert4 # alert1 = Special invasion, Save Iscalrith. People between alert2 = You stopped harvesting. alert3 = Too heavy, you are overloaded. alert4 = <char_name_1> hit alert4 = <cahr_name_2> hit alert4 = You can't harvest alert5 = has been destroyed alert6 = Ok, you are disengaged from combat alert7 = GIWS: Invasion Advanced Warning!! alert10 = Welcome to the new server! alert11 = Age of the Eternals Any ideas?
  10. PR19 Add skill experience related operators to #calc

    This is awesome, thanks a lot for the coding :-) !! ofc +1 on adding this to the client!
  11. Do you use Kusa silver/iron?

    Please leave those ison/silver veins there, if possible - or if you have to, relocate them to some place close. I do frequently use that map for EE making. Thanks.
  12. Shadow Warrior from D3

    +1 Really interesting concept - the armor/equipment part will be hard, since items/equipment can be changed during the fight, but still... Great idea, Mr/s Not-SolarStar
  13. New Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps

    Thanks Burn (and Cole Minor) - the maps look great
  14. Blood of the Sorcerer

    Welcome back Thyralax !! :-) Alas, fortune has turned her blind eye on me (or was it that I angered Aluwen and her blessings were withdrawn from her faithful follower?) - anyway, it's the one weekend this spring that I'll be off with my kids starting friday afternoon... ... so I hope you'll all enjoy (and fight bravely) this truly intriguing battle to come! May Aluwen guard all brave warriors, wizards, archers and beast masters who dare to oppose Tenemet's evil forces that day! Gwaew
  15. radu clarified ingame - thanks radu :-) So everyone will profit from the information, here it is: this server update is not going to change the maps, it will only change when the client update is coming in 2 weeks or so.
  16. Hi radu, thanks for the new and schedule *gets all excited :-)* will this server update have any impact on the accessibility of current map locations already? (since the new client will only ship in ~ 2 weeks, I'm not assuming it will, just making sure) Thanks for the clarification, Gwaew
  17. Text Warning Sound

    Thanks, Sir_Odie! I think this change will make alert handling much more intuitive :-) (especially for those downloading and playing with the sound package for the first time)
  18. Idea for new mixable that helps in fighting

    +1 on this item (regardless of whether you'd resurrect still engaged or simply resurrect wehere you were but disengaged (which would at least give the theoretical victor a tiny break). Really nice idea as such - and as to market impact we'll just have to wait and see...
  19. Maia task bugged

    When Maia tells you to get her 70 green snake skins, she aparently really wants 80 (at least when I had 74 in sto she complained "I asked for 80 Green Snake Skin..."). The repeated assignment description (2nd time you ask "Need help?") also asks for 70 skins only: "Can you please bring me my 70 green snake skins first?"
  20. Rabbitman's Weekly Improvement Ideas for EL

    First off: I love the ideas you proposed w.r.t. new bosses and the variety displayed. Just a detail comment on the Mxyz-imp-thing: After having thought about if for a few minutes, I figure this one will be actually rather easy to solo/fight for the usual range of players. The condition of its a/d rising is that a person with higher avg a/d does damage to him. Well, that will only happen until its a/d is slightly above the player (sg.!) attacking him. Soloing/fighting a creature with only slightly higher a/d than your own isn't that difficult is it? There is a potential tweak to the idea I see, though: Make it so its a/d is raised as long as the hitter's a/d is higher than the Mxyz's BASE A/D (100/100). It will still be more or less easy to kill it (for ppl close to but slightly below 100/100) but at least harder than in the original suggestion... *shrugs*
  21. rosto "invasion" idea

    this is also easy to do... make a 20 cap room... there a simple fix, make it so people over 30 cant even enter the room and have it have creatures that 20s can normally fight. I think what Entris was hinting at was the fact that it probably wouldn't pay at all for lower players to enter such a private invasion - purely seen from a profit point of view, I mean. I.o.w. with the kind of monsters they could fight, they could never make enough booty to get back those 80k (or whatever insane value a rosto has right now) entry fee, let alone 160k, should they die once. Again: This is only the profit based perspective, not counting in invasion fun, team-play fun, sheer luck with special drops way above average etc. Also: Since I wasn't part of that first private invasion, i don't know how generous radu would be to lower level players with respect to the amount low-level bosses added, that would at least drop a few k gc each and still be killable by low level players... who knows, maybe there are indeed ways for the "invasion master" to tease even low level players into that private arena (Edit: typos)
  22. Well there's an easy solution to this particular problem: Just make it so once an artifact is activated it cannot be activated again for at least 3 hours (or 6, 2, pick a number, see how it works, balance it). Just like the instance / invance / whatever cooldowns ... One more thing to think about: Maybe, in order to not have constant non-ordinary days (even more so than now), it could be made so that after a day where artifacts (any number of them) have been used none can be used on the next in-game day - or at least on the next ordinary day. Just my unreflected two cents
  23. KF Clash

    Thanks Cher for hosting the event. Had lots of fun and adrenalin... and did lots of running from UW back to KF ... well, it was my first real PK event anyway. Lots of practicing ahead of me, methinks
  24. KF Clash

    Hi, I'd like to (try and) participate as well - let's see how my first PK event will go... ... anyway, just to clarify: We're talking about midnight L.A.-Timezone, which is Sunday 7:00 a.m. London time (GMT+1), right?
  25. remove name changed player

    Hrm, I wonder if there's a way way to fix the CAUSE of the problem (not the symptom): Why not make the functionality of a name change include changing that name on any guild roster. That approach shouldn't be too hard to implement, right?