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  1. Storage Bots

    Ummm, just curious but what is the stance on storage bots & rule 5. My storage bot is due for renewal but what is the point now R5 has gone? Would my bot be locked if i don't make payment..is this bot classed as an alt etc etc... Please could we have some confirmation on the rules where store bots are concerned. Thank you
  2. Guns.

    Simple...guns have no place in EL, end of.
  3. New perk ideas

    LOL Raz, love your idea
  4. Beware when trading with LightPresent

    Lowering the price after every trade, within 7 minutes, knowing the seller would lose out on gc... so a quick PM to inform him of the price change was too much of a decent thing todo? I wasn't surprised when i saw this post. (waits for the flaming)
  5. Bad news about Forgiven

    Such sad news, my condolences to his family and friends
  6. Magic day on 28th or 29th June 2014

    Thanks for letting us all know Polgarath
  7. Medallion of Alchemy

    There are already so many things in game to make lvling/gaining xp easier, failing while mixing is annoying especially at low lvls but we've all had to grind our way through it, mix on good astro day & you'll fail less. Don't think we need a med to help on that.
  8. Expiring bots, April of 2014

    Payment for Flameheart done, transaction ID 6VP344120V6194811.
  9. #allies_list

    Tried that Jeditotalwar, made no difference. Thanks for the advise tho
  10. #allies_list

    In #allies_list i have noticed one of our allies is showing up in white instead of green even though it is a mutual alliance, possible bug? Both parties have double checked & we are allied, it's showing correct colour on their side but not on ours. All guildies checked & it shows white for them also, just to rule out a possible glitch with my computer
  11. Susje only use you

    I didn't say it was all your fault Susje, Luci shouldn't have done what he did but you are responsible to a degree & if it hadn't been Luci who pillaged your bot, someone else would have. I'm not saying it's right but a fact. It's like someone going to an invasion in their best gear with no rosto, dying & losing their bag...who is at fault, the player or the one who took the bag? If you make a mistake someone will ALWAYS take advantage of that, it's sad but true. I'm sorry for your loss ...what more can I say.
  12. Susje only use you

    Actually you are wrong, I didn't know he had 'scammed' your bot when he joined guild, I knew he had had a somewhat colourful history & he had been in guild for quite a few months before you even noticed he was in ~H~ & afaik he hasn't broken any of our rules since being in guild, hell he hardly plays much now anyway. So what would you like me todo Susje?...kick him from guild for something he did years ago, even though he has done nothing wrong since being in ~H~ Like i said before, I'm a believer in giving people another chance. & comparing real life situations to a game just alittle bit sad & pathetic don't you think?
  13. Susje only use you

    Susje, you say you never really trusted bins but he was good enough to mix for you time & time again & he has never given you cause not to trust him. A guildie screwed you over & then you brand every member the same when you know that's not true. You failed to price your bot correctly & are surprised someone took advantage, that's not a scam, that's taking the piss out of your stupidity. I can understand you feeling angry about it but it was a few years ago now & time to get over it, your bots have had alot of business from our guild over the years but your loss not ours. I am a believer in giving people a second chance, it's a shame your're not. And without mentioning any tags but i know for a fact that a well known guild who allows scammers/bjers/serpers etc are permitted to trade your bots, so don't be such a hypocrite.
  14. I like this idea Saxum, dung teleporters, afaik, only tend to get used during invasions of the outhouses..teleport your poop to storage rather than having to make a special trip to haz sto would save abit of time & get rid of some, what seems to be, a slow build up of an item hardly used.
  15. bought shyhermit for a freind

    Well WR, looks like your cell mates are gonna get their 'bitch' back, just hold on tight to the soap in the showers I hope you get everything you deserve.. bloody despise thieves, you low life.