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  1. http://www.getdeb.net is a site that compiles software into debian linux compatible .deb packages and maintains them through new releases. For Eternal Lands this would mean that the client would have a build for various versions of linux with a constantly updated release client. No more cryptic scripts, just a simple click on a link or "apt-get install Eternal-Lands" once getdeb is set up. I requested getdeb do this quite a while back, in the last few minutes action has been taken to get the ball rolling. See you all soon I hope Regards Greg/Labby
  2. My server is having problems

    I have a lot more than 4 million gold coins on my bots, there is almost 5 million (4.9 million and change) on Agneum alone, not counting my other bots. I am working away (by away I mean away and staying away, not commuting) 4 days a week, and trying to fit a life into the remaining 3 days. You try it sometime. Thank you for being patient, I know it has been trying for you all. The money and items on every bot is safe, if you need to feel free to log onto your bot and verify it. Find a new host if you can't wait for me, I will sort out refunds upon my return. I am not going anywhere, I am just not here at the moment.
  3. My server is having problems

    Sorry for the lack of replies on my part. I have been following the thread (it emails me on new posts) and reading the PMs sent to me. I cannot get the bot code I have working with the database I have - they are too far out of sync to reverse the database into workable and stable code. I will arrange to pay those that I owe gc to all their owed gc back and a percentage extra by way of apology.
  4. My server is having problems

    The databases are fine, all trade logs are intact.
  5. My server is having problems

    thanks It is a lot of work but luckily it is only going to take a short time.
  6. My server is having problems

    Update: I have moved everything I can off the server onto my home computer and am now (slowly) reconstructing everything. I wish I knew what happened but the simple fact is that I went to bed and it was fine, woke up and it wasn't. The last thing I did was auto upgrade wordpress and went to bed, got up to a fine impression of a wiped partition. Going away this weekend didn't help any, believe me it was the last thing I wanted to do. I spent all monday and most of this morning downloading everything I could off my server - I have approximately 80gb of gzipped stuff to sort through, I need to configure all my sites from scratch in apache, set up a DNS server, set up mysql, set up webmin, recreate the databases, install mono (.net for linux), recover and successfully compile the bot source, then finally I can activate the bots. This is but a small part of the massive list I have to do to get my server operational again, sorry I haven't found the time to keep you better informed. Be glad you're not here right now, I am being evil to anyone around me as I am under just a slight amount of pressure. If you don't hear from me for a while I apologise in advance, it is because I am busy doing stuff I consider more important than writing TPS reports at the moment.
  7. My server is having problems

    As the title says, due to a problem (I am not exactly sure what, I think everything was in my ~ by the look of it) I am having to reconstruct all the websites and bots etc. I found out about the issue 8 hours ago and since then I have been on a recovery mission. The databases for the bots are fine, it is only the bot code and frontend that has been lost, which are recoverable. Unfortunately I am away this weekend (prior commitment I cannot get out of) so I will have to leave it mid-recovery and get back to it either late Sunday night or Monday morning. I apologise to anyone that this has caused issues with.
  8. Has the forum stopped sending email on forum PM?

    That's got it Thanks bluap
  9. Has the forum stopped sending email on forum PM?

    I have deleted every single PM in my messages, maybe that will be enough to kick it. I have checked my email bin, spam etc but still see no emails :/
  10. Has the forum stopped sending email on forum PM?

    Did you check your PM email options are OK? I've sent you a test PM BTW. That was the first thing I checked, and I just checked it again. It is set.
  11. Has the forum stopped sending email on forum PM? I have had several forum PMs recently but have not received an email notification of any of them. Yes I am regularly on the forum - daily at least once, often 3 or more times a day.
  12. windows vista, need help

    From http://thevistaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=11523 Long story short, you are running Vista 64 bit.
  13. Upside down screen and Opposite Text

    Or, Mr. Gates, one of your fleet of cleaners turned your monitor upside down.
  14. Custom Clothing

    44 guilds, and about 200 individual players.
  15. Bot payments

    Is it possible to find out when exactly Tired_Iron's renewal payment is due?Thank you. I have been hosting Tired_Iron on my server 111950 Gold Coins 2054 0 0 LabRat 2008-05-24 23:19:01 donate for almost 12 months, so unless Toban has paid this year's $20 recently the fee is due now. Taken from the bot management page "Fee of $100 paid, next due 19 June 2009"You misunderstood me Toban, I am referring to the actual bot fee, not the hosting fee. The bot was definitely live on the date I stated, and possibly earlier.