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  1. Stuck up MAD guild

    fkin nerds
  2. Astaroth

    I have made Nimbus and Vilmarxxx Co owners of Astaroth. They will be able to take care of it. Also thinking of a location change.
  3. Gold for advertising

    Hmmm At first i was like eek. Then i agreed with the idea. Plus i remember a few years ago when the discussion was about harvesters selling gc, And i thought said back then why not just sell gc from shop. So now I'll get to my agenda. Sence Gc sellers are still around and gc is now being allowed from shop. - How about the removal of mini events. - How about selling Nexus stones from shop. - Lower the price of rostos so the people are not so scared to loose them and more willing to fight again. - Create a C3 with a monthly price with benefits. Now that we are finally getting gc from shop lets get the ball rolling on all the other stuff that has been talked about. No reason we should have to grind 12 hours a day to be able to afford to be able to shoot some training arrows. Or enter a Pro instance to make a 8k gc profit. While we are risking a 50k gc rosto that cost 5 dallors from the shop. How about getting back to letting people have fun. Fun makes a happy player which equals more players who will spend money.
  4. Expiring bots (April 2013)

    Astaroth paid
  5. pr0 instance lost its worth

    I don't like the changes. I think it have taken any fun away from the instance. For years now I've taken smaller a/d people into the Instance to allow them to have fun and learn. Why should they have to pay now for the stupidity of a few players who farm with very few people. I'm sure there could of been a better way to end doing this instance with a smaller team. I'll protest this instance and this game will not get any rosto from me being in this instance. And yes i did still loose rostos the way it was before. Hell i lost 2 in one instance last week. Why have something in game that says 140+ when someone who is below 150's or even 160's has no chance. And don't give me the teamwork crap that people like to toss around. I'm not much of a large team player and many people don't like hanging around with many larger tanks. I can go on for a hour of how frustrated i am about how negative this change is for the common player. And how this has taken away one good thing that was still fun. By Common player i don't mean the jackass that goes in with 3 people cause of greed. But the people who take others in to have fun.
  6. Ending Alliances

    Well after many months of being asked to make changes to the alliances within the guild. ~LE~ has decided to end all alliances. Mainly because we have way to many allies. Even with many of the guilds being inactive it often still seems that over half the game is allied and Blue tags everywhere. I've declined to make any changes for many years now do to loyalty to those guilds. But its time for changes and a fresh start. So i figure that ill remove all guilds 24 hours after i post this topic. Ill also #ig all current ally guilds the link to this post. So that there are no future misunderstandings.
  7. Map and file

    Im looking for someone who can make a few changes to my map file. Someone with some experience. Pm me in game
  8. Expiring bots

    Just paid for SkClutch and Red_Sky .
  9. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    im making a order for a guildie. [PM from Loic: could you order me 3 Batches of 10K Blue Quartz] thanks
  10. Its My IG

    its my #ig and not in public. if they did not like it then they can #ig_block. is that not what you mods tell me. [Mod PM from Ghrae: That's it take a break. If you come back and pull shit ,I will ask for a one month ban] Stop allowing these punks like Vio to start junk. and then hide behind you mods.
  11. invances, invasions and special days

    I happen to agree with Korrode. Finally placing something in the game that people overly enjoy is a good thing. While Radu was gone i think that Aislinn did a fine job at running them no complaints here. But what i don't understand is why Mods are in control of anything other then keeping the hacks and macros out. There has to be a way to allow players to enter no more then once every 24 hours and allow them to create there own teams of say no less then 15 players or something. As far as farming goes who cares this game is old now the people have been here for ever. More importantly its a Game allow people to Play the game. Plus if you look at it like i do. I often like to think of things as USD. With a idea of this game the creators should be living in mansion. This game is a great idea. I search other game all the time but come back to EL cause of the skills. The last instance i lost 2 rostos. I usually loose 1 every invance. Hmm that means usd to radu cause i buy them from his shop. I used to spend alittle more usd then i have over the past year. but im sure if i were loosing more rostos id be buying more.
  12. Selling magic removal stone

  13. Bot owner changes

    i have recently aquired 2 bots from a friend. the names are Astaroth and Wayne_Kerr i have given the bot Wayne_Kerr to Dabrat he is the new owner. and im the new owner of the bot Astaroth.
  14. Vooten Bids Farewell

    Seeing Vooten everytime i went into Dp with his Blue ally GOD tag helped remind me of the old history of ~LE~. Helped keep me focused on what the guild was founded on. GOD is the oldest Ally ~LE~ has from the days when TK was the gm. So rest well Vooten. and hope to see you back again someday Dar . SK GM ~LE~
  15. PK arenas change

    i like this idea sounds fun