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  1. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    Thanks for all you've done for EL, and OL, and our small but strong communities, Learner. I can't find other words for this. I'll just go harvest fruits under Pula's Tavern.
  2. Pay or i harrass you illegal?

    lol.. markusweck used to IG those kinds of messages way back when, it's nothing new, and quite frankly, Vino, you're slightly overreacting. In EL, if you apply the minimum level of common sense, what the hell can anyone do to you? Serp your ogre toe spawn? Worst case scenario, someone messes with some not so easy to fight invasion mob. You have plenty of ways to make easy money to replace that rosto. Also, there've been plenty of cases in the past which I would have called actual harassment, things which had consequences for people's actual RL, which weren't deemed to be harassment. This does not qualify in that category if you ask me.
  3. s2e for hydro

    Stivy, still not doing as much damage to the economy as some greedy a-hole selling his GC for crash prices
  4. Goodbye EL

    ermegerd someone remembered me! Have a fantastic time traveling the world, and remember.. the internet is everywhere, so the game, and these forums are, too, so no excuse to not stay in touch (even if it's only like once per year, like i'm doing ). All the best!
  5. also, why are people still expecting to 'safely' harvest hydro? It's not supposed to be safe, you get more than enough days in the year to do it relatively undisturbed, I don't see why you're QQing about this.
  6. Susje only use you

    10/10 to this thread, the hypocrisy is dripping from my screen. the ONLY difference between some of the main people in this thread (you know who you are) on 1 side, and LuciferX on the other, is that LuciferX never hid the fact that he would pretty much do anything to get what he wanted. So Susje, for once, someone outsmarted you due to a mistake of your own... you totally deserve it, you've ripped off plenty of people over the past years with your 'honorable' bots and your price hiking. Get over yourself, lol.
  7. bmoc55 : A scamming alt

    you lend someone 50kgc and charge them a 40% interest rate in an online, F2P game, and then, regardless of what happened afterwards have the guts to call them a scammer???
  8. N.S.

  9. Wing Guild

    may all wannabe #nU members read this thread then, to witness the eloquence and awesomeness of it's inspirational leader. Also, i seem to recall you being up to your shoulders in LION's ass when you wanted PK immunity. Wanna tell me again how i chose the wrong guild? Lastly, you claim to be a trustworthy guildleader. Then how about you stop poisoning your guildies' minds with totally incorrect 'truths' about gameplay, tactics, and 'honor'? You can only be trustworthy if you have credibility, and quite frankly, I haven't spotted a smitten of that in you, at any point in time.
  10. Wing Guild

    http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=49091 Mare Bulangiu wasn't introduced til 3 years after you say it happened so i call bs on that entire poorly written post.
  11. You may ask yourself ..

    the rocky bit where FR currently is, is much further north and the passage way from bridge to storage is now much narrower

    sorry to say, and sorry for your loss, but really.. with that much gear, why didn't you have a rosto? Also, learn about the most used scams, learn about things like guildmaps, secret areas, and about how to protect yourself. It's almost like RL!
  13. Removal/modification of rule 5

    IMO it can only affect 'the market' for the better. More toons harvesting=more raw materials, for players to use but also to trade on market. More raw materials on market = a little more balance in the demand for the hotselling things like silver, iron, coal, even iron/steel bars etc. People would actually be able to buy what they're looking for, instead of spamming market channel for days without any result. And yet... I did not vote. In an ideal world, removing rule 5 would be awesome. But in EL, meh, idk. I think after all those years most people are so stuck in their own routines, this rule being there or not wouldn't even make all the difference for the biggest part of EL's active players Personally, I would just use the situation once, to merge the storages of both my toons, and then abandon one, or the other.. Maybe just leave the rule as is, but as a holiday gesture to all of us, allow us to multi once?
  14. Pear finder cooldown

    I understand why you are defending your territory, I'm sure others do too, but just tell me.. where's the 'skill' in using the map editor to mark each and every harvestable on your maps? edit: on second thought, I guess it's the same skill you used to bypass most of the PK part in II before we got it nerfed for ya
  15. Pear finder cooldown

    carrying on a discussion with someone that can't read is senseless. I've provided my opinion to Radu, he can do with it as he pleases.
  16. Pear finder cooldown

    well, i imagine banging your head on that same slab of concrete doesn't get boring either then? No names named, of course
  17. Pear finder cooldown

    Burn, try to think outside your own box for once and see what might get other people enthused about activities like these? They are one of the best things to do in the game but by discouraging others (again, not me personally but clearly others are), you just push people like that away. It might be good for you... but is it for the game? Oh and feel free to not even value my opinion because I'm an 'explayer' but really I have no particular vendetta with you, i just have a different opinion and a clue.
  18. Pear finder cooldown

    Voted for a 90 second cooldown. You keep bringing this up. I know people who for certain have a knowledge of maps, locations, easiest paths, etc that absolutely meets yours. Hell, I used to be one of them until i started fading from the game. Sure, you, and malameo, and perhaps stivy now, but also finja/maxine a few months ago did invest a lot of time and worked to get yourselves a headstart at the game of pearfinding. And sure, perhaps it isn't for everyone. But it shouldn't be for SUCH a niche group either. The last time i came back to play for a while, the pearfinding thing was already going on, and within a few weeks, pearfinders were introduced. Actually having a real life, a lack of playtime and a lack of ingame funds all contributed to me not jumping at the occasion straightaway. By the time I did have a little more time, the people that had apparently had more time to spend on this, already had such routines in place that it's practically impossible to beat you. And yes, I admit, there's no way in hell I'm gonna keep trying it at every new day, pay attention to the time ingame when I'm actually doing stuff around the house, to start preparing at say 15 mins before the new day, then race around the game for a while to each and every time be beaten to the punch. And yes, I even found the actual map a few times and then was still beaten to it. I also know there are more people in the very same situation. We're not all headless chickens with no experience whatsoever, nor are we all 'lazy whiners'. But just as you feel you shouldn't be punished for investing a lot of your RL time in EL, I feel strongly that people who only have a few hours a day should still be able to partake in such a thing as pearfinding, and should not be getting as discouraged as clearly certain people currently are (and no, that does not include myself).
  19. are you trying to claim Maxine has never had a go at pearhunting, and that therefore she has no reason to suggest anything concerning it?
  20. Pears

    nvm, please delete
  21. what is the new perk?

    I really really don't get why people have to be so goddamn secretive about new content. I mean, sure, when there's a new quest, no need to spell it all out to everyone, but in this case.. it's a perk, it's not the epic secret to uberrichness and invincibility. And sorry Greypal, no idea, my good old laptop overheats whenever I log on EL so haven't really been online.
  22. Tel to loc problem

    for melinis underground, just walk cross the ladder, then walk all the way to where you are stopped by bars, and ttr past the bars. problem solved, just need to mapwalk a different part
  23. CalsoniC

    I've seen people have quite a bit of fun since this PkG resurrection attempt started, so good luck to all in the guild. But I'm sure pkg can kill a castellan all by themselves, so why even bother asking for rangers. Unless it was just an aid in order to make sure you got your monthly dose of attentionwhoring on forum. If you wanna be a badass, be one, don't go explaining yourself to others.
  24. a section for restrictions only

    lol, you're kidding right? Edit at Learner's request: In my opinion it should be your own responsibility to remember what was discussed between yourself and the mod team. Not the EL team's fault that you changed computers, or moved places, or that your ficus died and too part of your memories with it. In addition to that, the bans forum section has all that, but if you create endless amounts of topics and get some of them deleted, you're kind of just gonna end up confusing yourself.