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  1. Players lenght

    Personally, I think it looks just fine. But you know what they say about opinions.... Me with +30%, Dezm and MufossA at -30%, Purified: Human and RikU: Dwarf
  2. Two faced Shild?

    I was zooming in to get a screencap when I saw this...freaky. Haven't tested it on other NPCs. Two Faced Shild Video
  3. Mini contest

    My opinion isn't official (obviously) -- but I think we have a winner
  4. Error in elbot.c

    Yep! that worked. ...among fixing other things... lol. well, at least this gives me a template to work from. now the real fun begins. Thanks for the pointer (no pun intended)!
  5. Error in elbot.c

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, and it may be frowned upon, but for those of you that have created a bot with redknight... I've ran into this problem while compiling in DEV-C++ in elbot.c elbot.c: In function `process_text_message': elbot.c:250: error: assignment of read-only location Line250 data = tolower(data); ERROR : assignment of read-only location data is declared like this: Line240 void process_text_message(const char *data, int PM) { --------------- If anyone could shed some light, I would appreciate it -- otherwise, I'm sure I'll figure it out in a few. But a quickfix from someone that has done it before would be great!! Thanks in advance!
  6. Floating Child Windows

    I can see the whole functionality of the suggestion was overpassed or over your head -- sorry to sound condescending, really. But I will try to go into detail..infact, I've added a screenshot to "paint a picture" #1 - I am aware of the ability to show brief stats in the HUD -- I do this, and this is nice for attributes. Maybe that's enough for many but I would like to see the entire stat window, simply because once I get more pickpoints, I think about what attribute, nexus, perk, etc. I would like to have next. #2 - While in EL, I am constantly looking at stats -- deciding what I want to level up on next. If I am a mere 20 points away on leveling up on my Magic skill, I will cast a spell -- then work on the 3000 points I need to level up on Harvesting.. etc. I wish I had the capacity to remember *excactly* where I am on leveling up on each skill...but I don't. Having the stats window always viewable (without blocking the playable area) would be sweet. #3 - Wow! There is a shortcut toolbar??! Please...I am not *that* blind. It all boils down to productivity - having floating windows eliminates having to *constantly* click open windows for inv., manufacturing, spells, etc. and them blocking the playable area. If the windows are always open, then one is able to walk to the docks while casting a heal spell, making a Potion of Reasoning, manufacturing a pair of gloves, click on a buddy for chatting...etc. etc. blah blah Now, can all of these tasks be accomplished in EL at the current? You bet...but not without blocking the playable area, creating a massive cluster of windows and having to close all windows when done. I am not knocking EL in anyway -- I can see myself playing this for a looong time. I just firmly believe that adding this, or something similar, would greatly increase the productivity of getting tasks done No more constantly opening and closing skill windows...or cramming them into a corner of the screen, like ttlanhil suggested. -see ya in game! [--- Screenshot ---]
  7. I would like to make another suggestion... this is about independant floating child windows for the inventory, status, etc. windows. It would be super nice if, while in windowed, not fullscreen mode (duh), you could float these windows on the outside of the parent EL window, as so that they are not covering up the rest of the screen (like Photoshop) I can see this being very handy for those of us that run EL in a windowed mode... and like to have the stats window always showing or the manufacturing and spells windows always showing I mean, if you're always making potions...casting a spell...etc. it would be nice to be able to keep those windows always accessible (which they are now) but also out of the way of the playable area. Thanks!!! v0id aka GrollacH (in game)
  8. HDRI

    Yeah, that'd be cool, but can you do it with OpenGL? http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/HDR From the resources that I've read, it should be able to be implemented. This would make EL - as far as I know - cutting edge in the RPG world It may cut alot of the lower end gfx card users out of the loop, unless it was implemented as an option in addition to the current 'poor man' video settings. Granted -- and dont flame me for this -- it may not look as good with the current low poly models, but it would make the world realism look alot better Coming from a 3d gfx background -- a little HDR goes a loooong way And if global illumination could also be added...whoa.. yeah. Imagine the transition from day to night with sunsets, etc. I could see EL going really far with the proper support I know next to nothing about C and OpenGL, in the areas of coding - but this, like the many other suggestions would simply be a sweet addition to an already great game.
  9. HDRI

    HDR Lighting... 'nuff said. lol
  10. My Skills Have Been Lost! [SOLVED]

    thanks! I agree..at least now I had been on an all night binge and now realize (after sleeping) - it's no big deal..as it's just a game that means absolutely nothing. lol #killme yes <--- *wink
  11. During the server going up and down this morning, I lost nearly two days of character development..argh! This is enough to make me want to quit. I understand this game is free and in beta stages, but is there anyway for the powers that be to look into this for me? Character name is v0id I know for a fact I had: Harvest: LVL 25 Alchemy: LVL 15 Magic: LVL 6 Potion: LVL 7 Manufacturing: LVL 2 And I had recently added Monster Magnetism... Thanks!