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  1. CLEANING Some Storage Slots.

    Total: 6050gc
  2. Traceroutes

    This one is from last night, but identical to the one taken this afternoon (just don't have it in my shell anymore). % traceroute game.eternal-lands.com <[0:48:05]/58.0C> traceroute to game.eternal-lands.com (, 64 hops max, 40 byte packets 3 hv00cat12.brain.upc.nl ( 9.981 ms 8.791 ms 9.517 ms 4 ( 20.436 ms 15.957 ms 17.765 ms 5 ( 18.700 ms 17.671 ms 15.186 ms 6 84-116-131-9.aorta.net ( 16.803 ms 36.087 ms 17.295 ms 7 213-46-161-146.aorta.net ( 16.463 ms 15.905 ms ge-3-3-6-0.ams10.ip4.tinet.net ( 16.473 ms 8 eunetworks-gw.ip4.tinet.net ( 22.254 ms 16.449 ms 17.774 ms 9 * * * At the moment problem free. Last disconnect was 17:17:55 CET.
  3. Wipe and Cap

    Oh, I'm sure you're right about that. We just disagree on the solution.
  4. Wipe and Cap

    No I did not forget, I'm of the opinion that compressing the amount of content into a lesser amount levels will actually make it seem like it has more content. Really? 60 a/d is two-three weeks if you know what you're doing, two months at best for a newb. Then what? 80 in all skills....maybe a year, with harvest being the one that'll be tricky. But EL has nothing to offer if everyone is the same level and the nature of the game doesn't allow for much change in that. You'd have to turn the game up-side down and since that would upset mostly the people that generate the bulk of the income of the game, that's a pretty big risk to take. Your small knock is likely to be entire top 50 in non-combat and top200+ in a/d (yes, this sounds more dramatic then it is, cause there's overlap). I would first draw up a road map on what changes there would be, get consensus on that, start implementing the most dramatic ones and then reset. The fact that el doesn't gain much in population is only partially because of the level grind. In the core, it's a solo game with a chat box and the more popular MMO's require one to work together much more, because of class/race/deity restrictions. The irony is that frustration with these restrictions is what sparked this game. Another major factor is that a lot of small joys have been removed, because game income dropped (rare rates, drops on monsters etc) and grinds have been made more labor intensive. Besides, you can make an alt and dump your main if you wanna regain some of the joys of easy levels. Trust me, it helps.
  5. Wipe and Cap

    You're forgetting something. EL has very limited content and adding a level cap makes this more obvious. Everquest has done this recently by providing a Legends server, but that's a game where the char is defined by it's gear, flags and grouping skills and where levels are secondary. So there is a lot more content to revisit and you can't rely on your main to provide your alt or the market/bazaar to provide you twinkies. Also, it was optional. The server was added, not the entire game was reset as that would've resulted in the mass exit you will see here too from players that have spent years on their chars.
  6. PK with permission.....hopefullly no misunderstandings

    You can't control the reasons why people red tag a guild. It may have nothing to do with PK why you get red tagged and there certainly isn't a "code of conduct for red tagging" that would allow you post in disputes if violated. However, if you want to organize Friendly Fights, I suggest you hold a tournament and solicit some guards (though in my experience, tournaments are rarely disturbed, people stumbling on the tournament while looking for a PK rather join in the fun or place side bets). The full proof option would be a guild map and hold your tournaments/friendly fights there.
  7. NMT idea

    I think it's a bad idea. It adds mucho gc to the game. The NMT cape won't devalue much and the degraded version will generate a second income, overall probably going over 500k once the dust settles. I already posted an idea, that will actually remove gc from the game, initially by devaluation of the NMT cape, followed by mass leveling in the tailoring skill (and a few hydro bars for the nexus) and finally make No More Warlock a used item and it's rarity can be controlled by 2 different drops. Or you can combine the two. Make NMT breakable, apply your NMT idea to No More Warlock instead. [edit]FYI, the cost of fast leveling tailoring with 24 rat an 99% yield, is 25450gc per 20790 exp. The first wearable product takes 539507 exp. To get to warlock rec level takes well over 2 million gc. Also, which ever you choose, since the degraded version is better in stats then the normal version, branch should probably destroy NMT without degrade, to prevent "mass production" of the degraded version in guild maps [/edit]
  8. Newbie to Potion making?

    I meant the toads and 60 HP damage lol But there's a nice way to level on mana pots and level magic to 21: Get/make 1k matter essence Be 21 def safe and able to cast the shield spell. Get harv cape and FR cape (or perk), 2 or 3 vials. Bring some matter essies, leave about 200 free carry. Go to sedicolis and harv fruits or veggies. Fruits pay a little better. Sell to tavern In the jungle, there's a 2x blue lupine. Harv about 150. Take a seat in the tavern. Put on FR cape if required, drop 100 bl, from the veggie/fruit coin buy wine. Mix a few mana pots, cast shield till out of mana, using mana pots in between. Mix and use mana pots till >11 mana, cast a shield etc etc. It goes somewhat faster if you bring enough coin for the wine, but this is real el cheapo and you get some harv exp
  9. IDA helm nerf

    Hi, with the latest nerf of the ice dragon armor, the radiation protection is gone on the helm. I think the nerf was intended for PK perhaps a/d training, where CoL is pretty much the hat of choice, so can we get the rad protection back for it's harvest hat value?
  10. HE, why arent they made?

    In the mean time, I'm keeping Trader stocked as much as I can with silver ore and trying to have him pay a reasonable price based on his location half way to storage. While I may not have time to try to mass produce HE, I'm at least on silver whenever possible instead of dung. OF course you can always check Camael. That would be a lot more useful if you can trade in mule form (or only with bots for all I care). I don't mind for 1 emu stuff, but for heavier things, I find myself being more productive by harvesting/mixing at mine then running back and forth a bot.
  11. HE, why arent they made?

    Or the same. EMP are quite nice "mixer oa". Just need to keep gc in storage to buy that occasional 50k+ ogre toes on market and you're fine. Fact is that SR isn't use in that high quantity by trainers, so really few people can serve the market (Erma/Piner can handle it by themselves if they wanted to). Being able to sell SR quick is more about contacts then anything else. Also for summoners it's more profitable to make their own SR, given the strong connection throughout the skill with pots., I'm sure there aren't that many summoners that leveled it without veg nexus. Edit: You can really only blame fixed NPC prices that don't scale with the times for HE shortage. Anything silver based should be re-evaluated, so that base price can go up.
  12. Newbie to Potion making?

    Well, maybe you should setup a "el cheapo" guide, cause you're really focusing on other skills and ooooh, potions goes up . Aside from that, you're torturing yourself
  13. Server Crash?

    It's not. Yet again routing issues, so you will die and you will poof your working bag, miss harv hour etc.
  14. IDA helm nerf

    The helmet was changed for consistency. I don't see the virtue of that. Also, all dragon helms have radiation protection *except* ice dragon and consistency of the armor line should be preferred over consistency of a change set.
  15. Re-adding the Day of no Grief

    Sure we do, there's just not enough advantage to them to get used much. If NMT would be breakable, but Cloak of No More Warlock would not be, that would be a nice gc sink as more people would take up tailoring.
  16. HE, why arent they made?

    No, that doesn't play a part at all. It hasn't changed and with mules in game there is no shortage of mixing food. Besides, steel bars are abundantly available and cost 5 more food. A harvester's choices have been broadened: - iron @ .87gc per emu but close to storage - quartzes @ 1gc per emu - emeralds @ 1gc per emu - diamonds @ 1.16 per emu - silver @ 1.25gc per emu - extract flowers except toadstools/mullein/tree mushroom @ 1.5gc per emu Funny thing is, the cheaper per emu, the easier to find, since time is a more valued commodity. Wow....can you add in average steps to storage to that? (asks for something that would be harder to provide, but goes with the "easier to find" notion. Won't do you any good. 35-40 minutes for me to load 840 emu with wormwood. The few steps to storage don't matter at all.
  17. Yet, none do: - Damage cap limits attack bonus for low level farming (with 120 att, you really should 1-hit black bears with a bone) Well its a might cap at 48, but what does this have to do with conavar's statement? "Yet. none do" so summoning skill levels are not a primary determining factor in the success of a summons? How is this 'none do'? Hmm, summoning may actually be the exception, though an 104 summoner 4 charm and a 60 with 48, it'd be interesting to see who makes with the same ammount of ingredients the most creatures the fastest. True, its luck, its a chance to hit or bypass armor, but what does this have to do with conavar's statement? I'll say this once and feel free to apply it to the rest. Read his statement again, it doesn't say "chance of success" it says "greatest benefit". If he really means chance of success, then it's quite a void statement, as for mixing skills and harvesting attributes don't contribute to success rate at all. How did you arrive at "they should matter more" ? Do you mean actual levels, or the attributes Dexterity and Reaction? What does the 178 soft cap have anything to do with this? And the effect of criticals are pure luck, no were as certain as the result dexterity and reaction have on hit and dodge. I mean the levels. The cap has everything to do with it, cause once the top players have all reached it, it'll be all about attributes, no? Secondly, if you make def/att weigh more in the roll, the lower level player will turn to high crit modifiers to try and defeat the higher level player, then whine they don't help enough. A/d is different and for obvious reasons. It's physical. Think office job vs military. However, should attributes help? Yes, but we have no wisdom attribute.
  18. Harvest Med break rate change #3

    sed -ne 's,^\[[0-9][0-9]:[0-9][0-9]:[0-9][0-9]\] RallosZek was blessed by the Queen of Nature with \([0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]\).*$,\1,p' .elc/main/chat_log.txt|awk 'BEGIN { total=0; } { total += $1 } END { print total; }' 247936 sed -ne 's,^\[[0-9][0-9]:[0-9][0-9]:[0-9][0-9]\] RallosZek found a bag of gold\, getting \([0-9][0-9][0-9]\).*$,\1,p' .elc/main/chat_log.txt|awk 'BEGIN { total=0; } { total += $1 } END { print total; }' 31065 sed -ne 's,^\[[0-9][0-9]:[0-9][0-9]:[0-9][0-9]\] RallosZek found a bag of gold\, getting \([3-9][0-9]\) .*$,\1,p' .elc/main/chat_log.txt|awk 'BEGIN { total=0; } { total += $1 } END { print total; }' 2240 sed -ne "/^\[[0-9][0-9]:[0-9][0-9]:[0-9][0-9]\] Mother Nature decided to destroy RallosZek's/p" .elc/main/chat_log.txt|wc -l 34 (247936*11/12*0.25+30965*14/15+2240*14/15)-(34*6750) = -141690 What's that? 11/12*0.25 = 12 multiplier, so 11/12 more exp at 0.25gc per exp (4exp/gc) 14/15 = coin multiplier 34*6750 = 34 meds at current average market price -141690 = 141k gc lost That's not quite break even, but astro plays a big part. I'd say the breakrate modifier of astro needs adjusting to the positive. With full green harv/degrade astro I break more meds, because I get more events. Not "just a few more", a lot more. 4 in an hour being the most memorable, but minimum 3 if I harv the entire period.
  19. Yet, none do: - Damage cap limits attack bonus for low level farming (with 120 att, you really should 1-hit black bears with a bone) - crits mitigate defense effectiveness - High level mixers benefit more from nexus pp's to corner a market area, then their level and need vast ammounts of ingredients to keep their top position. - Many skills have a "ok, anything above this level is useless except for ranking" area. Come to think of it, a/d has probably the best advantages. Whether they should matter more, with the 178 cap, in a year or two it won't matter much. Until then, I think they're balanced ok, tweaking them so that it's noticeable would spark a similar thread about the effectiveness of crits. Just my 2c.
  20. Apprenticeships

    + Ref mixture => Creature Food + SR => EMP Problem with extracts is that mixtures are too low level, the end products are sold rock bottom and/or need rares, leaving absolutely no insentive for a high level potter to buy them or for a lower level potter to sell them after days of harvesting. 20.5k does not feel like a whole lot when you just harvested 12k flowers at an average of 1k per hour and that's what the price should be. However, CF price of 65 allows for 191.75.
  21. Rate of Enriched Essences

    2:30k EFE 5:6k ELE 3:8k EME
  22. HE, why arent they made?

    We don't have to make SR anymore, since BRs stack. As it's now a service to the community, start buying at 15-16 and make it worth our while. Also, since matters are used extensively it is harder to find large batches of 1 color quartz. Easier to find "5k of all quartz" then 20k BQ. P.S.: rauch has been selling 3k SR for 14.5 for at least a day now, so that's not much motivation for people to mix SR when they get 15gc from NPC for BR at roughly the same cost All-rounder will not solve your problem, rather aggravate it. Explore more and think less linear. IotF, bot abuse in Iscalrith, Arius and EVTR both have mums close to storage, so do the math, bring feast+mums and mix at mine, load up on silver after mixing and mix that at storage. You should check how many of those players also sell HE. I'm sure you'll see what is called a "reseller" pattern. No, that doesn't play a part at all. It hasn't changed and with mules in game there is no shortage of mixing food. Besides, steel bars are abundantly available and cost 5 more food. A harvester's choices have been broadened: - iron @ .87gc per emu but close to storage - quartzes @ 1gc per emu - emeralds @ 1gc per emu - diamonds @ 1.16 per emu - silver @ 1.25gc per emu - extract flowers except toadstools/mullein/tree mushroom @ 1.5gc per emu Funny thing is, the cheaper per emu, the easier to find, since time is a more valued commodity.
  23. Making EL better

    If every new player had a chance at the lottery, it would make existing players not want to participate. Lottery tickets are a luxury item, not a necessity for newer players. If you look at RL, lottery tickets are more bought by people who lack money. Also, it will probably work more stimulating for other players to participate, since they know the pot is gonna be bigger with newbies turning them in. Whether this in fact will increase or decrease the money sink it's supposed to be, would have to be tested, since now some of the pot is entered without loss of gc. Unless it's an involved quest, this sounds like it could flood the player base with excavator cloaks. If new players are not hard pressed for a relative ton of gc for other requirements, the immediate need for an excavator cloak would be diminished. The past quest is too easy and if you really mean the Seridia tour given by the Wraith after past completion, then the excavator reward is not really fitting as this quest already needs an MM. A quest that allows you to make an excavator (no fail) from quest components, non repeatable, starting at IP might be a good idea. Even if the things you need to bring the various NPC's total to 2700gc if sold, it is a nice alternative way of obtaining one.
  24. Newbie to Potion making?

    Agreed with Dilly. There's two downsides to BR's however: - They mix irregular, because they have 11 food (5 first, 4 next) and on long sits (2400+), the waiting for feast cool down can get annoying. This is primarily a mental issue. - Sunflowers are single picks and used in LE, so of the 2gc more that NPC pays .5-.75 will already go to sunflowers and a little less than .5gc to extra food. So, another nice trick to consider especially if you have your mule levelled, is to change SRs made 1:1 into feasts at NPC and sell part of the feasts @ 14 - they sell quicker then SR and are always needed. If you power level, selling SRs on market is only interesting @ 16gc+ or when you have a steady customer / pre ordered batches. Otherwise, it's just tied up coin in storage, that can easily be run to NPC. The 3 extra gc means you can buy an extra set of ingredients each 3k product, which allows you to keep mixing even if selling sometimes takes a bit longer. P.S: for newbies, avoid the bone powders. It is easy to break 4-5 M&P's for just 300 bone power and all your profit is gone already even if you don't crit fail. Especially when new, it's hard to recover from this, as vials and M&P's are a big enough investment. Selling those 900 bones allows you to focus on the better pots: coord, wildness and vitality. Vitality can usually be skipped in favor of SR, but if your a/d is around puma by then anyway, it's a nice one to make.
  25. IDA helm nerf

    The ice dragon helm is 2 emu, has heat+cold protection, some extra health/mana and had rad protection. That was the reason I bought one - the "all in one for 2 emu" deal. Steel helm is worse then tit greaves, cause at least tit greaves have cold protection.