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  1. Streamz

    Awsome youtube video.
  2. kensin

    nah, idc if u buy my items or no, i care when u just att the mob without warning or wirhout wait i remove my mail. anyway, i see u in invance again ^^
  3. kensin

    yea, be careful in invance and don't att the mob before the tanker remove the plate mail or u can kill other players and please, don't use weapon + shield if u arent the tanker
  4. Guiness is Banned

    *I was banned basically for pissing off mods* Its not true, you said a lot of shit on c6 and asked to be banned. 1) You are making accusations without evidence. 2) Reread Tovin's topic, you'll see that the mods tried to help him, but he doesn't want to accept that the problem is in the computer/modem/provider. 3) About GF badge: you're crazy, whenever there were invasions hards in EL, he was always there. 4) About private CherUT invasions: Whenever she did invasions hidden or not, I found the mobs hidden by myself, even when she hated me.
  5. Ip Ban

    LOL. tyvm Aislinn ^^
  6. Ip Ban

    Ip banned :/
  7. Ip ban ^^

    Tyvm Aislinn ^^
  8. Ip ban ^^

    https://imgur.com/a/ogcxrgA i know, the chat log prove nothing. i'll wait for Aislinn or a mod that can verify this.
  9. Ip ban ^^

    WTF? my ip got banned cuz i reseted it, if you came to talk shit for no reason, don't come.
  10. Ip ban ^^

    Hi, I had some problems with my internet today, I fixed it and now I have a banned ip
  11. Unlock Please

    Name: xOverHellx I know I've broken the rules multiple times. this time, I was banned just for having created another account. but I did not know I could not create another account. peopl apologize for that. I wish I could go back to playing with xOverHellx.