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I did, and I read the forum subtitle. I wasn't suggesting or implying that you couldn't ask that question here.


But, as you don't give even the slightest indication who's hosting your bot (or, iow., what code your bot is running),

you make it unnecessarily difficult for anyone to provide a useful answer. You are of course free to phrase your questions any way you want. Conversely, anyone reading it is free not to try and figure out what you mean/want.


In addition, it's the kind of fine tuning most might not be interested in...


But to take a shot at answering your original question:

I doubt it's possible. The server sends out a message every minute, to keep the clients (including bots, if they want) synchronised. So using an interval that's not an integral number of minutes complicates life for the bots, as they have to keep track of an offset relative to the minute tick. Why bother to code that?

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