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DP/SKF/CM Invaion 17/01/2017

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Please live your comment. You can cinlude information on why you so hate them poor Nasparliu.




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Had - and am still having - loads of fun!! \o/


Naspy's... yeah, they suck. They suck bad.

They take ages to kill, they got mirror & they drop... meh etc. etc.
But they are so horrible to fight - in mc maps I just can't do it. Yes, there are players that can take them a lot easier than I can, but seriously - they are awful.
You do expect some (SOME!!) in an invasion but having that many of them... it just takes all the fun - and possibility of living! - away.


Oh yeah - the little dragons. "Little..." does not mean anywhere near easy and when it is billed as an 'easy uncap' then yeah... they suck too. A lot.


But the invasion as a whole - loved it! Still loving it (kind of - brick 4...) and will be omw back to it again in a mo :-))))))






Keep up the awesome/crazy/fun/dangerous work \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

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Naspas not a problem at all, imo they helpful during invasions such providing fire arrows (you can boost damage and kill faster...more gc...) and to avoid mirror deaths just restore higher then 110~120 and will be fine.

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